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Thoughts In The Corners Of Memory (I)

On July 01, 2021
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Leadership sX-Experience by Neculai Fantanaru

A memory that could help you keep your brain healthy is generated by maintaining momentary thoughts that persist as long as the occasional artist’s patience is maintained at an acceptable level of intensity (which does not disrupt life).

It is remarkable that when the clouds approach, along with rain, everyone maintains their joy on the mountain terraces. Last night, when the bear alarm sounded (Ro Alert), everyone was panicking in the area. I didn’t see any bears, although I was standing on the street where the bear was seen.

These deeply significant reasons for danger will always be encountered in different forms. Sometimes the help of the ready to intervene at a critical moment will be missing. I say something else. All these are the recurring themes of a debate that describes the great adventure of the spirit.

I believe that, after all, the dangerous and difficult work of self-knowledge is the least adventurous path of ordinary routine.


Life lived throughout time is more important than life lived when its time was due. Sometimes the happy ending is ridiculed precisely and only by ordinary mortals, whose false representation of life is the moment lived in the present.

The happy man unites with the man who suffers when the feeling of individuality of appearances stops the mind in the face of some high-impact event. And there is only one secret cause before the understanding between them: the mind absorbed in the spectacle of life.


I woke up. I started with stretching. Then I served breakfast. I took some pictures. The weather is wonderful. Warm. Sun. I start climbing the mountain, at 9 o'clock. Not long, about 3 km. I’m restless after breakfast.
And yet, I feel that something else is keeping my thoughts awake.It’s that pleasure of listening to myself in the stillness of nature.The pleasure of walking barefoot through the grass.The pleasure of observing something new in nature.The exciting passion to observe the mysteries of any form of life.

I think everyone around me is listening to what I’m talking about, and I think that’s how I started listening to everything around me. Nature is the outer covering of my thoughts, everything around me is the chief spring of my nature.


Great people are the ones who have nothing, and yet they manage to have amazing achievements. Little people are the ones who have everything, but they can't do anything great.

Life has a permanent character when it is transposed into a story that goes around the world. It is one thing to talk about a science, it is quite another to change the direction of a science.

Art is the Creator's way of saying: I offer you a splash of color to give your heart the spell to create candor.

When you turn your thoughts into words, you feel as if you are stepping on a holy ground. Your presence in the midst of words gives thoughts the miraculous teaching of a saint.
My life revolves strictly around words and that is very important, because I am not a word.

Trust the reality of a story until it approaches the path of your life. That is what it means to be a writer who sees his life as a journey lived from a distance.

The artist's eyes are allowed by the continuous elevation of the heart towards God, in a game of light contrasts and nuances derived from banality.

A man who does not measure his wealth in the processes of creation and scientific discovery, is such a poor man in the eyes of the universe.

Whoever did not know how to appreciate the time gained will have to appreciate the time lost.

The whole subject listens to the scientist who seeks with a pure heart what is alive in ruins.

Seek to master the high values ​​of science, through art, before reaching financial intelligence. This is true spirituality.

Whatever you enjoy doing, do it as if you had an artistic task. And do it so that science is the testimony of the artist.

You have educated yourself to always place yourself in a wide dynamic ! Get moving quickly and resolutely when everyone else is resting ! And thus, you end up ahead of everyone else…

All are wise, yet not the wise man, said the wise man. And if all are wise, yet not the wise man, then there is nothing wiser in this world than not being wise.

Observe man’s anger before seeing his joy. The man who does not forget his anger will also not be able to find his joy.

Build no false idols, meaning, never see others as being better than you. You are and have always been better than everyone else. Never forget that !

If I had to write a treatise on art, I’d probably call it: “A Thousand Treatises on Art”.

From far away again I see you, Closer now than from afar, And closer now my being to you, A small request I thrust upon: Please never ever go so far !

Any parting breathes the desert air of a sandcastle demolished by the flight of an allegorical bird. You could write anything, but if you don’t write, you won’t get anywhere with any idea.

I keep emptiness away from my passage through it, aware of the wounds that loving with my mind can bring. Silence is an empty bench waiting for its old age. Or old age is an empty bench that can’t stand its silence.

If a vase full of flowers is poured on the sand, then every flower, no matter how delicate, turns into sand… and the vase is too made of sand, and back to sand it shall return…

To cover the distance from the earth to the sky is the equivalent of traveling the distance from utopia to science.

Meditate on every minor thing that happened during the day. And perhaps you will discover the hidden meanings of the trials that await you.

The Creator is an artist of the meaning of life, able to build a bridge over the passing things.

The science of the artist is the power to give shine to a color that marks the core of his life.

Inspiration comes from the moment you come to understand what is actually happening in reality. Inspiration is the first meaning of knowledge directed on the inner reality.

The act of creation is similar to the construction of a painting to which the painter highlights the color of his own expressionist vision.

A book written without art, without metaphors, is like a room devoid of any decorative element.

Big words are a matter of loyalty: you can't walk away from them without constantly remembering them.

Try to use the same words as driving a Cadillac in "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea." That means being an artist of depth driven by a symbol of luxury.

The tragedy is the end of the life of a man without God in his soul, who dreams of a white, convertible limousine.

Discretion is the passion of a writer who builds his characters by disclosing their ability to follow the cry of silence.

Don't try to be like the characters of your favorite writer. Be the favorite character of the writer in you who thinks differently about his life.

Many people raise their importance to the level of nobility, without imagining how small and insignificant they are in any field of science.

The manipulator has a higher self-expectation when listened to by others. And those who are manipulated have a great deal of self-doubt.

Truly extraordinary people assert themselves by far-reaching scientific achievements, not by the prism of their position.

The man who does not know how to use the internet knows nothing about the universe or how one mind connects to all other minds.

On the saxophone, the wanderings of the soul are always rendered in high autumn notes.

A well-chosen perfume betrays a tempting look, but not every look can feel the perfume capable of inspiring it.

The beauty of nature includes the scent of linden, which you inspire with the serenity of a meditative mood.

Silence never guarantees the return of time in an hourglass.

Pride is a tree that no longer blooms, but always stands towering.

Don’t be a wiseguy if you know you’re not a smart man.

The defining law of knowledge: The easy thing you can do is often the difficulty others struggle with.

The silences released from love hide the mirage of a picture painted with sleepless dreams.

The real winners are those who make changes in the size and content of science.

To change a system, you need to call upon someone outside the system. The system is only changeable when someone denies it any dogma.

The great secrets are revealed only to those who appreciate the simple and accessible things that surround them in everyday life.

Never step too hard on the gas: you risk getting too fast to a place that doesn’t make sense.

If you do not know how to look in the right direction, you will never know where you stand.

The love and passion we have in ourselves is the song sung by the choir of longing for ourselves.

Be perfect only where you are number 1 in the world. And not in any other direction.

It's not about "being there." But you have to feel good when someone else is silent.

It's not about what someone wants and can offer you. But you have to believe what you don't see.

If God is a perfect Creator, then only the most representative artists can understand Him.

All science in the world relates to three major indicators of results: Experiment, Creation, and Discovery.

The man who does not engage wholeheartedly in a story will never be able to be called the main character.

Never stray from your native talent. It's like leaving God.

Always do what you love, and you will never work.

To feel ... to have a healthy look ... to remember ... to discern ... to choose what is meaningful.

There are people who, no matter how much science they have, still bring nothing innovative in science. The true purpose of science / sight is to increase the potential for creation.

The success achieved too early is the failure suffered in the face of increasing performance. The most complex indicator of increased performance is patience.

The secret of Kabbalah is like the clear sky: it encompasses all the stars, although not all are visible.

The image you give to the world about you may be like those things that are amazing, but are never picked, because they do not bear fruit.

No smile comes from a wise but arid desert.

Learn from every passer-by, as if you were just a passer-by.

Whoever makes big plans will be reoriented by the much bigger plans of the universe. Be the change the universe demands.

If you don't get close to things when they're hot, it's going to be so hard to get close to them when they're cold, like ice.

Whoever fails to see the signs of God has probably not learned the lessons that life has already given him.

What you give, you receive, with warmth or coldness. If warmth and light were not to your liking, then you will endure the cold and the darkness.

Dare to always be yourself, so that everything you care about is not so hard on yourself.

The friends you choose will decide your future. So, mathematically speaking, if only you yourself want to decide your future…

Mirror the beauty of your soul in generating a creation that has the power to change your destiny into a star. That is what it means to be an artist.

You will receive what you deserve in this world when your only stake is the kingdom of heaven. The whisper of angels is for this world.

Turn the performance of your activities into a refined art that will contribute a thousand years to the development of the world.

Words are a religion of knowledge based on duality and nonduality.

Too many elders go without doing anything for science and for God. They did not understand life because they lacked the knowledge of God.

What you never forget is what you experience when you dream. A powerful dream is never lost into oblivion.

What you consider to be an undeniable reality may in fact be a warning to awaken consciousness.

Learn to make noise in my heart so that the hearing of my words will open like a flash before your thoughts.

Better a broken mirror than a double mirror… the first sees you only at one time, the other sees you in two different places at the same time.

You will never feel freer from uncertainty than when you sense a moment of calm experienced away from the world.

Know everything that you shouldn’t have known only at the cost of your forgetfulness. To know means to appreciate the cure for many pains.

The most precious triumph of the discoverer is the immortal deed. The fate of a legend reflects the passion for bold action.

The man who cannot command matter to obey him will never be able to be called a scientist.

See what your senses allow you to perceive in that pressing moment, then try to guess the unlikely things that are not seen.

A man of endurance is more precious than a man of strength. One who excels in one field often manages to decipher mysteries and make important new discoveries in other fields.

It is difficult to understand what no one else could understand. And even when you understand, no one will understand you.

Change the subject that you know you can’t handle very well, otherwise the subject will turn you into a different person.

Wake up in the morning as if you weren’t sleeping at night, and see if you can dream of anchoring yourself in reality. Today’s outcome is tomorrow’s revelation.

Remember who you are and what race you come from. Don’t forget your holy origins. Listen carefully, watch carefully, and try to understand what lies behind all the riddles of the world. The key is that rose red.

The act of creation is similar to the construction of a painting for which the painter highlights the continuity of his life in history.

Keep the worldview in the retina in a moment of inattention. You return incessantly in a moment that escapes your gaze.

The only true image of this world impresses with a blurred look. The eyes must always withstand the fall of night.

Colorless eyes always have a blank look. It doesn’t matter what the eyes say as long as they reflect wilderness.

Take science to another level, in the name of progress. But first be a visionary !

Few are born victorious, but only those born victorious occupy a good place at the forefront of great destinies. The sun can be seen both when it lights the sky and when it lights the earth.

To surpass the abundance of your creation, carefully gathering any crumbs of reality, with seen and unseen connections between them. Time is never right to make a match between the created work and the creative process.

Know how to make a science out of any science, replacing the "old" with the "modern". He who has the faith called science will turn everything into an extension of thought in the form of science and technology.

When everyone falls, someone strong gets up. And he rises more and more, because he has decided never to fall. Good writers do not find inspiration in famous quotes. Their very life is the story of a thought that is always reinvented.

You can reach the root of a truth when you wander alone. The book is the large room with a splendid view of a river of universal memory that feeds the meaning of your life.

All possible subjects of art cannot bypass the subject of creation, just as the work of the Creator cannot bypass the center of the universe. More important than the words drawn from the experience of life is the story in which life swallows your words.

When God plants a rose in one place, that whole place blooms as beautifully as possible. Slower today, faster tomorrow. The important thing is to find yourself where you formed your character. The wisdom that God has placed in human life is the power of understanding a suffering that seeks relief in an autonomous reality.

Candor is the expression of a heart that generates an easier understanding of the experience of extended consciousness.

Stay who you are without changing for who you could become. Be the same even if you are not ready to stand still. Be a creator with a chocolate heart, so that your art can inspire that sweet taste added to science in favor of life. Don't be saddened by the story of others, but turn it into a real fortress built on the idea of increasing the quality of your life.

A man of words is an artist of color matching. Be careful not to become a color that is hard to describe in words. Those who do not believe in your words are the same people who do not know how to speak. Words have the gift of being understood only by those skilled in the handling of simple things. Too much pride in a word, which is true, too proud. Too much pride in a word called pride. I carefully earned the right to utter a word called "pride" that could propel me before others.

What doesn't come in time...never comes again.

The first rule of perfection in art is to know how to see what no one else is able to see.

Know how to see in a single grain of sand always another look, without ever consuming your look. This is Big Science.

Whoever proposed a new vision of science, and whoever achieved a great step in the evolution of science, will gain the brilliance that the universe gives to its stars.

To find Aladdin's lamp, you must first be Aladdin.

To take science to a very advanced level, while others helplessly witness the change made by you.

He who rules science also rules the expansion of the universe.

To make leadership a true art, for the Great Science to memorize as a representative unit for eternity. And only one can do that.

To trust the stars, first seek to understand astrology, the science of navigation, the science of maps, the science of topography, and the connections of cartography with other sciences. Otherwise you will not understand anything.

The universe always spiritually binds the truly good in various fields.

All heaven and earth come to the aid of him who masters the Great Science better than anyone.

True faith has nothing to do with prayers, but with science. The one who moves the boulder is not the one who prays, but the one who finds an effective means of pushing it.

The uninspired man always waits for the lucky day. The man of action does everything possible to make every day a lucky one.

Only one man, in the entire world, has the privilege of unlimited knowledge and is in total control of the Great Science.
The one who stands still is always overtaken by the one who takes a step forward.

And the one who takes a giant step forward is always a representative of science.

And who did not propose a new vision of science, and who did not achieve a great step in the evolution of science, he will not gain the brilliance that the universe gives to its stars.

If one person in the world succeeds in completely changing one field of science, then all other fields of science will change radically. A single man, born in a lucky sign.

When all fall, someone strong rises. And he rises higher and higher, because he has decided never to fall.

Think a little. How many thousands of codes appear daily on the Internet, made by those who have the desire to help others. But now think about another aspect. About hundreds of thousands of other really brilliant codes never appear on the internet. Only those are the really brilliant codes, but which should only help someone who knows how to benefit from their thinking... The important thing is to leave at least some scraps of code behind, something that helps them a little and others.

An unfinished journey in love is a prayer that contains the word "removal". So let's get closer...

I am not for the end. I am for infinity.

It's hard to make art without being an artist, but it's even harder to be an artist without making art. Art is made by artistic people, you can be an artist in anything you set your mind to if you manage to bring everything to the level of art, even to avoid, with intuition, unpleasant situations

There is nothing but infinity. And you only need one point, even smaller than a needle point, to build infinity. He who has understood this has all the knowledge of the world on his side.

There are two kinds of people: those who initiate change in the field of a science, and those who have not understood the motive for change, nor the value of Great Science.

One man who takes action is more valuable than all the men who look at the stars and dream.
One is more valuable than all because it is a magic number.

You have to know what to read if you really want to learn anything from books.

You have to be lucky to meet the lucky cards. Or, better said, let them find you.

Never look for a diamond in a garden full of flowers.

It's hard to talk about art if you don't know how to make art.

The man who does everything for science and creation is a man tried by God.

Creation is science's answer to the question: who is God.

One who possesses a high level of control over one domain is likely to make important discoveries in other domains as well.
The man who always looks at the sky, it is impossible not to love the stars. May your skies always be clear, even when the stars don't shine.

The man who returns to the past is the man who has no future.

The man who has God in his soul also has the ability to create out of nothing.

The true artist has the character of creation seeking the Divine.

The most precious memories remain where you formed as a winner ! ! Two champions, each unsurpassed in his field. It all started from here.

The man who does not know how to see cannot be called a visionary. You have to know as to understand.


I welcome the initiative of the faculties from Cluj and Timişoara to scan all the books in their libraries. Especially these two big cities, with very good faculties, started scanning all the old or new books since 2011. Over 35% of a total of about 145,000 volumes have already been scanned and classified.

Even licenses and doctorates are already entered in a database (in pdf format) and many appear on the internet. I think someone open-mindedly asked, "Why should the student's work lie dusty in a closet, and be forgotten, when it might as well serve as a source of inspiration for other seekers? information on the internet? "

In addition, it is much easier to detect plagiarism if you have a database of scanned works and books in pdf format (Making A PDF Text-searchable).


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