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Where No Stream Passed, A River Flows Now

On February 17, 2013, in Leadership T7-Hybrid, by Neculai Fantanaru

Exploit your leadership potential by developing and transforming your knowledge into a pulsating direct current that cross an entire lifetime of man.

During college, I was beginning to feel some strange impulses in my soul whenever I fell pray to countless and tedious arrears, polluting, in my vision. A consequence of an inhibiting inequality, a serious mismatch between values, a heavy burden awry distributed in my existence. It was the manifestation of a vacuum form that seemed to gain a permanent character.

Something inside me intermittently shimmered: "I can be more than an empty space; I can be a core of exploiting my own potential around which all forces gravitate. I can be the discoverer of that universal, undrainable and vibrational energy, of that forgotten or hidden alchemy, which transforms realities. As a sentinel to serve the science of transformation, available in very tight limits, to redress it so as to fertilize and expand my horizons."

Nobody guessed who I was and what I could become. A fine and very persistent seductive of matter, discoverer of some auxiliary energy, able to unleash them at will. A true artist of configuration and reconfiguration, who records and then converts with an unfailing accuracy each particle of knowledge, transforming it into a pulsating direct current – over which an alternative electric power can be always superimposed.

Man’s conception of the intrinsic need to be someone else lies in the improvement of the gratitude towards the hero of a story that is ready at all times to become a reality.

I felt that I was operating as an electric generator, equivalent to a radiant energy device, developed by T. Henry Moray. I was almost mechanically seduced by my own burning curiosity; I was working permanently at maximum strength. Shaken by the thirst of discovery, I embarked on a torrential and uncontrollable analysis and creative process, driven by the temptation to discover the invisible fluid, vital to transformation.

A decision taken by both spirit and faith.A relief of black thoughts. A deep anger against that vacuum form around me, which choked and limited me, sending me into a dark corner. A desperate attempt to discover myself.What were my chances of success?

In a sense, I felt like I was part of the cast of River Queen (2005), with story valences… full of experiences that guided me in writing the story of my life. But the movie ends like this:

“I was sad in those days, on the verge of desperation. There were no missionary priests there, nor churches where I could pray. I sometimes confessed to soldier Doyle, my only friend. He taught me that it often helps to write your thoughts down on paper. Although at time I would like to show him what I wrote, I don’t think he’d read a word of it anyway. He would probably burn the papers or throw them in the river. That is because what you wrote is for yourself only so that, seeing what you wrote, you could better understand what happened to you… the story of your life.”

In my overflowing enthusiasm, I wanted to forcibly turn the wheel of time that was always tumbling forward, ever more powerful and difficult to deject, like a ball punted from free kick and ricocheted into another unknown area. I was heading at high speed toward the rugged ground where few have the courage to enter. I entered the game, on a virgin land. Thus was born the idea of my predestination.

Leadership: Can your evolution of a hero of faithfulness, inspired by a real story, gain a special significance from the perspective of an individual destiny that creates new relationships between Creation and Creator?

I stepped into my dark laboratory, the place where opposites are born and ingredients are processed. I lit the lamp. I put it on the experiment table, all full with substances ranging from one quantity to another (solutions, compunds, solvents, diluents, serums, reagents, additives), selected according to the properties of each. Properties that I discovered myself through distillation, by replacing some rigid and special formulas, covered with dust by time.

Sweeping, continuous and burdensome efforts, which aimed perfection. Ignoring any obstacoles in my path, I wanted to discover the meaning of life in one jump, an impetus powerfuly sprung from the depths of consciousness. To get to know the transcending forms of all boundaries and, equally, of all progress, was the plan of an artful mind that knows how to make the difference between eternal and ephemeral.

And when a Samson strains its fists, even the mightiest mountain bends and finally collapses, unleashing all latent energies, all the world’s mysteries sealed in the time capsule.

Leadership applies to the idea of a permanent passage from the status of promoter of high aspirations, to a more imagined reality, to the status of a subject of a special destiny.

Behind my work, there was an extraordinary poetic force, like that of Dickens. It did not mirror the philosophical and political views of the time, like Milton’s work. Also, it did not incorporate characters, like Shakespeare’s undecided Hamlet, for its content to invite to meditation or reply.

My work consisted of completely different alchemical elements. It concentrated a subtle energy, then released into another completely new, determinant, turbulent and mysterious energy, which kindled the soul and mind all the way through. Behind it, there was the meaning of life, developing by my own rules, in a roundabout.

Alchemy means transformation. It also behaves like electrons: in the form of wave. A wave that propagates towards the desired direction, affecting, in a way, reality. My destiny was the subject of the work of an artist who knows a thing: creativity is everywhere.

Leadership: Is your struggle with the condition that defines you as a man the fulfillment of a destiny that puts you face to face with the greatest challenge: the expanding power of a centuries-old creation in the endless wealth of the world?

Are you going at high speed to that rugged ground where few dare to enter? Do you dare to play the game on a virgin land?

Being an alchemist means having the power to transform yourself, to fuel that strong pivot of self-knowledge, that constituent part of the exploitation core of your own potential. All this empty or barren space that defines you now, stretching over a vast territory, can always be filled, populated, fertilized with a certain level of well-defined and easily tolerated substance for your development, maintained within certain limits and conditions.

During these oscillations – from minimum to maximum, from a low voltage constant to a very high voltage constant, from "to be" to "not to be", occurs, of course, a true polishing of your own personality, of your own creation, applying novelty and efficacy. Where no stream passes, a river can flow at any time if you channel the water to this new course.

The resultant that is formed – a fertile and well-structured horizon for development, not virtuosity or mere erudition, but a true alchemy of individual experience, of self-improvement, of overcoming old perceptions – acting on leadership, the point of maximum intensity. Hence, you must always be sober-minded in your ascension; you must not apply too much stress on your "source" of progress.

But, in turn, this resultant, generated by a plurality of parameters, factors, contrasts, currents with the same sense and direction, can always decompose – can return to its original state in case of abnormal development. Or, in the case of an "external aggression" – when you interact with people dominated by harmful thinking – those who have nothing better to do than criticize from the very beginning your efforts and enthusiasm.

The expanding power of a centuries-old creation in the endless wealth of the world is highlighted in the novelty with which you experience a reality whose constant updating depends on how you relate to the existence of a Creator who has assimilated the quintessence of a knowledge of the highest class.

Where No Stream Passed, A River Flows Now marks the end of mediocrity and the fight for that elusive goal: perfection.

If you want to get into the first platoon of the long distance runners, you must agree to submit yourself to a strenuous and permanent physical training. To overcome mediocrity, form a clear vision of your goal and your own limits.


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