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Slowly reach for the art
On January 03, 2011, by Neculai Fantanaru

All things started from a clumsily, an ignorance which did not give me peace. I was about twelve years then. In the morning of that day of summer the desire to create something special dominated my mind and messed up soul beyond all that I thought was defining for my existence. I was alone in the middle of the street. I was holding in my right hand a piece of red brick.

I started drawing on the asphalt. A house, but that looked strikingly as a cube was entering another cube. Then, I drew a man who looked more like an alien. And, finally, a dog, which seemed more like a chair with a crown. My lack of talent and experience had emerged. But it was a mandatory stage in the long road of perfection.

Leadership: Do you master the mystery of the art of leading someone to themselves by encouraging the tendencies to present as a definite another way of composing new forms of expression?

Suddenly, my attention was distracted by the man in front of me who seemed the embodiment of calm and self-mastery. He seemed nice, very seriously and honestly. He smiled, so he was happy. Maybe it was because I enraged his curiosity.

- Interesting what you draw here, he told me with a warm tone. You know, there was once a great painter named Raphael Sanzio. He started drawing at around the same age as yours. He definitely lacked in clotting forms, was lubberly in rendering the motion. He does not seem to be endowed with artistic talent. However, over time, aided by his master, Perugio learned to paint and has become one of the greatest painters in the world.

The Lord, elegantly dressed, took a short break, once again cast his eyes on my drawing, and then continued:

- But you see, Rafael did not sketch anything in mind at first, as you try to do. But he had inspired from the drawings and sketches of others, imitating their manner of painting. He placed great value on everything he had done before, in terms of art. So, I suggest you, therefore, you can do the same thing. Draw, first, with a picture in front of you and try to sketch the first essential elements of it, respecting the proportions. Only then you will you learn to draw well.

Leadership: Do you set up your field for the emergence of an art by appealing to a modality of artistic provocation that reveals your qualities?

The only way to grow your skills in any field is to assimilate and enhance the teaching of others. That was the most valuable lesson which that unknown gentleman condescended to give me. Learning from the experience of others, etched in my mind their working methods and analysis techniques, I could get good long-term results.

Becoming a leader is a great opportunity for you, but you must engage in a long journey in which you focus on a better understanding of the concept of leadership and leadership role. Just as all bodies tend to sink when are thrown into the sea so happens with the skills, abilities and your values: if they are not properly stimulated and capitalized, if you're not consistent and did not develop in time, they will reduce to a minimum.

Every leader, just as any artist has an inner force, has a special talent and some skills they need to learn to make them worth. One of the artistic challenges he can call upon to highlight his qualities is not only of a visual nature (to show something new), but rather to manifest his spirit of creation through all that is involved in designing his outer image.

Leadership: Can you change the first impression a person has of you by redefining the borders of a territory that is about to be populated with forms of expression?

You have to practice how to make people like you. You have to get involved in many activities which, as more demands your intellectual level, the more inspires you and increase your performances. You will never be able to act as a leader if you do not explore your personal qualities and if not improving them.

Just as a doctor should have more flair in establishing the correct diagnosis, just as a painter must know how to use colors and tools to translate his dreams on canvas, just as an engineer must know how an engine works to build a car - and so you, to have the power to change people, you have to impose your own talent through your own strengths. But for this you need to learn and improve yourself.

To increase your power of influence over others you should focus on creation. You must make yourself conspicuous rising to the highest degree the attributes chosen by you. The height at which you raise is what makes you being embraced with a comprehensive love by all people.

The highest form of expression reflects the inner content (feelings, perceptions, beliefs and sensations) that you integrate into an image that introduces a fairly visible subtlety of interpretation, awfully exciting by the sensitivity and discretion of remembrance of a unique, unforgettable experience.

Conclusion: Only if you have the ambition and desire to reach the highest peaks in your job, you could approach art. And for this you have to prepare your land that is to learn continually and improve your skills and knowledge. To undertake something great you must be fully matured.


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