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What Catches The Eye Is What Only It Sees

On July 19, 2022
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Leadership Y4-Titanium by Neculai Fantanaru

Develop a way of perceiving the inner reality of the creation you experience concretely, forcing your eyes to see beyond what is directly visible.

It is rumored that the ocean hides in its depths, mysterious, unfathomable, unspeakable, the most sublime views of the symbolists, views of the purified and luminous soul extended beyond all senses. And the depths of this ocean, whose treasures are hidden among the great coral reefs, can reveal the translation of a singular creation. It is an enigmatic world, a space of creation conceived as a full attributed to a figurative depth. And it is here that the gaze of my persistent, all-encompassing, unsurpassed storyteller eyes originates, the only guide that begs my mind to expand its horizons.

On the skeleton of the great legends that supported the belief in an Erhutasfienta (the seat of the kingdom of Poseidon, delimiting the possessions of Hades) the imprints of captivating stories, partially translated into painting only by artists like Jim Warren, glorious motifs, ideal for moments of wandering or longing, made to help me cross the threshold to myself and to my heroic dimension.

And look, at the bottom of the ocean, matter has finally become solid.

Once again I put my imagination to the test, revealing the horizons of a creation impressive in its vastness and diversity. Only the painter of great talent can give class to many consecrated people of occult symbolism (of an unprecedented complexity), both by the compositional originality of his visions, not at all conformist and comfortable, but especially by that decoding of the visual message, indissolubly by reference to the valences of subjectivity: “You cannot be sure of what you see, hear, understand”.

Leadership: Can your work reveal the horizons of an impressive creation through vastness and diversity, beyond the impact claimed by the image in the foreground of your attention?

The ocean of the main languages in the world of art has its waves, however, being able to combine all the valences of symbolism related to receptivity and openness. And yet, to represent an artistic moment you don’t directly need the image of waves hitting the shore, because this is a complex and complicated phenomenon to achieve even in the poetic art of symbolism.

It is no wonder that it is difficult to arrive at an artistic composition, considering this phenomenon that needs more than shapes, colors and expressiveness, to have a random character in all cases.

And if at this moment the image in the foreground of my attention is an illustration of high waves on an uncertain sea, this is because my eyes, open, exposed directly to the light, can speak and reveal so many secrets, so many beauties, so many states of mind that my subconscious creative horizon imprints on the artistic approach. And the viewer of my paintings is going to feel all this in a fabulous way.

The thread of this phenomenon is masterfully hidden in the guise of an artistic artifice (the optical illusion of infinite space), leaving without explanation a lot of cases that reappear on the horizon of imagination. It is observed, therefore, that the internal reality of my creation, in the sense of exploring the mysterious depths of the ocean, aims to increase the effect of mystery and obscurity, pulsating from every square centimeter of the canvas.

Leadership: Are you able to make a sustainable creation on a visual background mainly composed of the composition and joining of several alternating or contrasting sections, but united by the overall vision?

This synthesis between the sunlight and the chiaroscuro hidden in the waves, produced in the case of a relatively transparent medium, comprises the greatest preponderance of the particular in art: reality is produced by that something in which both cases are one.

In principle, one could say that in art we capture a double image: we see the waves hitting the shore, at the same time we see how the light creates the sheen above the waves. And what my eyes outline in an image, due to the effect of refraction, such as the image of a rainbow in the direction of the solar disk, does not undergo any change if it is transposed into another, relatively dark space.

In fact, my eyes move the subject of the image in such a way that it is seen simultaneously with another. The image appears variously colored on the edge, especially if the light space is parallel to the visible background of a rainbow reflection, like a mirror, thus the surface of the water reflects the light from the rainbow back to the sky, especially intensifying the blue-green color of the waves.

Right view – right action. Correct attention – faithful representation. So, to see correctly means to distinguish the difference between shades, avoiding the views considered “just”, not the depths revealed intuitively and in lively figures. In art, you must discover the elements that constitute viewing and discover the causes that generated their multiplication in the sensitive plane, by using observation and experiment rather than by the flight of imagination.

A well-defined vision must ensure the faithful representation of an image that, imprinting itself particularly in the imagination, can be used as a background for actions that highlight your personality and artistic abilities, but also the abilities to adapt to the variations of the surrounding environment.

What Catches The Eye Is What Only It Sees. And what did my eyes see today? They saw the ocean with its foaming waves, which changed perceptions and created new landscapes and views. My eyes played so beautifully with the blinding flashes of the waves, but also with the sparks of the ships crossing each other. Along with the waves, my thoughts have traveled thousands and thousands of miles, without quite understanding their meaning or depth.

And I remembered that life, with its unpredictable waves, forcibly took me in a different direction than the one I set out for. No man becomes a perfect artist until he has known the unique feeling of disorientation that comes from an involuntary emotion, as when you stand in a half-finished watercolor landscape.

This is also an internal reality of my creation, because all my emotions contained in the dimension of space and time that the ocean compressed into a single moment of illumination, were simply waiting to be discovered…

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