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Sketch your own applicative fantasy
On January 03, 2011, by Neculai Fantanaru

If to be honest, not a single day passes without reminding my master, the moments spent with him in his tiny painting studio, which for me had become everything: the center of my universe, a place of meditation where I could freely express my thoughts and feelings, ideas and preferences across the arts. Master was one of those special people who easily win your sympathy, creative enough to arouse your interest; who conquers you even if only through your presence that defies habit, not subject to social conventions, and with whom you empathize a lot.

I remember that once, I watched my master an entire day painting. Yes, from morning till evening I sat beside him, watching him with great interest, trying to absorb as much of his painting technique used with great skill and that I appreciated so much. My soul was filled with joy when I saw him exposing his imagination by choosing as a model an image from a photo, then he sketched it by a game of colors, tones, lights and shadows, shapes, lines, points and contours.

Leadership: Can your sensitivity and meticulousness be expressed in a genre of art that enjoys the input of the elements of other artistic genres through an image that shows the future?

I wanted to ask him how he still manages to make that magical connection between the various actions and objects chosen at random and give them life, finally, to a splendid painting, but I did not. I have not asked anything, I have not interrupted his work. His drawing seemed something detached on half from a novel by Jules Verne, on another half of the Andersen fairy tale.

- Nobody has done that, I commented deeply impressed when the master took a short break. You are unique.

Master laughed. Then, with a smile imprinted on his face and eyes steeped in fascination, he said looking at his nearly finished work:

- You see, Nicu, my kind of art is framed in the same genre as the great painter Hieronymus Bosch. In fact, at the beginning of my career I was inspired by two great works of his "Last Judgement" and "The Garden of earthly delight". These two famous paintings opened my eyes to this kind of art that combines various images, and which expresses the painter's own imagination. They abound with all kinds of messages, settings, characters, creatures and seemingly random objects. Bosh was a revolutionary artist, extracting lessons from the legends, traditions and customs of various medieval manuscripts. He knew how to make artwork, combining, as the great sculptor Bourdelle, several separate concepts: man, life, nature, society, universe, etc. - creating some metaphors that sometimes exceed reality.

To become an artist in leadership, learn to use various combinations and to combine efficient several styles in an image that reflects the future !

Just as Bosh or Bourdelle have combined ideally the qualities of various things and beings, creating their own metaphors full of essence and style, thus giving life to various myths - so a leader must illustrate in his own leadership "design" a creation that to combine his knowledge in various fields. The most desirable, and also the most effective leader is one who manages to combine elements and attributes from other areas and then connect them to his "work".

For your leadership to gain value must enjoy the input of elements and attributes from other areas. In other words, you need to own knowledge, skills, competencies in as many fields, and then make a connection between them to get something new and valuable. The ideal of leadership is to be really good at one thing - to lead people in the right direction by finding the best solutions to convince them to joint with you, and to consider for this various possibilities. Remember that the genius springs from effort and inspiration, and a flexible mind to adopt practices, approaches and methods that transmit originality, professionalism and a positive vibration.

The power of leadership comes from wisdom to know how to combine science with art, to get what you want, to formulate a new image of the future.

Leadership: Do you focus on creating a custom image that expresses the sense of the identity of a person who, according to all probabilities, is part of a whole from which emerge the direction and significance of a meaningful subject matter?

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Computer, is considered the most influential figure both through the industry of computers and in the entertainment industry. Recently, the British newspaper Financial Times named Jobs as the Personality of the Year, the main argument being the vision that he has always shown it, managed to bring Apple in the top of global technology with the latest products: iPhone4 device and iPad tablet.

Only an artist devotes his time to such fantasies, is not it? Therefore, I strongly believe that Steve Jobs can be compared, in terms of his original vision and very fancy, with the two great and revolutionary artists Bosh or Bourdelle. Because he manages to “see” and to find new perspectives of interest where others cannot see or dares to find, bringing great technology news.

Jobs always remind his employees - "the ship of true artists" as he calls his team that the timely delivery of products is as important as innovation and attractive design. In other words, Jobs's concern is to stimulate to maximum people's interest in innovation.

On the "ship of true artists" are only those people with special qualities that value the creative imagination and give their lifetime on achievement of a "work" out of the ordinary, worthy of the name of the company they represent, and then leave a legacy to future generations as a model of inspiration.

Leadership: Do you constantly seek new meanings for your “work” so that you always transmit a new message transposed into the plane of affective deeds until you come to conceptualize a new perspective and approach to art?

Continually increase your personal value, imposing your vision and by initiating a completely revolutionary leadership. Not enough to own a great persuasion and ability to emphasize a strong shaped personality, but must develop your ability to create "fantasies", but not too hard to distort reality.

Be a "creator of metaphors". Search continuously new meanings and ways for your "performance", so always to send a new message. Discover new fascinating limits, new perspectives and new visions. Explore and experience till endless ideas and new features. Your innovative ideas, with great practical implications, will always make you one step ahead of other competitors. But these ideas require expertise from different fields, involves a special “applicative fantasy” that captures everyone, but also an anticipatory vision of the future.

Impose your own vision on leadership. Shape your own applicative fantasy and be compelling enough for others to accept it.


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