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The Vibrating Chiaroscuro Of A Finite Horizon

On April 16, 2014, in Leadership Pro, by Neculai Fantanaru

Control your inclinations towards "constructivism", extending your reality towards that totality of the vision accepted by life as a coordinating science for a concrete thinking.

I seemed to be conditioned by that renewing vision that had waited for so long to disclose itself to me, for which only the manifestation of a utopia supported by the meanings of a mysterious interior need could indicate the exact form, magnitude and value. It was as if I had to enjoy a painting and other studies of art history at a glance thrown in the backstage of a predictable separation from an old-fashioned world, or rather from the desire of a release from the prison of a reality wrongly and limitedly understood.

I insisted to try and twist every shadow and every light in a seemingly spiral that descended into a counter-clockwise direction and then climbed towards infinity. The spiral contained all those under me, above me, in the sky and on earth, before me and behind me.

Almost always blinded by that fantasy trying the in-depth unity of vision, I ignored the wise advice of the world makes: "You can’t encompass everything if your soul is empty. Go and see the world, and if you ever come back, the gates will lie open before you."

I wasn’t proud of my ignorance, but I was acting as if this ignorance would have had all my charm. Because the peculiar mystery, the undefined atmosphere that carried me away from myself enhanced that sensation of magical space in a place where the immersion in a virtual world created that ineffable, that need to belong to a much more encompassing conscience, more harmonious, but at the same time ambiguous and confusing.

The mystery was extracted from the ore of my personality with the purpose of validating some universal laws that consolidated the barrier effect powered by the vibrating chiaroscuro of a finite horizon.

Leadership: Do you have that conviction of the excellence to be more than an alternative to the evolutionary approach of the science of life, imposed by the force of persuasion of expressivity in the argumentation of new perspectives of approaching reality?

Man, the first and foremost participant to the creation act of a new world, by unifying the visible with the intangible, can find the support of an idealist vision about life in order to overcome the inherent contradictions regarding the absence of a total renewal. In this case, his reaction in front of life experiences doesn’t become a common "attitude taking", but a constant worry, meant for a development that overcomes the category "Debug Your Mind", contributing to saving the leadership area that belongs to a system of values that isn’t compromised by imaginary needs.

The leader is an artist in games of lights and shadows, causally combining all the aspects of life that don’t necessarily create a good or bad image about him, but a relatively coherent one over what he is about to become. There are, of course, countless contradictions between the science of life and the undefined atmosphere created by the world of revealing knowledge: the first is dominated by the explicable, the second by the ineffable.

The first rules the leader, bringing him in the hypothesis of rethinking his purpose and identity, the second dominates him and reaches beyond him by reporting to a symbolic and purely imaginary character, who finds himself in the situation of bearing reality, the reverse of some effects produced by different levels of the human being. And at the same time, it gives a series of answers to questions such as: By what means? In what conditions? Through what channels?

Leadership: Does your creative function materialize in a set of variables that preserve the impression of mirroring in a detail of a macrostructure of manifestation of expressiveness?

The chiaroscuro constitutes a side of the leader’s identity, "locally" built by interacting with the targeted environment in meaningful contexts reserved for creative freedom in different ways. This freedom, as an anonymous writer said, is not a thing that someone gives to you, but a thing you give to yourself. And it becomes an "accessory" that gives a certain note to leadership, through the fact that it grants the leader the opportunity to try himself differently by testing the in-depth unity of the vision about life in situations where it doesn’t fully agree with its usage terms and conditions.

It can be said that you have that conviction of the excellence to be more than an alternative to the evolutionary approach of the science of life, when, after admitting to yourself your own ignorance regarding your identity, you try to control the interior need or temptation to extend your area of encompassing an individualized science, in the benefit of a much better understanding of life.

A macrostructure of expressiveness within the bounds of personal existence encompasses all those artistic movements that express a rupture of the level in perceiving and representing reality, denying any prejudices so as to create the sensation of another presence, of another person, a parallel universe in which you find yourself perfectly.

Leadership is produced as a reflection of the quality of a "Creator of worlds" when technique meets art, resulting in a set of elements that blend in angles and new perspectives to look at reality.

The Vibrating Chiaroscuro Of A Finite Horizon points out the limits of leadership through the multitude of life aspects that can be included in the orientation guide for the hard task of your evaluation as a man conditioned by a strong vision.

As performing as leadership becomes, there is something unknown and unpredictable beyond which you cannot act, or any can have unexpected consequences.


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