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Tomorrow Is Already Far Away

On February 28, 2014, in Leadership V8, by Neculai Fantanaru

Develop a better self-understanding, one that will maintain the maturity and responsibility on which leadership is built upon.

I find it inexplicable how hard it is for me to remember what followed. I want to speak of the chain of events that followed. I wasn’t at all sure where to start, everything was here. But since then, it felt like a knife was cutting my life in half. It seemed to me that it was a life I was not prepared for. A terrible overcrowding of people and events in which I no longer controlled anything.

Things revolved around me without my participating to the events. So at least it seemed. There are a lot of things that bother us, deprive us, which we must endure, of which we only think about when they cross our lives. *

Leadership: Can you customize your experience of seeing things as they are, not as they seem, as one of the most eloquent events that put you in the position of choosing what you want to be in the vortex of life?

Individualizing your experience of seeing things as they are, not as they seem, is to give a note of originality to those aspects that are not removed from memory as to what regards the selective nature of important events. Things can denote a reality that extends everywhere through the prism of what amuses your mind, or on the contrary, through the prism of what troubles your mind, so you can be better in discovering the propensity for comparison with a previous standard of living.

Most often, when we analyze ourselves, gradually trying to amplify the understanding of causes and evolution from one stage of life to another, we forget the landmarks of precedence and becoming. And during the attempts to accomplish the leadership model, because of this reason being obligated to verify the assumptions of our own thinking, we largely form the image we have about ourselves. An image that is distinguished by a succession of transitions between states, influenced by events that trigger positive or negative reactions.

What you want to be in the vortex of life does not depend on the accomplishment of all things to perfection, but to the nature of the things that are imprinted in your consciousness, of those things that manifest themselves as thoughtful experiences of realities experienced through captivating experiences, treated as SÍNE QUA NON.

An incomplete or unclear representation about the amount of experience that we can accept to have the opportunity to promote our values, basing a certain conception of the world and life, has the disadvantage of conditioning us to be different from the world around us. But we must be prepared to make the decisive step towards acquiring the ability to integrate the things near us in a new world, of experiences of attachment to the values of life (inspiration, social status, ambition, tolerance, spirituality, etc.)

The relationship you have with everything around you comes from important events that you realize are limiting situations in which something is revealed, beyond the seemingly ritualistic and monotonous appearance of your life.

Someone well said: "Decide how you want to live your life – no matter how you imagine it – because only then will you have the patience to bear the "sweat" that will certainly come in your way."

There are a lot of things that we must endure, things we only think about when life crosses us. But that "sweat" underlies the essential condition for obtaining a better understanding of ourselves that can support our maturity and responsibility on which leadership is built upon.

An extreme situation may reveal that side of your personality which does not represent and does not honor you, which says: “If I do not get involved, nothing can touch me.”

The increasing of the capacity of integrating life experience within the framework of leadership is due to your power of enduring and controlling the events that happen to you. Measure your self-image once with the determination of that obvious state that creates or nullifies your good mood, so you can overcome the barriers that stops you from seeing beyond appearances and prejudice.

Only lived and assumed experience teaches you to answer life’s questions and how to integrate the answers – the truths of your thinking – in leadership.

The maturity and responsibility on which leadership is built results from the pressure of the events that you must endure with stoicism in order to find a meaning that troubles your being and fuels the idea of ​​the autonomy of life.

Tomorrow Is Already Far Away highlights that experience acquired during life that contributes to obtaining a better understanding of ourselves, whose value can have a major impact in strengthening leadership.

Be sure that life, whenever it overshadows your present with the expectation of a future achievement, with a frustration of days passed or a feeling of what’s to come, is testing you to see if you are ready for the maturity exam.

* Note: Agatha Christie - Endless Night


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