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The World Seen In The Presence Of The Rose

On October 30, 2019, in Leadership V8, by Neculai Fantanaru

The expressive form of a feeling of affection is the result of recognizing an ingenuous presence in a hypostasis of sweet memory.

A few days ago, you called me next to you, and after inspiring your perfume and admiring your brothers, also embellished, I realized that the time I spend with you is truly a supreme gift, especially when announcing a blessing. I did not have the opportunity to pass the time while doing nothing, I admired your smile in silence, in a hypostasis of a painter who knows how to discover the charm of anonymous corners of nature, seeking the uplifting humility of a sincere relationship with God.

Your name, Double Delight, honors a sacred, timeless world, camouflaged in the back of appearances, in the form of an attitude of independence from any authority, any worldly rule. In order to generate points, lines, expressive forms, chromatic and achromatic spots, I must first fall in love with this world through the murmured vibration of an exceptional sensibility linked to an unattainable reality, which I myself seek in things simple, yet invested with some expressive force. A world that seems to remind of a story from a thousand and one nights. Another ground of admiration for the height of an artistic image, enveloped, in a dream, in the adventure of Scheherazade.

While I sprinkle you with nutritious solution, caressing your delicate petals, I notice something I have never seen before, a purely subjective construction, although we live in the same story and we meet daily as two characters who have a special relationship between them. I observe that interaction between successive determinations of nature and the rare essence of a hopeful soul, with a baggage of great dreams, closely linked to a process of pouring eternal energy into a pantheistic existence.

Leadership: Does your presence in a hypostasis of sweet memory attest to the confirmation of a connotative entity generated by a Creator who perceives himself as existing independently of any human mastery?

Expressing an enthusiastic admiration for a surprising creation in its organic originality, and yet so complex that it can give rise to the most varied interpretations, implies the idea of a mutual relationship, of a reciprocal action that we find only in the work of God. The entity generated by such a Creator, with horizons too wide to be understood by the human mind at the present time, can be found in one of two states: a solemnity of the beauty of the living, lit up over the world, or a solemnity of the thought expressed by an expressive language that creates suggestive artistic images.

The rose watches through the eyes of the artist any resemblance between two expressive characters, seeking in the soul of the world who knows what power of attraction under the gentle appearance of a beautiful decoration, arising from the smooth and rhythmic movement of a brush that knew, season by season, to stop in its tracks, in a whisper, the charm of a magic that passes with visual joy in the direction of a work of art. He is present as a product of the finality of the artwork in the words of the painter Li Rihua, quoted by Simona Popescu in the novel Exuvii:

“In painting, it is important to attack the subject with discernment, meaning to understand that, in the contour of forms, although you are pursuing a perfect result, all the art of execution is in fragmentary notations and interruptions.”

Leadership: Is it easy for you to get involved in nature’s approach by extending artistic intelligence, aligning your “experience of a spark” with the content of a message that truly fulfills your soul?

With what thought do you come to me whenever you address me with such sincerity, as by a simple application of a function of knowledge and revelation? The echo of your words, I found by chance, as it happens when the painter once again brushes over the paint mixture and then gently touches the canvas full of subtle allegories, to express a point of view close to the message of God: “Be impeccable in everything you have to show that is most generous !”

There exists in the magic of these sensitive words, so simple, but which reveals so much, a certain splendor, the possibility of visualizing a brief description of the tones of a painter gifted with the art of the brush. Quiet tones, sensual, warm, so that the atmosphere around to not overwhelm me, like red, orange and yellow. This combination never fails !

Your nobility, standing out through the simplicity superimposed on a fragility experienced in a genuine way, as when viewing a painting painted with sweetness, absorbs a considerable amount of spirit from the image of a being endowed with a Proustian intensity of senses. Its striking beauty, beyond the conventional, lies in the effect of recalling a previous existence that always comes to my attention. A kind of manifestation of an unrequited desire through a wide range of feelings, but without publicity, simply through an understanding of authenticity as pure living.

Whenever I dream of a new life with someone dear, who really looks like me, someone with great image impact, I do not forget to decorate my vision of a new painting experience with the feeling of unparalleled beauty, independent of all conventions on which the prejudices regarding youth, brilliance and elegance are based.

Nobility is a deciphering of our life through the graceful gloss of the condition of a poet, artist, scientist, therefore an assumption of the privilege of belonging to the destiny of a Creator who perceives himself dependent on the possibility of recovering the eternal beyond matter, by spiritualizing an ideal vision.

In the most recent works created with the generosity of a suite of unforgettable moments, I seem to revive the spirit of a classic elegance in what regards the use of comparisons, symbols and metaphors in the interior of a movement of time, regarding a living, active product, the latter managing to imprint its own constantly changing creative personality upon the canvass of living memories. The eyes focused upon the beauty possess the dimensions of a mysterious obsession where others do not see it: the pure knowledge of a being outside of time.

But at all times I had beside me, blessed with all those useful to painting, with the landscapes of an inner geography, the simplicity of a soul so rare, cheerful, eager to show the world its essence. At other times overwhelmed by sadness, despair, troubled. None the less, managing to live in peace and quiet. Rarely does such a naïve consciousness fall into your heart.

Objectifying what I experience each time inside of me and transforming myself into a carrier of balance of spirit and the universe, beyond the rigors of time, I try to restore a part of the world that, of course, acquires the proportions of an initiatory journey into a story with a lot of teaching, in which is hidden an invaluable treasure.

The great claim in the world of art is weighed by what you want to represent in everything that makes you unique, at the level of simplicity superimposed on a fragility experienced in a genuine way.

The World Seen In The Presence Of The Rose is just as wide as the world made from dust at the touch of the Creator, symbolizing the union between two similar entities through the evolution of art that has a sure path to perfectionism: an entity continuously called “space-time”, updated by a The Travelerdeterminant, and an entity called “vitality of thinking open to the new.”

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