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Be subject to an unanimous admiration
On January 03, 2011, by Neculai Fantanaru

In the spacious room where the white, transparent curtains let sunlight penetrate generously creating a quiet space and a nice atmosphere, pleasant and friendly to creation and dreaming, I had noticed with surprise the picture. That picture, extremely elegant, framed with a classic gold frame, depicted a landscape of unparalleled splendor. The master had managed to highlight the chromatic of nature, by combining with great delicacy of vivid colors, intense, by an unprecedented wealth, generating an optimistic mood. He had managed to reproduce nature to the smallest details.

In the same instant I have heard a step on the stairs going up slightly. The master was approaching me fixing his eyes on his creation, which is able to see clearly on his face he was so proud.

- Do you like, Nicu? he asked me with some suspicious note in his voice.

I did not know exactly what to answer. I liked the painting so much as it inspired an ideal of an unmatched artistic beauty. I said only this:

- I think this picture will bring you fame.

- Nicu, he replied then with an overflowing serenity, to be successful, people need to regain in you that genuine and original identity specific to artistic personalities. They must be moved by your sensitivity and extraordinary impressionability.

Leadership: How do you see yourself in the natural context of the artistic experience that pleads for a new approach to the “Work-Viewer” relationship?

The ambition of all the great artists, as the great writer Marcel Proust once remarked, is to look for something new, to remove the banality, to assert a personality to win and prepare to discover a new formula of the beauty. That is what has sought to do and my master, to become the object of general admiration, deeply impressing the "public" through his paintings which confirmed his idea of beauty - his ideal existential. He considered beauty as an image of divine perfection.

To succeed in his careers, a painter must do something to bear his name, which defines him and reaches him to creation and originality. He has to affirm himself through a composition of great courage. No wonder that with each finished drawing, my master was born in a perfect happiness. He considered that each his design is unique, he believed that each his design is really successful, and at the same time, a special beauty - beauty which he gave birth in terms of personal ideas.

The master was his own supplier of art. He regarded himself as a “triggering mechanism” in the development of a new consciousness that could change the suffocating reality of his time, as I have said above, he had to be present in the consciousness of the moment of the current artistic experience, gained through the perfect science of combining image with the conceptual communication function.

To plead for a new approach to the “Work-Viewer” relationship means to establish a comparative relationship with people, based on a proper assessment of the inventive level of your creation projected in the area of the inventive level of their consciousness.

Leadership is like painting. Before you get in the top people, you should establish a relation with them based on trust and mutual respect. And this can be done easily if they are attracted to you, and respectively by your "creations". The report, which resumes to “being understood and admired” is a great thing, because directly propel you towards success.

Just as a painter succeeds through his paintings, by a keen artistic beauty, to reach people's hearts, so and you, as a leader, you have to develop a very effective tool to reach people’s hearts, making more supporters. And, just as an accomplished painter creates a new formula of beauty, you must create a new and efficient leading style, giving life to a new formula of cooperation and coordination of the team.

An important thing you must remember. Before making your “entry” in the mind and heart of the people you make sure that they will "test" your skills, personality, language, knowledge. So establish a relation with people based on an appropriate assessment. The art you create is the one that raises you, which propels you forward and that makes to sneak admiration into people's soul.

A perfect leader manages to impose his "creation" and be universally recognized as a great artist of the moment. He manages this by his attractive and viable methods and ideas. As, firstly people admire your "creation", assess its quality and beauty, then relate it to you. Only by the objective character of your outrageous "creation", through imagination and style, you will be able to attract others.

The way you evolve in the realm of art depends on the skill with which you manage to project your experiences, values, visions, and spiritual beauty in composing an overall effect that exceeds expectations in what regards the predicting of a strong development of the human consciousness.

Conclusion: To be the object of unanimous attraction it must the ideas, plans, methods that you use, to be attractive to others, both for your employees, as well as for functions or higher-level fora. The plan, or your "painting" need to impress, to make that chord vibrate in the soul of people, either through technical and mixes of original colors or by ways of approaching the subject, either by originality, and even from the point of view of material benefits.


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