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Truly Creative Works Remain Exclusively In The Care Of The Creative Man

On March 29, 2022
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Leadership T7-Hybrid by Neculai Fantanaru

Only the sum of all the obstacles overcome by a man gives the true and just measure of a deed, as well as to the one who accomplished it.

If I were afraid that someone might downgrade me into the hierarchy of science based on technology, then I certainly wouldn’t be afraid of all those people dressed in fine suits, full of money, cars and jewelry, or with high positions. These are just for decoration. Lazy people, without any desire to work and without any exceptional talent, and any glorious deed will avoid them without a trace of regret.

I have always met people like this, a falsehood whose detection does not require too much flair, a vanishing point to which sincere indifference converges, showing the non-existent as if it existed, giving the idea that the impossible is possible. And so many times these people have caused me utter disappointment, that state in which you know something as it really is, stripped of all its imaginary qualities.

But I would be terribly afraid of that lone athlete who runs every winter, at -8 degrees, wearing a pair of second-hand sneakers. Only if he did something for science, with the same zeal with which he decided to face the cold and the capricious weather.

In the same way, if I were asked to describe this athlete in his inner gear, by an Ixalagenthis (the habit of an inner sight that precedes the outer sight), as he is in his entirety, constantly pierced by the thrills of true faith, then I would multiply its valences of severity – immediate in the case of the effort to complete an important task.

Leadership: Is the vision with which you respond to the challenges of your destiny organized in the direction of evoking a moment in the history of the world that includes the sum of all your significant deeds?

Once upon a time, skilled navigators set out in search of an illusory realm, a new Eden that would take humanity out of a historical dead end. But accomplishing such a goal involved all sorts of delays and obstacles. No wonder history remembers only a few great navigators, out of thousands of outstanding ones , those anonymous soldiers who suddenly find themselves faced with a huge mission.

Even today, such outstanding people strain their muscles with the hardness of a steel bow, being shaken in all directions by a great burden: to find a way to make themselves known. They no longer have to find a continent like America or Africa, but they have to contribute to an invention with huge potential in a certain field. For example, those who discovered the Internet, those who developed programming languages, all of them (few in number) conquered everyone, not just a part of it.

In this way, let us not forget the words of Ştefan Zweig: “In reality, it will be this insignificant and superfluous man who will become the most important representative of a new and revolutionary orientation. And a historical deed is never fulfilled, that is, definitively concluded at the moment of its realization, but only when it is passed on to posterity. What we call history is by no means the sum of all the significant events that once took place in time and space, it contains only those small fragments of light that have been revealed by the works of the creators.”

Leadership: Can you place yourself in an intermediate position, with an all-encompassing horizon that identifies you with the concept of “a whole of the future replacing the present”, but not too narrow to coincide with the particularity of a competitive experience?

One discovery can conquer the world. Remember that technology is the present and the future. The Internet is the first mirror of the universe, a vast library of thought. All minds are connected to a global network. And beyond that? It remains for each person to invent something, to add something to this global network. Something unique, or alternative ideas. Long-distance seekers will discover something revolutionary.

The future will change in such a way that everyone will benefit from how many new ideas they add to the internet, from the smallest topic of thought to the most difficult. There will be two kinds of discoverers: those who solve problems and those who know “how to solve the problem.”

As you well know, millions of books are scanned every day in the world. One who does not have their book on the internet is akin to one not having the book written all. Those who do not promote themselves on the Internet do not have the slightest chance of surviving on the market.

Leadership: Is the greatest work of your life the heroic struggle against the resistance that earthly matter, in itself, opposes to any enterprise that rises above the ordinary measure?

Let me go back to the runner from the beginning. I would like this runner to make a small foray into his thinking process, to try a little logical floating of thinking and practicing the sport of the mind, which is not chess, but the ability to create. It is about achieving a resemblance to an infinite world through which he must deliver the world from the flames of pride that cause all collapses. Let us not forget that the pride of being good in one direction can only be justified if it brings benefits to scientific development. In this case, all the winners must keep in mind the words of Stefan Zweig:

“The truly creative works always remain exclusively in the care of the creative man who will have to carry them to the end. And indeed, the creative man leaves nothing in the care of another, not even the smallest thing: The struggle of one man on many fronts is heroic: against himself, against external adversaries, and against the resistance which earthly matter opposes, in itself, to any enterprise which rises above the ordinary measure. However, always only the sum of all the obstacles overcome by a man gives the true and just measure of a deed, as well as to the one who has accomplished it.”

An important part of what leadership means can also be seen in the words of Stefan Zweig, about the great navigator and discoverer Fernando Magellan:

“And only now, when the difficulties hidden under his grand plan come to light one after another, the greatness of the soul of this man who has been in the shadows for so long is revealed. And he must foresee for himself all the unforeseen possibilities, to fight incessantly, to impose his will, surrounded by the most unexpected dangers and obstacles.”

Truly Creative Works Remain Exclusively In The Care Of The Creative Man, especially if we consider the great works of creation. Let’s not forget that from Michelangelo to Tesla, and from Galileo to Tim Berners-Lee, there is only a small difference in perspective. Each with his own vision.

But only one thing is certain. The man of the future will be half an athlete + half an discoverer.

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