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Who Took Perfection From Man?

On March 10, 2009
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Leadership Y4-Titanium by Neculai Fantanaru

Be above others, bringing solid proof for the superior qualities that define your personality.

- What could the great William Harvey say about this black blood? The anatomist Johann Schreck asked himself while he dissected the body of a girl who had died because of a liver disease. He had learned to dissect bodies ever since he was a student at Padova, an activity absolutely necessary for his continuous improvement.

Time passed slowly in the small underground room, the head became unbearable. While he was carefully handling the pinchers at the thin extremities, he tried to cast away the thoughts that were filling his mind. His last days were hard for him, he wondered who he could still do his job. Only a few days ago, he passed the test the inquisitors had given to all the great scientists. Only a few of them had escaped alive.

Leadership: Are you determined enough to support future explorations in the realm of your own professional skills, ensuring your own intentionality the possibility of acquiring a positive connotation?

- Is it true that you are practicing activities coinciding with no right of appeal to those declared heretic? asked a Dominican priest, with an ambiguous smile.

Schreck knew that if he didn’t succeed in contesting with solid arguments all the arguments that he was unjustly accused of, he would have the same fate as Fulgenzio Loffredo or the other elite whose ideas, convictions and practices opposed the accepted and known way of thinking, imposed by the fathers of inquisition. Technically, they were accusing him that he belonged to the Hematic sect, that is a sect of people who fed on animal flesh depleted of blood. Only those belonging to Hebrew religion would escape the rigors of the Inquisition.

Trying to understand where the Dominican wanted to get to, Schreck made a quick judgment that lasted only a second and which brought to his lips the right answer. He had to deny the accusations, but he also had to remain on the Dominican’s field and effectively disapprove him.

- Monsenior, I have no preconceptions about blood. For me, valuable are the things that Christ has shown us and that has been lovingly sent down to us by Saint John, in the sixth chapter of his Gospel: „Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day. For my flesh is real food and my blood is real drink...” I get the body and blood of Christ by Eucharist. I participate regularly, just like you, to this sublime act of cannibalism.”

The inquisitor was surprised of Schreck’s answer, since all the people he had addressed this question denied it whit no arguments.*

Leadership: Can you demonstrate that the degree of justification of a convincing belief, based on risk factors, is an indication of the truth that can be obtained by experientially anchoring a unitary practice?

Nobody except yourself knows your potential better. For your leadership to grow, first of all, you must repress any negative and discouraging influence, and protect yourself against the negative effects of a thinking that makes your incrimination possible.

Get ahold of your thoughts, on your judgment, on your actions, as people who have their thinking greatly conditioned by some unhealthy values, beliefs and practices, that are incorrect or condemnable, would do anything to destabilize your character traits and diminish your performances, incriminating you for any negligence that you manifest. You can become an easy victim for any omission of your personal system of values that your entire existence is based upon. Such individuals shall compare you with their own beliefs, conceptions and interests, and if you are on the same page as they are, then you will always be directed by their will, you will get lost in the labyrinth of intrigues and ingenious speculations.

Just like physical and mental health rapidly decrease under the pressure of stress, so your state of existence will get worse because your mind will be filled with pieces of reality corresponding o the rules, principles and practices of those who want to create their own dictatorial status.

In order to get rid of the individuals who nourish their leadership with a growing intrinsic motivation to impose their own ideas and values, you must wisely fight against all their opinions and standpoints, bringing solid arguments for supporting the superior qualities that define your personality and which emphasize your well-designed way of thinking.

The negative influences that others exert on you can disappear just as easily as some footprints on sand can be erased by wind, if, by your thinking and attitude, by your ideas and actions, you make proof of an extraordinary greatness. If your personality is dominated by some profound values or convictions, if you exhibit your ideas and convictions masterfully, just like a spider makes his web miraculously, then your leadership will earn a great meaning, and you will win ground before others.

The truth that can be obtained by the experiential anchoring of a unitary practice corresponds to the formulation of one’s own conclusion with reference to the relationship between what you can achieve on your own and what you are not allowed to make known among neophytes.

Who Took Perfection From Man reflects a reality that concerns all of us. That is, if we will be responsible for our personality and if we will have the power to go against the negative influences from outside, we will certainly gain a greatness and meaning that will get us closer to perfection.

On the other hand, if we let ourselves drawn into the individual game of others, and if we will let ourselves guided by them, we will get to function (think and act) in disagreement to our convictions and moral values – and this will stop our tendency to the perfection of our character.

Conclusion: A strong personality, which is built upon special principles and values, shall be able to resist by the power of thought to the parasitic external influences created by smaller or larger groups of people united by false ideas serving some hidden agenda. Such a personality crawling on the moving sands of other people, will always succeed in fighting them with their own weapons and survive, increasing their name, value and power.

The demolition of shaky "constructions" like those made of playing cards, or of a sandcastle, can only be done by such a personality to whom nothing can rob the gift of perfection based on the solidity of principles and values planted in time.

* Note: Isaia Iannaccone – Eppur Si Muove , Pro Publishing House and Printing House, 2007.

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