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Turn Towards Me With An Eye Full Of Your Own Gaze

On March 01, 2020
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Leadership 360˚ by Neculai Fantanaru

Magic is the consequence of how you imagine a fantasy world and how you transfigure it into a creation that is related to God’s logic.

I wanted to be a magician, a creator of the effects of chiaroscuro, a promoter of uniqueness, a special artist that God himself would recommend as a model of an art that never disappears, that never gets old, but carries out its wide-scope manifestation in the physical relationship between refraction and reflection. Was I asking too much from a mere dreamer? Am I enjoying an image that refuses the concrete?

Maybe, though, I was relying too much on someone other than myself, with more qualities, more daring and more captivating, but similar to the form of imagination my pride provided. The pride of not being the last in the history of this humanity, the honor of being first in a top of the bright minds, of the great gods of mankind.

Understanding magic is an art, a process of living similar to the possibility of tasting from a stopped fruit: you must allow yourself to feel a sensation of imminent danger, despite an increased sensation of fragility. The wonder, the entry into another situation, more dangerous, in a field of metaphysical perceptions, blessed me, fascinated me as something that surpassed my most daring dreams. Art is the magic of writing the word “Surprising” with invisible ink on one idea about myself.

I have also come to believe that art is the fruit of a symbiotic relationship between three partners: one who wants to be God, the other who lets God rule the world, and the last is the incarnation of God as a human being. Can you look at me in three directions at the same time, as you would at a magician?

The spectator can only see one side of things, the other is hidden by his own attitude towards irrational phenomena.

Leadership: Can you demonstrate your conversion to something above yourself so that you are part of the reality of others at the level of authority over a creation whose perfection transcends imagination?

I am a great magician, God says, even though the magician looks like a man who gives himself to God and whom God does not recognize as his equal.

And people who see a magician always meet with God through the prism of a creative act that is distinguished by the force of suggestion, in front of a Creator who is constantly reinventing himself, knowing that what is seen with the naked eye is the image of an escape in another world, watched and felt more intensely.

I suppose that the accumulation of such an experience is a geometrical relation between the feelings of fear and delicacy, mysteriously enhanced by a dose of superstition created after all the appearances of a realistic story. In the plane of the artistic form and of the illusion, I had to fit into the field of an existence that was meant to be a guide for a different formulation of metaphysical, Shakespearian realism, filtered through multiple imaginary grids. Here, each character on the stage presents a different face from the others.

God has asked me why I want to be a great magician, because he will never give me the chance to become like Him anyway, at the same level of superiority. I told him that if I am not given to become a great magician, I will never be able to show all that I can, and thus His glory and power will never be in me. It would mean that God does not exist, that magic does not exist, and I cannot be a magician. And probably the famous saying, “Man was made in the image and likeness of God”, is false.

I received no response. And so, I learned what power means: to give no explanation as to who you are, but to continue to put the world in difficulty when it comes to the truth. That is magic. And I am a magician because, of course, no one believes I am God and that I exist in each of you, that I am part of your reality, right now.

Leadership: Can you put a sign of equality between two entities of power, of different nature, through a creative act that implies the criterion of resembling a phenomenon of receiving a truthful image about the unobservable reality?

At the same time with magic, the penetration into other universes develops. If I disguised myself as a magician who hides his divinity, attentively and carefully, it was because I had to add an additional source to promote my image in the formula of alterity: “You go to another to get what you do not have.” If, in this regard, I would make a reference to the character of John Fowles, here is what would be brought to my notice:

“Nicholas, if we are to attempt to reproduce, and only partially, something about the mysterious laws that govern existence, then we must know how to overcome some of the conventions that man has invented to hold back these fundamental purposes. This does not mean that such conventions should be ignored in our ordinary lives. By no means are they necessary fictions, but by playing God, we started from the premise that in reality everything is fiction and yet no fiction is necessary.”

In what form do you see me now, when you know I am Nicholas Urfe, Neculai Fântânaru and John Fowles, in a game of God, under the magical and empowering auspices of the metaphysical trinity? You are probably imagining that I am in the midst of the worlds: a special meeting between the character and the writer, in negotiation with a death awaiting resurrection. It is not a fiction, but a reality that passes from one state to another, from one point to another, in a magic circle that rolls inside another circle.

This is precisely what magic is: a formulation of one’s own realism, extended, like that of the dream world, between what you are in fact and what you want to be.

Leadership: Do you give yourself the chance to think of yourself as a territory of scientific knowledge that interposes between a higher reality and a creation whose force becomes the image of an omniscient entity?

Superiority becomes dominant in leadership, as magic becomes a dominant factor for spiritual momentum, being explorable through what you manifest through discovery and by arousing curiosity, by uniting creative power with the resonance of those energy currents that enter into the structure of a new reality of being.

What you are and what you are able to achieve is a consequence of manifesting internalization through the processes of creation, resulting in the attributes: inspiration, vision and revelation. Therefore, the experience that individualizes an artist is the process of achieving a creation seen as a projection of the Ego into a higher plane of reality, imposed by a higher order of knowledge and spirituality.

And spirituality is the science behind an ingenious trick: the amazing means of making reality disappear.

Hocus Pocus, I’m gone. Is it true that you can’t see me? Is it true that you can’t understand me? However, you know that I am already in your mind and that your mind reads further, even if you do not know what follows, because the exceptional power of a great mind and a great soul harmonizes their aspirations with that state of spectacle, surprise and detachment from everyday life.

I conclude that the artist-leader is a consequence of the power of modeling a larger inner world, within the perimeter of the dimension of a knowledge that combines innovative theories and practices, which in turn have motivations as active, observable or not.

These impel him to individualization, giving him the courage to dedicate himself totally to exceptionality in the extremely wide field of the effects obtained through the very gift of Creation, highlighting the great work of any artist: the ability to be totally present in any situation and to change it purely and simply by the power of being a different entity, an omniscient entity governed by eternal laws, as yet unknown.

Leadership is the reality from which you make your image of Superiority, so that the image received by the world view does not affect how you transpose yourself into another YOU.

Turn Towards Me With An Eye Full Of Your Own Gaze if you want to understand the image of a magician who is an initiate in the great mysteries and, at the same time, is a living reality meant to suggest the relation of a Higher Entity with a world in which everything is seen from a single direction.

It is the direction in which your personal character and freedom of expression make you feel as someone else.


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