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The Untapped Potential Of The Dying

On March 26, 2014, in Leadership T7-Hybrid, by Neculai Fantanaru

Take control of a scenario that uses values related to the people's past, present and future, so as to complete the win-win scenario that gives the correct measure of leadership.

What should astound us in the Battle of Waterloo is the English determination, the English blood. Not the commander, but the army.

Wellington, with an incomprehensible lack of gratitude, says in a letter to Lord Bathurst that his army was a very weak one. What does the dark bustle of bones buried beneath the furrows of Waterloo say about this?

To raise Wellington to such heights means to lower the image of England. Wellington is but a hero like any other, he was courageous. This was his merit and we do not take it lightly, but the last of his infantrymen and horsemen were just as courageous as he was.

As far as we are concerned, all of our admiration goes to the English soldier. If anyone has any right to a trophy, then England is the one that deserves it. The monument at Waterloo would be more fitting if, instead of one man’s face, a statue of a nation would be built.

It is known that at the Battle of Inkermann, a sergeant who, apparently, saved the army from annihilation, could not be mentioned by Lord Raglan, because the English military hierarchy does not allow any hero with a rank lower than that of an officer to be quoted in the order of the day. *

Leadership: Are your qualities compromised because of your connection to an obscure command channel, in a context of determinations that produce different angles of convergence of history with life lived through vulnerability and courage?

What attracts us also to leadership is not so much the knowledge as a whole, decisive in creating an encompassing vision, but the ability to capture and understand what the mass majority doesn’t, what escapes control and cannot be "foreseen" or "influenced".

Here we refer to the singular man, the constant power factor missing from a unitary whole, which intimidates the unfolding of events by the very coverage that it gives to a particular form of progress. He represents a coherent system of integration of an experience of mobility and sacrifice in a new apprehension of the world. And his unique qualities are the ability to understand the true meaning of life and the ability to convey to others the dramatic tension of history.

The dying are the consequence of a current form of reaction affecting the way of the world. They are not like some commands given by a user which can be interpreted and executed by a computer by following a preset algorithm, they are not the instructions which are executed at the commands given by the user. Instead, they represent the permanent support of error corrections, that percentage of replies at the end of some queries, those resources of power that determine the stability level of the system called "fatality", deciding on the order in which the final version of heroism that remains in the eternity will be executed.

Death cannot claim any privilege or quality in the vast area of the "insignificant". This is proof that the reforms initiated by leaders languish, they drop the price of any of man’s achievements of making a model of inspiration from his deeds, making the promotion of his prestige non-negotiable. It is proof that the adopted form of leadership does not lead, not even close, to what was expected: the raising of man’s quality level at the height of a destiny that establishes its existence and eternity.

Leadership: Can you take on a life dominated by the challenges of a destiny that flows into eternity, expanding your ability to take better care of yourself in an attempt to influence the evolution of the world?

It is of no use that you are in command, in the extended story of the world, in front of the attempt of conquering laurels, if you suffer from limitations built around a single indicator: ingratitude. Are you haunted by the feeling that you are in control of a scenario that does not use values relevant to the past or at the very least to the present and one which is not sure if it will take shape in the future?

If you do not overlap the link created with people more and more, in terms of gratitude, the results that will come after this created unicity will never be cherished by themselves, but through themselves. Recklessness is sometimes a state of grace, but a minus in leadership, it is the quality of the weak.

This means that the main "channel" of command and control, an obscure one, that you administer through the means of leadership, does not connect to a generator of continuous values. It is obscure because it is cold, because it is void by any trace of gratitude, because it is heading towards an area of gain on account of others’ work. Such leadership is a realm of imperfection that does not value the potential of men, it is a disease of indifference towards those you claim to represent.

Your qualities of leadership are compromised if you do not initiate a fundamental change at the level of common consciousness, through which people are not to feel confused, and not to produce a reversal of the scale of values or marginalization of their value and, thus, of the dimension of the meaning of life. Qualities such as the courage to confront an adverse destiny, the power to suffer a tragedy, or the patience to witness the world’s events can have long-term echoes in the great history of humanity.

As a leader, you hold on your shoulders the weight of an empire ideally crafted not through the trophies earned by others, but by combining uniqueness with the potential of greatness. People must be crossed by two feelings: that you won because of them, and that they won because of you. Only this way is made whole the win-win scenario that gives the correct measure of leadership.

Leadership is the monument of the unknown hero who accepted the challenge of having a well-defined role in a world whose historical evolution coincided with the perspective of eternity.

The Untapped Potential of The Dying highlights the substantial contribution of the unknown to the successes of a performing leadership, applied as a standard for a "contract" signed under unequal conditions, that nonetheless proves advantageous in the short term, but without the possibility of being validated at high levels.

Because a leadership without a retinue of supporters whose merits are not recognized and mentioned in any event, ends up not being taken into account or it destabilizes itself.

* Note: Victor Hugo - Les Miserables (First Book - Waterloo);


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