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Traveler Through Space And Time

On December 17, 2015, in Leadership Deluxe, by Neculai Fantanaru

Check your authenticity, adopting the status of a superior being in relation to the newly discovered world.

I step decisively on the imagined path on which I find no point of return, repeatedly justifying the faith in all that is without end. A situation manifesting itself as a consequence of imagining a sort of connecting bridge between two antagonistic worlds. The world of lecture hidden on the background of an answer to the question: "what happened to reality?", when everything calls for the plausible need at different levels of synthesis compared to the creations of an inspirational writer. And the endless world of the associations between painting applied against the backdrop of an imaginary landscape and the dream of an open mind of a magical universe.

Causative, engulfed by that spark of inspiration of a physician who tries to bring into contact two bodies whose temperatures differ, so as to produce a spontaneous transfer of energy in the form of heat, through conduction, I understood that my place is rather amongst the stars, than amongst mortals. For when I deliberately alienate myself and dream of a knowledge that is neither literary-artistic nor scientific, I feel as if I live in a heaven that is no longer ending, cutting the unknown into two bizarre parts: a part filled with the beauty that surpasses all truth and a part filled with the symbolism of long battles around the soul.

The universe is the world that encompasses you when you alienate yourself into a desert where you have to discover the secrets of beauty, feeling yourself present in it as the shadow of a glory that you have to reinvent. And if every star has its own immortal, and if within the DNA of every mortal are found stored the traces of star dust mixed with a dose of solar matter, in the form of renewable energy, maybe I would’ve been able to satisfy my curiosity vis-à-vis what I represented on Earth’s plane. And why.

Leadership: Can you be yourself in a world that constantly tries to mold you into something else, without remaining tributary to the life in which nothing immortal happens?

I was reading earlier in Terra Utopia, about a guy whose knowledge of physics led him to think of an alternative method of making a miniature star. After about a month of trials, dangerously failed, he tried to forge it without combustion. Only friction between electrons. He took two materials from the lab, which when put in contact, generate electrons. Then, he unfolded them into atomic dust. Putting them in contact, in a spherical form, he managed to create a mini electrical storm, with lightning and movements of the dust. But, as seconds went by, the sphere would increase its shape and decrease its number of lightnings. By taking some sand and compacting it to the maximum of powers, he succeeded in creating a bottle with a density greater than that of a diamond.

To speak of matter, of its effect on the fragile life and the death that follows it, seems to be a continuation of teachings extracted from an intermediary experience – of a complicated alchemy. They are but soulless words and theories sifted in the roar of time, as dreams bearing the letterhead of scientific discoveries. And which, in time, lose their shine. Only dust becomes of them.

The life I seem to be living is only important through the adventure of knowledge at the level of astrology, metaphysics, and esotericism. Somehow, I seem to be the slave of a zodiac that plays with the oneiric projection of non-earthly mysteries, generating multiple meanings, to all the creation that I experience with all that struggle that all artists let themselves be devoured by, to take it out of themselves and to give it to an ancient people, yet unprepared to embrace the infinity of a drop of immortality.

The universe fits into a grain of sand on the beach of a planet from another universe. Only time and the miracle of transformation make the transition from one to the other.

Leadership: Can you provide a plausible meaning to the world you adhere to, extending your concerns beyond the limits of science?

The inventor is defined in the light of what he discovers through research and experimentation, able to conceive, therefore, the signs of a new episode of triumph over the making of new scientific achievements. He is likely to turn the whole world into a system of objects, of the "plus-product" and of the relationships between them. On the other hand, the creator of the world reevaluates his life from the perspective of a journey in time and space, beyond the limits of the limited ego, so that he himself exists as an infinite universe.

The act of creation, grouped around the mark of a horizon’s beginning, may plead exclusively to the value of knowledge, but without having any real contact with the very nature of man himself. With the succession of states, thoughts, and actions in the equation of representing a new human type.

The act of creation can even degenerate into an excess of demonstration of the qualities of a new sense of life. And this excess can diminish sensitivity towards what happens in the inner-spiritual world of man.

Do you live as if you don’t exist? Well then, the chains of your crafts can be comforting only when you exist as an inner being, which means you have to be focused on your evolution and your growth as a being aware of its foundation. Otherwise, you become a traveler who turns north only because everyone else turns south, constantly seeking a shred of authenticity between "n" stops.

Leadership is the universe in which you discover yourself, manifest yourself, and become accustomed to living as a screenwriter who always challenges the rules of collage and montage, looking at everything from the abyss of himself or from the distance of a seemingly insurmountable distances between "old man" and "new man".

The Traveler Through Time And Space represents the weaker part of the "contract" between science and the inner world, having a major impact only on the transformation of ideas and concepts and innovative applications.

But a being comprised fully within the endless act of creation cannot exercise its attribution of a "transmitter of moods and feelings". Its place is rather among the stars, than among mortals.

A field such as leadership, at the same time belonging to the two representations, that of man and the other of science, presents itself as a notion that characterizes a relational attitude between duty and feeling, between passion and conscious, between selfishness and self-denial.

Do not forget that much more wonderful than the garment you wear and accessorize… is you.


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