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You Are Me And I Am You (II)

On May 16, 2013, in Leadership Pro, by Neculai Fantanaru

Serve yourself with sincerity and power, so that everything betraying your deficiency of "being" can be clothed with a new protective layer of your identity.

What now goes through my body, moving from cell to cell, putting my blood in accelerated motion, what loudly pounds into my temples, testing my nerves, is that disturbing thrill given by the feeling of déjá vu, the strange illusion that I once lived a similar intense experience, in a different setting from the actual world, which combined both a pleasant and appealing atmosphere with a particular, hostile and suffocating one.

It was then that I recognized myself for the first time. I remember exactly every detail, because it was then that my life began. Everything that betrayed my pain, which found support from you, was covered with an aura of positive energy. The dark room where I closed all my thoughts and feelings was swept by light. And in this light, very faint at first, then becoming brighter and brighter, I imagined that I would live all of it, without a duality with you, with myself, with fights, limitations and a lot of suffering.

I managed over time to become an executive, the only female executive in the "London Diamond" company. Now, I’m no longer thrilled to even remember those days and the old Laura Quinn subject to error. And yet, I know that between the new and the old me, there is some kind of complicity that can be trenchantly defined as opposition versus collaboration.

You and I, me and myself. The sweet and gentle equation between chaos, stress, uncertainty and incomprehensible, where calm, intelligence, subtlety and especially love have entered, all unleashing with terrible force and having a softening effect of exaggerated elements of time, which in combination with the springs from the condition of "being", have strengthened our devotion. *

Leadership: Does the way in which you reveal your personality serve the role that the vision of your own greatness is about to play in a reality that is at both an open unity and a complex plurality?

Do you feel that chill given by the feeling of déjá vu? Do you exist in duality with yourself, with fights, limitations and a lot of suffering? Is there a certain complicity between the new and the old you, which can be trenchantly defined as oppositionversus collaboration?

Most of the times, objections and reproaches made to man and his method of interpreting reality (which accentuates the fight between "to be" and "not to be", between good and bad, right-wrong, light-dark) ultimately aim by an addition to understand past, the concept of relations between the subjective, biased attitude towards someone and something, and the impartial attitude requiring independence of judgment and objectivity.

Right where these two existential attitudes of man are limited to agree or disagree to extremely trenchant attitudes of coming out from the physical and emotional exhaustion, we can easily add, delete or switch new elements, creating new links in his entire functioning system.

In this way, the world beyond the mirror in which man is usually reflected will exceed superficiality in its essence. Because of his addiction to consume himself with his own bitter thoughts, his doubts and his complexes associated with the state of discontinuity, man, failing to please himself, to be on the same page with his own self, receives the greatest blow from fate. It is thrown into a hostile setting, where he can no longer recognize himself.

But life can always resurrect from its own shortcomings, man can always pull something good out of a wandering, becoming a doer of his own progress. Everything that betrays his pain and finds support in the very authority of his own being can be clothed with a new protective layer, in order to strengthen the positive aspects of his identity. The dark room where he hides all this thoughts and feelings will light only f he lives in duality with himself, in order to be beyond all limitations.

Leadership: Does the validation of your self-image in front of the world involve a situation that is relevant only in a spiritual perspective that cannot be seen at first glance, but that saves your dignity?

Leadership is the exclusive product of man, and this science is improving only if due regard is given to the identity that he forges, learning lessons from life, so from his past, from the situations that threw him in a bad light.

Leadership comes with new support forces when man hides the box full of negative thoughts and feelings in a foreign and forgotten place, so as to detach himself from everything not falling within the standard of positive beliefs, in the high standards of personal safety.

Regarding this matter, German politician Ernst Thalmann wanted to state: "in our memories, our past remains alive only to serve the future and not for hopeless contemplation."

The leader has no value without the existence of adequate conditions for his progress. His virtue is generated by knowing the past, so by challenges of time, which in combination with his functional structure, strengthened his faith and conviction that only thus he can exist.

Leadership: Does the understanding of the past keep you captive in an uncertain state of undefined expectation, from which you can only detach yourself by analogy with changing the order of your own unconditional beliefs of any subsequent "charging"?

The most solid grounds for the final conception, especially on the human form and manifestation by understanding the past, which maybe kept him trapped in an uncertain state of "being", underlies the value of leadership, providing an illuminating window for his future attitudes and convictions.

But it is an easily verifiable, but also easily challenged truth that any shortcoming or breakdown in one’s method of interpreting the past, which is so rich in lessons and can unravel the mysteries of perfection and full success, has its roots in the very premises and joints of the man’s thought and value system.

Without denying the value given to the meaning of the past, accumulating lessons and placing them in the great unity of our personality, we will be able to obtain a new and complex combination, directly proportional with the stable properties of being and thinking, of dedication and love.

Thus shall we become the undisputed masters of our own being. If before, life was hazy and dull, it will suddenly become colored and more interesting.

The way you see yourself from the perspective of what makes you suffer is a rebirth to something other than what you used to be, something that pushes you to be more present, in appreciation of the small gifts of life.

In leadership this can be expressed through a metaphor: "try to see further through a tear that through a telescope".

You Are Me And I Am You (II) designates that hidden side of yourself, which contributes to the development of your whole being, removing you from the road of wandering. In the garden of life (which can be a paradise), you do not have time to reproach your own carelessness and mistakes. You can only serve yourself with sincerity and power, so that everything betraying your deficiency of "being" can be clothed with a new protective layer of your identity.

In other words, analyze your past, get involved in the present and you will manage to pull aside the curtain of time, glimpsing the future.

* Note: "Flawless (2007)"


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