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The Work Of An Artist In The Constellation Gemini

On February 22, 2022
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Leadership FX-Intensive by Neculai Fantanaru

A man who sees himself constantly through another man, in a journey through the evolution of art, begins to react with his double by virtue of a higher-level mentality.

When two artists gather their powers in one Fitnedianh(the visible aspect of an invisible creation), only then does art gain grandeur. Especially if we speak from the perspective of exploring a reality that finds its proper form superimposed on the content of an image of God that has no order in the universe created by Him. And such art cannot simply have a decorative value, detached from the religious world of symbols, correspondence, architectural ornaments or inverted meanings.

Alterity, the finding of a double of the artist in the constellation of twins, as John Sanford shows in his drawing “Gemini – the twins”, is not a mere imagination arising from thought, a consensual hallucination shared by some external cause by the awareness of the existence of two strong forces united into a single person. Nor is it the result of two antagonistic forces that do not cancel each other out, but are attracted by a sympathy that invites you to a mysterious world with heavenly representation.

In art, alterity is portrayed as a journey into another world, one more developed than this, in which your double is due to a technique by which a person becomes the inner voice of the protagonist they have never experienced emotionally, but who ensures his invisibility from a spiritual perspective. Indeed, such an art of the immortal double, being created at the level of “distant echoes”, acquires a certain message, but it hides meanings that only the artist feels and develops through color, contour and finesse, on the trajectory of an imaginary circle drawn in a golden-yellow hue over a dark background.

Leadership: Does the approach of your creation start from the premise that the optimal form of constituting a particular individuality is at the intersection between symmetry and awareness, when the form and the image appear unchanged in the same plane?

I wonder who would be my double in an image whose convergent point is superimposed on the profile of a half-ellipse sectioned along a long axis. The point is to decide whether certain phenomena of recognition of subjectivity can be one of the most beautiful and solid proofs of thought by the contrast between the purpose of aesthetics and logic: the first pursuing beauty, and the second pursuing truth.

In other words, believing that I am meditating on my being, I actually end up mirroring myself in a space-time game that nullifies the apparent logic of known physics, highlighting the vision of a universe that expands far too quickly for matter to condense into stars, galaxies and planets. Once again, I recommend the artist’s specific ability to extract sequences from space-time and to translate them into another space-time, in a game that can be called “imagination”.

And not only does pictorial art throw me into a doubled outer circle of subjectivity, placed at the same distance from the center as my possessive, the Alter-Ego living in a virtual world, my faithful witness, but also the imaginative richness of the narrative I put into circulation as a function of my image projected into a mirror of spiritual metamorphosis. For example, yesterday I read on a review of the novel “Piranesi” by Susanna Clarke.

“The story puts us in the shoes of an individual who, being almost alone in the world, makes a purpose of his life by researching the rooms around him. That’s because the whole world is a huge building, with rooms, vestibules and courtyards. Construction in whose lower chambers there is a sea, with ebbs and flows, in whose upper chambers clouds form. The “house”, as it is called, maintains a fauna, consisting of birds and fish, but only two people live in it. The protagonist and the one he simply calls “The Other Man”. There were thirteen more people, to be exact, but they died. Now, only two people live in the home-world. And in its huge halls there are no pieces of furniture, instead there are statues.”

Leadership: Does your creation have a new identity in terms of the mechanism of self-recognition in the evolution of the phenomenon of “homogeneous mirroring”, by intertwining the experience of maintaining appearances?

The same two people in the novel “Piranesi” correspond to my image in the constellation of twins, in a moving picture that beyond the visible, beyond the gleam of the lantern and even beyond the darkness, hides that silent, timid but boundless form of intuition of reality through the phenomenon of affective identification that helps me to transpose myself into someone else’s place and to feel joy and sadness alongside them.

It can be seen, therefore, that I always manage to explore a perfectly tangible reality in the sphere of spontaneous, holistic, harmonic vision, and to find what corresponds to the form of art expression through mental transposition, thus experiencing a realignment with my inner constitution. Finally, as if on a trip to another world, I feel that I am part of a game of dubbing that contrasts, in the same figurative structure, an image of my inclusion in the universal and a vibrant image of an ideal world.

A line is parallel to a plane if it is parallel to a line contained in the plane. And a man who sees himself constantly through another man, in a journey through the evolution of art, begins to react with his double by virtue of a higher-level mentality, but supervised by an entire constellation in which only the stars of the representative artists shine immortally. I say this because matter has the disposition to “attract” form in a spontaneous way, and my mediation through the parameters of physics superior to the earthly one has its echo, in a transparent way, beyond the times…

The unlimited potential of my creation consists in experiencing a perfectly tangible reality in the sphere of spontaneous vision, that reality whose echo penetrates beyond infinity by capturing the same character in another hypostasis, in other paintings, in other times, but always in a plane of reflection.

The Work Of An Artist In The Constellation Gemini is in fact an illustration of the idea of becoming at some point the sum of the three variables of expanding the horizon of assertion of personality in the artistic field, so long there will be a reality inspired by a creative process. The three variables are: “the degree of freedom allowed by the Alter Ego”, “the possibility of being everywhere” and “the desire to always be someone else”.

Understand that painting techniques stimulate the creative expression of the various issues you will face at different times in your life. Many of these techniques need to be integrated into various forms of assessing your personality in the context of the process of double transition to the state of connection to the present moment.

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