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Words Are Also Explained In Words

On April 16, 2020, in Leadership Mindware, by Neculai Fantanaru

Learn to give meaning to your deeds and life through the experiences of materializing thoughts that respect the enlightenment and guidance of the divine force of the Logos.

How different I had been in my youth, when I was lost and my only truth was the God in me and death ! Then I enjoyed the fresh water and did not associate with bodily temptations. Analyzing myself in the green and gloomy light of the chapel, I knew in my heart that I did not feel guilty just because I had become a slave to the senses. Not because of my doubts. My refusal to acknowledge good and evil was also small. The reason was deeper. God is, I told myself, but what God is, we will never know. Our knowledge and vocabulary are limited, all we can try to say about God is just a clumsy comparison. Even Revelation is also written by humans. It’s stupid to talk about words, because they are also explained in words. Since God is, he is infinite and eternal, and what is infinite and eternal, even if they are only words, is always and everywhere, both in the finite and the infinite world. Therefore, God is and always acts in every moment, even if we do not know what his existence and action are beyond the concepts of our finite world.

God is within me and out of my being always and in every moment. It unites love and hate, faith and unbelief, passion and purity, so that nothing contradicts God, but we will never know how such a thing is possible. But if I believe in God, I believe at the same time in the incarnation of the Word and all that follows, and that God, being revealed in Christ, was fully man and fully God and there is nothing contradictory or disturbing to thought here, and the Holy Trinity is such a logical and rational symbol for the essence and mode of action of God in the world of the finite and the infinite that it seems to me at present the most important knowledge. Because of the finite character of the words, it is only a symbol, but because of the essence and action of God, it is, at the same time, more than a symbol.*

Leadership: Do you have the power to become someone other than you think you are, thinking of yourself as someone who compares to God’s greatness in terms of what he expects to find in a variant of “abstract reality”?

Everything we think, we say in the same way, even if the words are covered by a mystique of paradoxical thinking, is closely related to the way we see the reality we experience: as a form of information needed to learn a certain teaching, or as a light that God has placed in everyone’s heart to acknowledge His existence. Or, in order to discover the value of the relationship with God, we need a purifying instrument, bringing meaning and inspiration to the level of “research everything that happens to you”, and this instrument is the written word.

To answer the question “what is the word?”, first try to interpret the experiences you go through, filter them through the thought process, then try to find a meaning in the books that inspire you. There is certainly an intimate connection between existence and your actions, between feelings and reason, because nothing is accidental in the world. Even by reading carefully (even these lines) you can see an answer to what you are interested in finding out. The words, always put in a certain order, according to a certain logic, create a meaning that makes you aware of the levers of this experiment called “life”.

God is also here somewhere, even if no one sees him. He leaves available to all some evidence of his existence, very small details, and it is good to consider the existence of a very advanced human being who, using at 100% the abilities of mind and soul, has found the means to communicate with the elements of the universe, putting them even in a close relationship with the dimension of causality.

By reading many books you will allow your mind to recognize many different patterns of thinking, and all the patterns of thinking of all people form a universe that the mind can perceive only through the cause-effect law. So you are trapped in a time when God is everywhere, but always in a different form, in a different incarnation.

The greatness of God is in the kingdom of words, because they are the path to thought, philosophy and wisdom, knowing that everything they say, in various ways, gathers in a universe from which the story called “life” arises.

But much more important than reading is writing. By identifying the relevance of the keywords that you include in your artist profile, through different links, you can always form other patterns of thinking. What happens to you in life is the result of using these patterns, even if they are invisible to those who follow the “nothing more” principle. And the universe, as the language of words, can be discerned only by a wizard of words who has imagined a world and a reality of his own. So, to understand the universe and the planets and the solar system, first learn to write and make pictures out of words, make music out of words, and finally be part of words yourself.

The word represents the first movement of the Creative Power, or the incarnation of thought. If you come to master the order and meaning of words, analyzing them in the world of the finite and the infinite, you will learn to explain everything in terms of “the main way of transmitting feelings or experiences”, or you will be able to explain everything in terms of: shapes, colors and materials. So be diligent in the mastery of words, be aware of their power, be impeccable in their use, so that you may approach God by the force of thoughts expressed in a work called, “The Expression of the Soul.”

Leadership is the creative power from which proceeds any manifestation of the cult of personality, with which we can make wise choices that will pass the test of time. This creative power, the word, symbolizes the manifestation of intelligence in language, in the nature of beings and in the continuous creation of the universe.

Words Are Also Explained In Words, especially if they are part of a universal language that, in a representation to another, from one form to another form that the accelerated movement of the mind and soul directed towards researching the outside, to occur as a double of an easily controllable reality.

* Note: Mika Waltari - Young Ioannis, Polirom Publishing House, 2020


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