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The Warm Rays Of Sunset (II)

On March 15, 2013, in Leadership On/Off, by Neculai Fantanaru

Try to discover the real cause of everything that happens to you, without falling prey to the drive of self-depreciation.

Long labors and painful expectations reveal, similar to a difficult birth, Laura Quinn’s true feelings. From now on, in a shockingly short time, in a voluntary effort and through extraordinary focus, the great drama of her soul takes place, the clash between particles charged by two opposite charges in a high-voltage field.

"Why? Why did I become allies with Mister Hobbs? I’m an accomplice! I’m guilty! I will end up behind bars! God will punish me! I can negotiate to get away from all this. I’ll go to Ashcroft and offer him the stolen diamonds in exchange of our freedom!"

Rather than living her life in Date’s Inferno, she enters free willingly in Purgatory, pushed by her guilt, hoping she will get away with her soul untainted.

She feels this "cosmic connection", she knows that someone who chose a wrong way still has a ray of sun in their heart, a crumble of mea culpa and thus, they get closer to the true servant of God, the one who repents. Unlike the other beings that continue their descent, unlike those cold people with a frozen and harsh heart, whose actions lower their self-esteem, making their escape harder.

In her depths, Laura Quinn has the superior trait of repenting, of correcting herself. In the name of truth and through the Holy Ghost received at her rebirth, she learns to take hold of the impetuous and energy that was ill-used and ill-channeled. Through the sacred formula that only her untouched soul understands: "I am truly sorry for myself", she finds a justification and manages to keep her self-esteem.

Leadership: Do you manifest yourself in the exercise of your own temporality as a long-term individualization phenomenon whose essence is to show how the content of your experience has to show the significance of committing a deviation from the natural line?

Radiant matter is a result of dark matter. Laura has a new meaning in the parallelogram of the forces of destiny: to be the carrier of a profound spirituality, from where it extracts the essence of structuring a new configuration of its consciousness. Light, the phenomenon that makes the world inside of her be seen, completely alters her mood. And this light, so natural, hitting her like a lightning in the night, only comes from one source, more giving than the parts of her Ego, her conscience.

Warm, with a high concentration of energy in the area that needs to be cured, the rays of hope greet her, while the driest parts of her character gather shade. Of her own free will, the passage from the shade to the light is made through an intermediary area consisting of half-shades, regrets combined with her inner rebellion, with the pity she shows to herself. And this area is reduced reduces itself as the contrast between light and shade becomes more powerful.

The tormented being wins the battle with herself. In her empty, torn heart that’s been broken into thousands of shards and melted in repenting remorse, an almost imperceptible, but free and replenishing joy arises: "I’m free, at last." The content of his experience began to show the significance of committing a deviation from the natural line by canceling any chance of returning to the dark years of the past when he had to accept a reality that did not confirm his desires.

Leadership: Is the updating of your preferences for the chance of a new beginning achieved as a phenomenon of personalizing your own image through a determinant such as: "Move away from who you have been"?

Are the key moments of your existence strongly supported by conflicting arguments? Do these moments unite in a very narrow bridge that you must cross? What can transform you into a defenseless creature? Do you have what it takes to fight against the harsh reality? Do long labors and painful expectations reveal your true feelings? Do you have in your heart a ray of sun, a crumble of guilt? Are you able to correct yourself?

Agreement or disagreement with your own self, the attitude that you adopt in key moments, the impediments that you encounter in your past experiences, they all dwell in your conscious, in what could be called the influence of the future over the present. A kind of double game in which the two opponents, the two opposite entities of the same being remain entrapped in a nonfunctional world, and that combine together in a risky and deceitful whole: the feeling of being a victim, being abandoned.

In this case, your psyche suffers deeply. You begin to feel carried away by a different reality; you become more vulnerable, you accuse yourself. Before you start thinking what is good and what you want to change about yourself, you let yourself drift into a dynamic, but overwhelming rhythm, with dark perspectives in the future. Ultimately, you put yourself amidst the constant chattering of the prison where you have free-willingly incarcerated yourself.

The American businessman, well-known for being the CEO of ITT Corporation uttered at some point a memorable phrase: "Leadership is practiced not so much through words, but through attitude and actions."

With all the deep roots of your development tendencies, starting with the particularities of your own personality, only the progressive traits are undoubtedly dominant, of course only at a given scale of your sequence of values on the axis of time.

Leadership: How do you think you are being evaluated for your way of engaging in a fight against a hidden enemy, considering that the way of conceiving things and the world depends on the image that a moment of choice suggests?

You can understand leadership better because of the lights that you project over it. What kind of lights you project over leadership? Those lights that impede you to see a little bit more clearly who you truly are? Those lights that carry you into a state of rejection and unhappiness?

Leadership can gravely cast ruthless lights over every aspect that can totally dominate people. And as I have read somewhere on the Internet, people, by articulating the values in their existence and in the flux of reality, articulate altogether their existence in a mechanism of precarious becoming sometimes, manifested through the tendency of trailing behind everything that defines him.

Leadership monitors certain human constancies. First of all, it can be felt in the intimate desire of self-evaluation, then in the way in which we see ourselves and it becomes crucial in the way everyone around see us.

Through these considerations, leadership, resonating powerfully on the highest step of your existence becomes good or bad. A cooling process of the area that forms you, a sickening symptom, or an alternative that brings you an advantage, a phenomenon that makes your inner world visible by positively altering your mood, as a well-greased engine.

As an alchemist has to separate from what is solid or neutral the substance that he would carry with patience and care towards its perfect transmutation, you have to abstain from transforming leadership in an occasion to resign, you have to detach the chords that keep you pinned down, prisoner in a reality shadowed by your own desire to ascend.

To engage in a struggle against a hidden enemy means to become aware that your superior form of being may be the first step towards your victory, especially in terms of the tendency to choose a later reward instead of an immediate one.

The Warm Rays Of Sunset reflect how you are in harmony with your own being, with your own character in those uncertain situations where things get complicated, in those situations when you have to give your consent for what is about to happen if you can’t prove your vitality. It also describes that electrifying and beneficent emotion that gives you strength even in moments of despair, when you fall in the bleak spiral of passions.

Never forget the saying: "When you fall into nothingness, have faith that down there God will catch you."

Win the battle with yourself. Claim your rights and say "NO" to any attempt of entering the darkness of leadership. Keep away from dangerously slipping in the opposite side of freedom with no limits. Guard your heart of any remorse. Fill your soul with that immense, refreshing and renewing joy expressed through the words: "I’m free, at last."

Try to discover the true cause of all that’s happening to you, without falling prey to the drive of self-depreciation.


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