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Where Darkness Reigns

On May 23, 2014, in Leadership Expert, by Neculai Fantanaru

Honor your moral and spiritual obligations so that from one end to another of your personality, no trait of your character is questioned.

Bishop Myriel knew how to say the most meaningful of things in the most popular speech. By speaking all languages, he pierced all souls. In fact, he treated both people of higher status and of lower status the same way. He never blamed hastily and without taking the surrounding circumstances into account. He would say: "Let us first see where evil cometh from."

Man bears flesh that is at the same time a burden and a temptation. He drags it around and obeys it. It is his duty to watch over it, bridle it, resist it and only obey it when there is absolutely no other way. Obeying it in this manner, we are committing a mistake however, yet a mistake such as this can be forgiven. It is a fall, but a fall to the knees, that can end with a prayer. To be a saint is a rare thing. To be righteous is a duty. You may do wrong, you may have weaknesses, you may sin, but be righteous.

Those who do not know, teach them as many things as you can. Society is guilty, it must be held responsible for the darkness it maintains. Where darkness reigns, sin sprouts. Guilty is not the sinner, but he who keeps him in darkness.*

Can your leadership break the invisible walls of real life without entering a temporal causality stemming from the circumstances in which you notice yourself as an example of good deeds?

One who manifests his personality in only one direction, towards what makes him superior and towards that which matters most to his becoming, reporting first to what it means to be a man of great character is actually trying to free himself of that petrified optic of life that makes the world around him deform. It is a sort of hope invented by the human brain to continue to survive in an oppressive society, which does not reserve any bright future for him.

To enter into a temporal causality loop caused by the circumstances in which you notice yourself as an example of good deeds involves changing your vision of what you can do and what value you have in a context in which everything is transient, that is, it can change immediately due to the influence of a certain external constraint on your consciousness and will.

You have the power to internalize how you are influenced by the interaction with others in a selfish and greedy society in which, increasingly often, no one cares about anyone. And in the intention of proving what you are, treating both people of higher status and of lower status the same way, without necessarily taking into account the surroundings and entourage in which you find yourself, you will boost your power of internalizing good and evil and their consequences.

Here is what the great German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche said: "If our life has the why,then we can bear the hows." For leadership to break down the invisible walls of real life, you must first outline prospects related to what you don’t know or what doesn’t suit you, meaning, you have to bear with the "why’s" and the "how’s", taking into account the negative aspects around.

Leadership gains a dominant position through a subtle mirroring of reality that is reflected in how you use experience of life, but also by measuring the stability of the connections you create between yourself and others.

Leadership: Can you integrate yourself into a world that aims to exclude you, without triggering a certain change in the dramatic course of experience imprinted by the effect of the circumstances installed by the meaning of society?

With the intention to demonstrate efficiency and the need of leadership, taking into account how well you follow the moral and fundamental truth that directs people during life inimical to them, so by researching "where evil comes from", you will be able to grant more credit to the part of you that makes the understanding of life possible. Only if you more thoroughly delve into the experiences from which you can learn something, without doubting the validity of what you accept as being true, almost taken to the extreme, but not always beneficial or bearable, only so can you open up to life and can approach superiority.

To integrate into a world that makes its goal to exclude you means to bring balance where darkness reigns. Even if you won’t be able to hold the society accountable for the darkness it maintains, you can honor your moral and spiritual obligations in such a way that, from one end of your personality to another, no character trait can be questioned.

The dramatic course of experience imprinted by the effect of the circumstances installed by the meaning of society can be anytime divergent as to sustaining and establishing the responsibility of being a model of revealing spirituality.

This, only if your line of conduct that you consider to be good will be on of continuity in what regards the idea of: humanity, equality, justice, order and honesty.

Where Darkness Reigns targets that normality adopted by the leader throughout his life and in all circumstances. To be yourself, but also to function based on the highest standards of society, to not abdicate from them under any circumstances, makes you a worthy role model for the majority of people around you.

* Note: Victor Hugo - Les Miserables;


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