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Totul depinde de cine conduce

Time Flies

On January 27, 2016
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Leadership S4-Quartz by Neculai Fantanaru

Find an explanation for the way in which you were formed in the necessary horizon of authenticity, eliminating doubts about what you had to be and never were.

I begin my day by remembering what I did yesterday, in an attempt to confront that inner voice that doesn’t find a way of entering a new cycle of transformations. An answer keeps repeating itself throughout these reflections, but it is much too incoherent to be aligned to a moral teaching.

Vague answers capture key moments, instantly arousing the enthusiasm for detecting an "uncertain outcome". They introduce me immediately within incomprehensible phenomena, arising from a pre-scientific thinking. Tomorrow is calling, and I am still dragging my steps in a sort of a consequence of virtual interactions with what would suit me and identify me in the past moment.

The temptation for the area of the mystical, the coded message to which I must find the key of decoding, can be the conclusion of this important guiding milestone amidst unclear aspects and confusing information. Like an artist, passionate for his art, on which he wants raised to a high level of craftsmanship, I try to seek powerful springs of my own Ego, through the conception regarding the formation of a purpose in the world. Memories can be taken away.

Leadership: Does the experience of knowledge that you approach, assumed by an acceptance of ambiguity, relate to a compound called “intrinsic factor” that reveals a reality with multiple interpretations?

Did writer Maurice Leblanc not tell us that, after all, life itself is experienced in a sort of abstract, with its storms and greatness, with its monotony and diversity? And that is why, maybe, we taste with feverish haste and with an increasingly intense pleasure this short journey, whose end can be seen from the very moment it begins.

Good or bad it is to find a place in time that will shake me a little, as only a divine power can. In another form than the usual, one useful for the release of the imperfect within me and around me. Which can be an inherent conflict proves itself to be a random wandering, a confusion of the mind, a spiritual chaos, a "walking on an endless lane", resulting in an acceleration of the areas of shadow and vulnerability.

Two interpretations can be given to the reality I perceive as true: first, everything around me is always ready to undergo a transformation through substitution, and then, everything I capture visually can be expressed and coded by the written word.

This is why everything seems to have a powerful mystical and mysterious component to the mind of a reader, because all that motivates me in my endeavors is one question I have sometimes asked myself: how far are you willing to go down a road that is intended to be a purely subjective construction, an attempt to recreate the original intensity of the feeling of uncertainty?

I must introduce myself constantly in them, I must manage to master them, use them to my advantage. But just as a mediocre comedian controls the tone of his voice without caring what he expresses, following the effect on the public with a fearful arrogance, neither do I manage to disconnect from the foibles of the past day, other than through a disposition that resembles a distraction from what I have to believe.

Leadership: Do you stray from what you were conditioned to be, moving towards who you remember you were?

Going through a succession of remembrances is, in the first case, an explanation of the way in which you have transformed in the necessary horizon of authenticity. And in the second one, it is a method of self-criticism at your position towards what eluded you, towards what you didn’t know of yourself in the ambiguity of situations that have hindered the achievement of liability.

Ain’t nobody that can buy me peace of mind. The strange journey is, in the way in which I imagine it, reflecting on life moments, a transfer of experience in the territory of a confusing obsession, a heavy blow dealt to the present – called "I can never move away from who I was", one which the wheel of time spins endlessly.

Sometimes, the day of yesterday, whose fines details are erased and blurred by time, is like a journey: you truly begin to understand it only when it is over. And the future is uncertain, just like yesterday.

Leadership, bringing about an eloquent confirmation of the identity conditioned by a knowledge that answers the questions that concern you, can have as a strong point the conclusion to this important landmark of orientation among the unclear aspects and confusing information from everything you once were, relative to what you have become.

The way you train yourself in the necessary horizon of authenticity rests on your ability to suggest a reality whose acceptance and understanding anchors the reader in a space of unity itself, a space of totality, perfect being and absolute existence.

A man with leadership qualities departs from what has been conditioned by the circumstances to be, approaching that mysterious superiority conferred by the status of artist of striking and memorable expression. It is the only way of correcting himself and overcoming his state of inferiority (ignorance + uncertainty) or the state of inadequacy that tests him when he finds himself in front of a closed door, a contradictory thinking.

For this reason, one of the meanings attributed to the expression "Dragons that I used to chase / Tease me from inside" is that of not falling victim to your own doubts regarding what you were supposed to be and never were, having repercussions on what you have become.

The unrest born out of the intensification of exploiting past moments, themselves linked rather to appearances than essence, are the seeds of a state of rest found in a decomposition whose density of meanings has the expression of a lazy transfer of rushed conclusions.

The force of authenticity is achieved by removing doubts about what you should have been and were not, when you are not sure what you think about yourself, but you are willing to look differently at what holds you in place through a microscope whose setup is mastered only by the artist, poet or prose writer.

Do not forget what writer Mihai Gojgar said: “A poet or a prose writer must “juggle” with the stylistic rules and order his deviations in such a way as to achieve the desired effect.”

Time Flies highlights that form of knowing yourself by reflecting on a series of aspects that you often overlook. Be mindful of what you discover in the day of yesterday before time blurs its details. They may be evidence to a permanent continuity or a rupture from what you learned to be.

* Note - Vaya Con Dios - Time Flies


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