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The Wonder-Piece Of Intellectual Renaissance

On December 20, 2013, in Leadership On/Off, by Neculai Fantanaru

Give your model of leadership an unprecedented transformation, concentrating all your excellence forces in a system of thinking that ensures new approaches.

I have dedicated a good part of my life to scientific work in my own laboratory surrounded by retorts and skillets. With the thoughtfulness of an alchemist that researches new recipes for transforming metal into gold I have set on to decipher some unseeingly complex secrets. And, patiently, I managed to eliminate the non-corresponding options of maneuvering the unknowns by efficiently accessing the analyzed data and results.

For a long time, day after day, thoroughly, I pointed my development towards an Intellectuale Renascentiae, reuniting my analyses in a theory of matter based on new laws and principles. With no trail of reproach I managed to create a new space for understanding the relation between secrets and meanings. And so I could recognize the effects of a system of concurrent forces that act upon a point and in relation with an axis.

The famous alchemist, Van Helmont, made a small hole in a brick, then he put chopped basil in it, then he covered the hole with another brick. He exposed the small structure to sunlight and after a few days the basil scent, acting as a Maia, transformed the herb in true scorpions. This recipe had a completely different connotation for me, a different content, a meaning I recognized in the essence. That is, everything was possible for someone who managed to maintain in balance the action and reaction forces of this world.

Skillfully overcoming the inexplicable shiver of creating that transforms all surrounding objects in research regions, excluding mainly all the generalities devoid of content, I finally managed to discover the essence and the depth of elements. Whose variations and interactions can produce a large amount of force in a very short time.

Leadership: Can you show off your ability to distinguish the language of life science from the "gate" to a detailed knowledge of everything that is around you, without being the result of a power that continues to dominate you?

I couldn’t get out of my white robe; I had to clarify many secrets in my fight with imagination and truth. I did more and more experiments and observations. Encouragingly, I used the contrary forces, keeping into account their alternation and their unity so that the module of their resultant to be at its highest.

From temptation to temptation, from provocation to provocation in the experiments lived through intensity as well as through duration, crossing the barriers of thoughts, using the tendency to make out of everything a living entity, I have managed to settle all these opposite forces in a new construction, in a system of thinking that focused on ensuring new approaches.

The essence of this creation, this starter that kept me connected, upgrading itself daily, ensured the fueling of a sufficiently large flow through the streams of science, shaping my future research directions. The flow transformed and evolved in time, and converted itself in what I am currently living: the adventure of knowledge through the power of the present. This was, moreover, Milton’s secret.

As far as I am concerned, the language of life highlighted by a reconciliation with myself, of love for everyone else, does not create any image in the eyes of others, does not give me pride or joy of indescribability, because still I have not assumed an outward appearance of my soul through a favorable combination of beauty and usefulness. The only power that continues to master is the desire to know the laws of matter and to use them in order to value a new reason.

Leadership: Can you recognize the effects of a system of competing forces acting on a point and in relation to an axis, evaluating yourself in relation to the impossibility of a true knowledge that combines all the details of life experience with the details of a work of art?

Leadership is the result of a process of laying the basic foundation for knowledge and understanding, positive for an advantageous development. To produce a high amount of intellectual force in a short time is the project of the possibility of an endless inner potential to build new patterns for using one’s own sources of training and learning.

Knowledge represents the first episode of a new passionate stage of self-reclaiming, full of meaning that we can or can’t find in each and every one of us. And this reclaiming reflects the ability of being authentic. It’s a consequence of continuity, unexposed to light systematically.

The man who pretends more from himself, will still reach excellence seldom and only when the analyses filled with experience and intuition leave the investigation perimeter of science and start welding their own personal "history" to which the others don’t have access to. A philosophy that isn’t in everyone’s grasp. This is the double frame of determinism in an efficient leadership based on efforts and ideas that allow "outside looks", but don’t allow group judgments. In many cases, everything is done individually along the whole value creating process.

Recognizing the effects of a system of concurrent forces that act on a point and in relation to an axis means to set at the disposal of your own knowledge a set of homogenous data that shape a system or a process of the real world and serves as support for a schematic for understanding the unknowns derived from a complex analysis. The point designates how deep reality is, while the axis can be represented by the patterns of these basic convictions that don’t limit your knowledge and shape the personal interpretations of the particularities of practice.

A perfect art that honors science as a result of a power that continues to dominate you is a combination of a philosophy that allows you to think about everything in terms of a "transformation process" and value attributed to the curiosity of the type "looking from the outside."

This look from the outside that does not give you peace makes you always wonder: "what have I discovered today and escaped me yesterday"?

From temptation to temptation, from provocation to provocation, while battling the unknowns you will make a massive contribution to the formulation of new scientific theories, sometimes by recurring to previous theories. And this with only one condition: to settle all those opposite forces in a new construction, in a new system of thought that ensuring new approaches.

These opposite forces are given by notions and knowledge acquired in time, either by theory or practice, and that individualize your research and are useful to your development. If you intend to discover new hypotheses or theories that foresee or prepare the development of the rebuilding procedures for some particular aspects of the arsenal of research, then use the contrary forces, keeping into mind their alternation and their unity so that the module of their resultant to be at its highest.

Leadership becomes scientifically the expression of turning into a phenomenon the one and the same basic essence of intellectual rebirth: the content of matter, the increase of the content of truths that can be understood as it turns into convictions.

The logical order of information compositions and good practice examples behind scientific research, according to the evolved system of processing questions and answers that produce the raw material of a new truly useful reflection, will linger for a long time around a perfection aura.

The Wonder-Piece of Intellectual Renaissance is the knowledge springing from the reality that is the source of all transformations in nature, specifically intimately knowing the complexity of a phenomenon called "human being".


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