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Truth or Dare

On January 02, 2009, in Leadership and Attitude, by Neculai Fantanaru

Configure your basic material, which constitutes your way of thinking, so that you ensure your functionality in restricting circumstances.

The French cartographer Nicolas Thomas Baudin was appointed in 1801 to lead an expedition to the coasts of Australia to establish a precise map of those places. In 1802, the naturalists debarked on the shores of Australia, and had stocked themselves with numerous plants and shells. But, surprise. This stay was very short.

Everybody considered Baudin a very brave captain, willing to defy any risk to achieve all objectives. Even so, the legend says that he got so frightened by the croak of the australian frogs that he raised the anchor in a hurry, and fled away, never ever coming back there again.

A legend is a legend, and we don't know if it is true. However, there is something to learn from it: if we are not 100% determined in our actions, and if we are not ready to face new challenges, we can't achieve our goals.

Leadership: Is your way of answering to the conditions of unpredictable circumstances, but dependent on your will, specific to the "RETURN" function that measures the effects and impact on your reference value?

We live in a society where everyone wants to get everything in a short time, and at an easy rate. For this reason, many individuals quickly take all sorts of steps in order to achieve the most incredible goals, but at the appearance of the first obstacle, they are ready to give up. Are they so determined and valuable to achieve their goals by all costs?

I don't think so. Nobody gets a resounding success only by starting a journey; the success is gained only by those reaching its end, namely the determined, courageous and the persistent ones. If Baudin would truly have been a good leader, he would have defeated his impulse of giving up. Even so, he was not exactly a true leader, but a good cartographer. It is a big difference.

A leader’s reference value is predominated by the influence of the moment of application of the command impulse over the response reactions to the conditions of a hostile environment. The "Return" function is activated if you are set to think in terms of guilt or defeat, accepting as a pretext the imperfections of circumstances that do not depend on you.

Leadership: How do you respond to the two types of conditioning?

I do not intend to change anything in the leader’s pattern or to create the impression that, beyond it, there are a lot of unsuspected qualities, but to point out some options to promote his personality deeply appropriate to present and future time. But those unexplored aspects may also give rise to unwanted confusion.

The authentic leader cannot ignore philosophy, which perfectly suits his nature, according to which every deed, event and attitude will have future effects. The fundamental material out of which his way of thinking, those profound truths that guide him in time are constituted periodically require a rigorous examination, but also a careful revisiting of the surrounding reality. In other words, an update and recontextualization of his way of "being" in various situations should be done periodically, to be sure of his qualities.

The leader’s inclination towards success is the result of the relationship between two decisional situations, when he is familiar with failure or when he is not. Or, rather, it is the result of the close relationship between the conditioning type of "beginning – I can’t" and "I can - completion", out of which leadership draws its lifeblood and perfects its structure. Often, the leader can be completely insensitive to what is happening around him, strictly limiting the size of his development.

The mix of a well-grounded analysis of his own beliefs, decisions and acts of leadership, which open one’s eyes by removing the veil of confusion, with narrow representations of how external factors influence his image can rise, suddenly or slowly, and in any dosage, depending on the circumstances, to different interpretations.

Subject to that inexorable "left" force, which programs so well his mind, convincing him to give up when he must get through the test of courage, the leader will no longer be able to successfully replace the inaccurate view of the facts that link during your adherence process to that increase in value, which promises the achievement of excellence.

Leadership: Do you come up with your side of answers to the challenges you cannot control, accepting the risk of being subjected to unjustified influences from a nuance of the type "exception to the rule"?

Just as a writer must have a current interest in his work – and so you must make a lot of interest in to accomplish your mission, fulfilling your role with as much diligence.

The truth is that even the most worthy leaders have their fears. Even so, they don't let fear take over. With each new challenges faced, they gain more courage to achieve their goals. In other words, only if you are open to new and changes, and only if you give your best you will be able to get where the reluctant and skeptics fail.

To gain a nuance of "an exception to the rule" is similar to scaling mountains while trusting a rope that will not hold. The only guarantee missing from sight for a safe ascent takes the need to test your own limits, of ambition, of sensations that can only be experienced "up there".

This exception to the rule also says that "any delay is taxed", when you go back on a promise and lose your self-respect, so as afterwards to also lose the trust of others.

The international leading expert in advanced leadership, John Maxwell said: "Don’t change the circumstances to improve your life - change yourself to improve the circumstances."

Without a doubt, you have to confront your fears, and to gain more self-confidence in your own strength if you want to achieve your goals. Moreover, you should hurry, because as time passes, things are evolving and changing fast, the obstacles are multiplying as you advance toward the proposed goal, and thus your mission becomes more difficult.

Leadership is an exam of unforeseen circumstances that the longer you experience, the more interesting your life and mission become.

Truth or Dare: each of them is an alternative to how you approach a reality that you cannot deny and have the obligation to change. Even if you are terrified by the unknown that lies before you, find the courage to go on, because this is the only direction you must head towards to test and overcome your limits.

Do you really want to achieve your goals? If yes, then make sure you look just forward, and do not ever beat a retreat.

Good luck !


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