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The Witness Of All Ages Of The World

On August 06, 2013, in Leadership GT-Accent, by Neculai Fantanaru

Test your limits of understanding science, so as the level of your ideas does not affect your tendency towards excellence.

I feared I might lose my privilege of the great world long sought and hardly discovered, through which I had acquired full rights to interact with the energy flows and forces that revolved around one central point. The new beginning. The inevitable need to include another reality, which became conscious and provided the mind a thorough care to everything around me. One that could not be contained by any accurate description, but only a subjective interpretation.

The brain activity enhanced in that state of consciousness, which expressed itself in the form of dynamic exchanges of intelligent pulses between two connections – the superior and the inferior of ideas achieved, resulting a rise in mental status, gave me the opportunity to try anything, to pass any barrier, to experience what has not been tried in the real world.

However, my intense brain activity was maintained the time needed to successfully complete the reality conversion process and the installation of a new version of it. I dedicated myself diligently to this pursuit. This act of thinking through associations and combinations of images, making everything seem magic rather than science, as it happens when you want to find out something new worthy of a sci-fi movie, the era specific to the attitude of the seeker of enigmas, the one Umberto Eco talks about in the novel “The Name of the Rose”:

“I headed resolutely towards the labyrinth. For the first time I came here alone, the long shadows cast by the lantern on the floor terrified me like the glances of the previous night. I was afraid at all times that I will end up in front of another mirror, because such is the magic of mirrors that even though you know they are mirrors, they do not cease to unsettle you.”

Leadership: Can you change the way you think by transforming your mental images into high self-worth so that the reality you perceive as true is based on general ideas about the significance of science?

The ability to think through the transformation of mental images provided me with a kind of selfless enthusiasm, making me feel more at peace with myself, more flexible, more creative, more productive. Besides that it kept me busy, providing me a certain tendency in choosing the optimal move in a constantly changing reality, it helped me focus entirely on restoring the absolute. This intellectual effort also provided me a responsiveness full of key findings, which determined the establishment of additional requirements of dissemination and exploitation of the expected results.

My life completely changed from that extreme experience: testing my own limits of understanding revolutionary phenomena and alteration mechanisms of various properties of matter. It was a kind of exploration of previous ideas, beliefs and experiences, in relation to an infinite variety of representations of feelings that directed me towards developing a new vision on science.

Depressing, but motivating at the same time. As if I was placed inside a magnetic field, able to attract material elements that had enough power to form the productive center of a new crossing towards the zero area, the open gate of the absolute. Thus I would have had the privilege to be the master of time, life and death, becoming the only witness of all ages of the world.

Science is the exit from a labyrinth constructed with the power of the mind of an artist who perceives reality through the experience of managing interpretations that he gives to different situations.

Leadership: To what extent can your pulse of science be determined from a visionary point of view that addresses an intellect designed to encompass the world universally?

Has your life completely changed after an extreme experience? Can you experience what has not been tried in the real world? How do you test your limits of understanding science?

In the space between the main axes of leadership, vision and current reality, there is the freedom of choice where, as a philosopher noted, nothing should bother you. You can turn into a creator of fantastic visions or you can merely confirm truths discovered depending on the reality that surrounds you. And you can assess this reality depending on the limits of freedom of speech that you choose throughout its development.

As a leader, digging through the testimony of time by the strong affirmation of imagination – a process of great importance to your becoming – you will feel something exciting, that will make vibrate almost continuously that sensitive chord, which determines you to want to know more, giving importance to your momentum towards unattainable heights. This is what essentially defines IT leaders, great inventors and top businessmen of today’s world, pending the results of their search efforts.

The pulse of high science that you can access as a leader can be measured to the point beyond which you cannot "see". Or, worse, beyond which the imagination can backfire.

Leadership: Can you reshape the structure of reality that you experience as an added value to recognizing creation from the perspective of rational foundation, in an effort to reorient the step forward?

If you keep always prepared in your conscience the concrete threats of tempting discoveries, populated and distorted by fictions lacking any evidence or logic, you will have to keep in mind that, ever since the beginning of your journey to understand the meaning of creation, leadership will go in two directions.

The first is that of intermediate movements, through which you will advance step by step, keeping increased your alertness and ability to concentrate, distinguished by developing a product, a vision, a mission or a particular value system. This is about emphasizing creation on the grounds of belonging to a culture of curiosity, information, diversity.

The second one we could call that of "substitutes" of credible, solid, practical and healthy foundations and values, that will distract you from what is important. Slowly destroying your performance and relationship with leadership. For example, when you are about to make a big breakthrough, but your attention is distracted from the essentials by the other daily tasks and stressful situations you face.

Imaginary and ambiguity are not always accepted in leadership. Unity and continuity in space and time, in the exploitation of huge streams of thought encapsulated in strict rules and norms are more rewarded, creating some relevance to the business sector.

Leadership is the self-image you form through science, so that the direction in which you are heading is one with the result of the search for a new identity that will fulfill you as an artist of an unlimited world.

The Witness Of All Ages Of The World highlights the real and imaginary boundaries in leadership. A leader can become a successful visionary or an illusionist who manages to impress just his own Ego, not that of others, losing his supporters.

Alienating from a reality in permanent change and persistence in the imaginary can be dangerous, removing you from excellence.


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