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You Are Me And I Am You (III)

On May 16, 2013, in Leadership Pro, by Neculai Fantanaru

Try to acquire that self-knowledge that can give you the answer to the question "where?" facilitating the anchoring of inner attitude in a reflexive thinking.

An organism with a certain temporary, but well-functioning structure, was suddenly born within me and developed over time, specifically dictating every fiber in my body, stimulating my every heartbeat through electrical signals passing through every nerve, which couldn’t be detected by any device. An organism called EMPATHY. By integrating it inside me, a new and complex combination emerged, which was inversely proportional to my properties of being, thinking, dedication and love.

Since then, everything changed, I became a different person. If before my life was something cloudy and dull, where happiness never came, suddenly it became colored and interesting. In this adventure of openness and diversity in a tense atmosphere, thrills begins to make its presence felt at every step. Suspense boosted by questions without answer and by the mystery to discover the unexpected, to know how things will evolve, to serve the unknown, were taking shape more poignant.

What’s next? Will it be as I believe, as I have always wanted? The same questions always put my heart to the test. I left the inertia !

Leadership: Does the joy of reinventing yourself at a new quality level of life hide a story where the word of order is not to talk about the "humiliation" of obeying all the hypostases of the moment?

The functioning of this tenacious, tendentious and adamant organism, as if resulted from chemical cellular reactions liberating energy indispensable for the vital process of my transformation, produced beneficial results every time and could be observed at any time of my life, in every one of my decisions.

A terrible feeling lingered inside me, that endless certainty, that retrieval of inner peace completely detaching me from all life’s troubles, making me feel like I’m flying, like in a wonderful dream, in a spectacular game of touchwood. I wanted to catch what was still good and pure inside me, to catch the free sky and the sunrise, and to understand the azure.

Lister to me, you, who have not grown tired of supporting me in troubled times ! Only thanks to you I have managed to be different. Now, after so long, I feel relieved of the heaviest of burdens. My dreams came true. However, something irritating and persistent strongly burns in my chest, triggering emotions and causing intense reactions in my soul.

Could I hope you will always send me the same strong stimuli of ecstasy, the same blessed impulse to full happiness? The hypostasis of the moment that provoked me to overcome a barrier was the state of mind that made me be someone else, drawing the meaning of an extraordinary life, the significance of a higher mission in the world, the attainment of an intellectual ideal.

Leadership: Do you demonstrate flexibility in segmenting your own network of experiences in new power areas, without subjecting yourself to the contradiction between the perfect version of yourself and the recommendations of a consciousness that is faced with an overwhelming feeling?

The inherent quality of the man who takes his life in his hands, leaving it working in his favor, is that self-knowledge that can provide the answer to the question "where ?", namely that part of himself providing certain flexibility in addressing various crises, which causes him to be totally connected to what he feels, by means of what he thinks about his experiences.

It is, if it may be said so, that attitude that does not forsake the honest and simple in its aspirations, that predisposition which determines orientation, an underlying or relatively unconscious cause, producing vibrations of the chord that drives his whole existence into a wonderful adventure. An adventure of openness to new possibilities for fulfillment, whose nodes are composed of exclusive "challenge" - the type of truth values.

Self-transformation, under the conditions of a daily intake of emotions inappropriate for achieving the desired objective, still plays an important role in consolidating self-power with particular impact, including the possibility of better managing the lessons offered by that part of life which causes suffering. For a better implementation of the own model of arrangement for frugality and measure, that component of mental life that reflects a certain intensity and a certain constant as subjective experiences is absolutely necessary in leadership.

The area of ​​power that conquers you through the novelty of a new significance attributed to life is given by the relationship between the impulse to reconcile with yourself and an attitude which, practiced on a daily basis, becomes a new way of characterizing yourself.

The intensity helps you discover yourself within various causes related to the interaction with the interest environment, empowering self-accomplishment. While the constant is given by the virtue showing no change in value over time - the virtue of being patient and disciplined in the middle of chaos. Practicing this virtue in every stage of life, transferring that intensity of consciousness, called inductance, to the present, means rising above what is happening and acceding to a higher level of reflexive thinking.

This inner attitude, rooted in a reflective thinking, can be defined and explained harder than any theory of evolution, but instead, its intuitive, heartfelt application, has superior effects. It is true that, by obtaining mastery in handling this attitude, one can (self) induce immunity on values that invest leadership with positiveness.

But as it is often transitory, proportional to the life energy involved in the ascension towards a better "Self", a bitter taste of vanity and delusion often remains behind. It feels like you're suffocated by a small, narrow space, where you have to spend your life.

The recommendations of a consciousness that is confronted with an overwhelming sentiment are these: keep your enthusiasm for the beginning of the road that you want to thrive and choose to go only towards the value system that makes everything beautiful when the time comes.

You Are Me, And I Am You renders that personality transformation that depends on the attitude adopted during the difficult stages of life. Leadership is a response to what is called to rely on you, by practising inner attitude in relation to other people.

Let us remember what the writer Anthony Silard said: "Relying on you means living according to your conscience and values ​​and not to be accepted by others. When the world does not agree with your facts, you'll consider opinions only when you have something to learn from them."

* Note: "Flawless (2007)"


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