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Inspire a sense of permanent stability
On January 03, 2011, by Neculai Fantanaru

On the day I turned fifteen, the master invited me to his home with a single purpose: to admire his latest creation: "Portrait in the mirror". The portrait, so characteristic and expressive made with great accuracy, gave the impression (by the used technique and especially by the moment surprised), that time has stood still. It was like a touching scene from one of those films when the image suddenly stops, freezes for a few seconds, depicting the hero in the foreground, silent, doing nothing, as would have been immortalized in a photo.

Without a doubt, the portrait was addressed to viewer's soul, especially to the most sensitive of them. I was so impressed with the picture that I simply had the feeling I "entered" into it that I was part of it. The painting was one of those creations that expand your artistic horizons, inspiring, penetrating deep inside your being, was one of those creations that embrace the real, capturing a moment in life, was one of those creations that remain in your consciousness, marking your artistic career.

Leadership: Can you awaken profound and lasting feelings in people’s souls, giving a unique value to the image subjected to the interaction between the space through which you reach the sublime and the conceptual levels that are penetrated by the hue of an inner NEW?

The Master knew how to organize the space, to give coherence to the whole, and to embody his ideas and visions through the "science" of shapes and colors, transforming them into images. And to ensure an amazing image depth, so they seem more real and representative, the master conceived them in such a way as to capture the viewer's mind and soul in the nicest way - releasing a strong sense of stability by warm and rich colors that added to space the idea of soul and personality.

One of the key elements of leadership is precisely the induction of this sense of stability in the human soul. Stability in leadership is like oxygen for breathing, is the feeling that people perceive when they are in the presence of leader and without which there can be no interaction. It is his image in the world, is the symbol that represents him in relationships with others. People cannot accept someone's influence cannot be attached to anyone, unless they are imbued with deep and lasting feelings.

The sublime is achieved when the self-worth that you possess and experience continually becomes the source and substance of an art that takes a step forward in renewing an image that expresses the fundamental values of a harmonious spiritual life !

The best leaders have that tremendous ability to get people to want to be part of their "painting". They manage to build that convincing space where people feel they can "breathe", that live, space where people can feel the core values of a harmonious spiritual life.

Two essential qualities condition the success of a leader: the presence and spirit. If the leader’s “painting” does not impress by the balance and does not confer a feeling of durability and stability, then will not stay in the viewer’s memory and will not arouse in them special feelings. And therefore, people will not want to “get in the painting” everything being put into uncertainty.

If people do not "validate" you cannot have a big influence on them.

Leadership: Do you best manage the natural context of the artistic experience so as to avoid the eventual rupture between you and your “painting” that can deny the opening of a wider horizon that takes the shape of the world?

Just as a painting render the horizon of painter’s imagination, also revealing the depth of his soul - so the image the leader creates, condition and seals his entire career and his relations with the world.

The best leaders are concerned about the effects of stability and permanence. To lead the people you need, just like an artist, to create your picture that says more than words, an image that persists in their hearts and which vibrates with emotion, an image to reproduce as well your reality. If you fail it will cause a rift between you and them.

Permanence is what remains after you give a new meaning to the painting that has become a supreme homage to your prestigious career in art.

Conclusion: In all his work, his behavior, by the relationships he establishes with people on the team and with "higher bodies" a leader should inspire a sense of permanent stability underlying effective cooperation and collaboration between people.

The best leaders are those who raise their leadership at the level of arts.


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