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This Is What It Means To Be An Artist

On December 31, 2020, in Alpha Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

A true artist mirrors the high expression of his soul in generating a creation that has the power to transform his destiny into a personification of the splendor of nature.

The rose is the manifestation in art of my own existence, but only when I guide my sensitive existence, full of emotion and imagination, after the expression of a certain inner logic that follows the form of devotion to the value of a moment lived in the light of avant-garde creation. Spirit of first artistic rank, the rose depicts the character and expression specific to the colors that feed the living soul of a work of art born beyond moral compromises, beyond relationships with the environment, beyond any metaphysics of precious essences, luxury perfumes and transcendental explanations.

Obviously, between me and the rose there is a feeling of great purity, an authentic approach to the artistic phenomenon, a perfect correspondence between the plastic language and that border space between text and reality. So that all that His spirit urged me to write here, wisely, with much admiration for the height of expression, becomes the sign of a complete self-giving in a metaphysical universe that transcends form and alchemizes substance, to send it back into the stream of Universal Life.

Here intervenes the relationship of resemblance to the lucidity of another artist of words. Because everything I say now about the rose, through the correspondence between interiority and subjectivity, was well portrayed by the writer Paul Auster in the novel “The New York Trilogy”:

“That knowledge transformed me, I think, and made me feel more human. Belonging to Him, I began to feel as if I did not belong to everyone else. It turned out that my place in the world was beyond myself, and if that place was in me, it was just as impossible to locate. It was the tiny space between Ego and Non-Ego, and for the first time in my life I looked at this nowhere as the precise center of the world. And then came the day when art dominated my creative instincts, allowing me to push them to unimaginable limits.”

Leadership: Are you able to bring at least one of the archetypal forms of nature to the rank of original image, perfect and sublime, through an approach to reality on the border between figurative and non-figurative?

It can be seen that the rose, barely blossomed yesterday, provides me with an additional affinity for the consciousness of a being impregnated with instantaneous imagination, open to the sublime of a writing that is hard to forget. Somehow, he completes me unconditionally, praiseworthy, naturally, by the living presence of a deterministic, narrative seed of creation, which, if I considered an exploration of the meanings carried by colors, it would be easier for me to understand the importance of divine symbolism, sensitive, multidimensional, syncretic, necessary to know the phenomena of transformation of the laws of art into laws of the soul.

Very true. Any talented artist is the highly expressive seed of a rose that puts him in constant proximity both to himself and to the world of universal creation in which the antagonistic forces of the spiritual and the material face reconcile, in any case, housing the version of the divine symbol that transcends time, appearances, the boundaries of reality.

With unspeakable consideration, in concreto, I accepted this knowledge of artists concerned with the metaphysical side of a world influenced by symbolic becoming, considering it necessary to integrate art into my life as a promised deliverance from the sin of not being listened to when needed by the gentle laws of creation and progress. And I think that here takes place the divine call of the artist who, with tenacity and care, has learned to contemplate from the outside the beauty hidden in simple things, in the smallest details, in every soul that wants to approach his own.

This is how it is when you receive the role of an artist led by the sacredness associated with the rose. It is like living the experience of a game of light and shadow that can be endlessly replayed with randomly generated worlds and quests through a landscape approach on the border between figurative and non-figurative, between what is felt and what can be it does, between what is seen with the naked eye and what is related to the metaphysical part of my existence.

God has always liked roses. The most.

Leadership: What is the maximum expression of an artistic inspiration that promotes the idea of ​​a work created according to models already existing in nature, in accordance with the character of the whole that distinguishes the essential part of your self?

Yes, I accept this aspect as a kind of exchange of souls between two mutually aware individuals, as an optimal possibility for personalizing a thought of supernatural revelation in which the concern for knowing nature that must be allowed to evolve further is particularized and realized. The rose, of high poetic attire, soaked in a fine cloth with the sweat of Sisyphus tier creative efforts, scented with the light of a star twinkling in slow-motion, was easily integrated into my work of art, just as I very well integrated the effigy of symbolic projections into the harmony and purity of nature.

Therefore, I believe that the maximum expression of an artistic inspiration that promotes the idea of a work created according to models already existing in nature, through the relationship between the empirical aspect and the original aspect of the ego, is the feeling of empathy strictly related to artistic-aesthetic knowledge (the necessity of a meaning that must be expressive).

And here’s what happened. I spent all morning talking to a Double Delight rose, not knowing what the tendency toward unity is or the differentiation tendencies that might be in conflict with the empirical ego of the artist in me. I spoke as if to a friend, free, relaxed, with an inner nuance, the dialogue consisting in a kind of concomitance between the aesthetic attitude crossed by the feeling of deja-vu and the high degree of spirituality of a feeling that often leaves you without words.

I realized I was like a rose. I realized that they are the symbol of connecting worlds beyond external reality, the bridge between them being a juxtaposition of “two distant realities” united to create a new reality. Now I know why I live by divine grace, to live more by the spell of animating a familiar otherness as a spirit, than by choice or by chance. That is what it means to be an artist. An artist with great power of significance.

The essential part of my self can be given a whole character when the significant improvement of the perception on the perfection of the “Work of Art” has as a reference point the increase of sensitivity to the stimuli of external nature, coming from the surrounding environment.

This Is What It Means To Be An Arist, to make sure that the expression of your self results in the image of a work of art with high resolution, able to reveal the depth of composition themes, triggers of new horizons of knowledge, through metaphors and fictional characters.


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