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Design your art on a background of humanity
On January 16, 2011, by Neculai Fantanaru

The master has the tremendous ability to fascinate anyone, a trajectory that doesn’t set any limits, shaping the world as if according to the light tone of the colors laid on its canvas. He was charismatic, he was interesting, had that magic spark of originality that creates a unique atmosphere, of tale. His words full of significance and wisdom, the skill with which he displayed his aptitudes, knowledge, values, talent, made you pay him attention like in a magical mirror, through a linear transition into a symbolic, poetic, fictional universe.

He, also, had an extraordinary power to influence my state of mind. I was convinced that by his side, coming in contact with his work that he strove with an extraordinary abnegation, I could develop myself artistically and I'll be able to capitalize to maximum my talent.

His art went straight to the heart of everyone, like the greatest painters such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti or Francisco de Goya, because he had and still has a truthful content. He painted with a thirst and an unmatched love with a very wide flight. In the quality of his art never enter in the plummet of doubts.

I have not forgotten a single moment what the master told me after narrating me a few things about the famous Venetian painter Tiziano Vecellio:

- Nicu, an artist is judged by the way he develops his own art. To be admired by as many people he has to project his art on a fund of humanity.

Leadership: Can you represent your art in an unprecedented formula through the effect produced by the living reality of your presence on the viewer?

A living reality is an artistic approach that can forever change the perception of what “the good” and “the bad” mean when it comes to the soul you put into what you do. The intensity of the emotion you feel for a particular subject conveys the beauties of the world and you give it by conventionally accepting order through which the masterpiece presents itself first as a representation of your inner world, is measured through the eyes of the viewer who accepts his reflection in the chromatic activity on the canvas.

The master told me many times that the most beautiful paintings and most beloved by art lovers, are those reflecting a harmonious spiritual state, a state of bliss, dreaming, so a state that reflects a potential happiness. On the other hand, the paintings that highlight something hateful, something terrible, very cruel, something unimaginable for a normal mind are less attractive because induce reprehensible feelings.

The best leaders are more than just people with important positions in society; they are some artists who have developed an "art" based on humanitarian feelings, an art that serves to the interest of a group, a well-oriented art that serves strictly to a beneficial purpose. An art where solidarity, respect, tolerance, non-discrimination, harmony, compassion, purity and power of giving with love, it is noted as exceptional qualities. An art in which the leader seeks through his personal vision and innovative ideas to improve almost everything that comes in contact with his work.

To represent your art in an unprecedented formula means to form your skills to express the beautiful in the soul of viewers who share their emotions, positive and negative experiences with you.

Leadership: Do you have to incorporate into your art a reflexivity that allows you to look differently at human evolution and its totality, demonstrating the abstract character of images created from a subjective perspective?

Through reflexivity, as an instrument of thought that is synthesized, deepens within itself and develops by appealing to various life experiences, the artist can explore ideas of time, memory and image in a new “building” of the world. The artist asks some essential questions about the means he uses in the act of creation through a practice of meditation: What is painting? What should be represented? What is the real? Reflexivity leads to one’s own exercise of vision: “Do you believe what you see? Or do you believe me?”

Humanity is the sum of values that highlights you as a developer of an area of great expressivity, increasingly subtle and deep, aesthetically and morally motivated: the boldness of conception and the innovation of artistic language.

Humanity means being connected to the world by one eye, because with the other one they see you through a remarkable development of sensitivity and receptivity. It is the feeling that your work awakens through a correspondence between the subjective and the objective reality, updated by a great fluidity of spiritual states, in which soft judgments, sincere forgiveness, obedience, compassionate leaps, with a patience of politeness, with tolerance, with the willingness to wait for the interlocutor to express himself or be clear about your personality and the capacities you possess.

If you want your leadership to be accepted by people and to last, then the quality of your "art" should not be questioned. Your art should induce feelings of safety, warmth and closeness, to appeal to people's souls. In no case should not induce a state of contempt and disappointment that in those morbid paintings, unwanted by anyone.

A very good leader is a great artist and a brilliant manipulator of the human spirit. His art depicts the bright side of his artistic personality and at the same time, brings to surface his underground world for people to recognize. His art is an essentially ethical instrument.

In general, people have a receptive mind, know to grasp the truth, can enter your thoughts and realize your evolution in terms of leadership that you practice. If your leadership that shed light on your character and your skills do not inspire a deep sense of humanity, if it does not go to everyone's heart you will not be able to create a permanent link with them what will diminish your value.

For your art to go to the heart of each and every one, learn to conceive yourself as a calling to life transposed in a theme governed by the feeling of recovering an integral spirituality and a special human model that cannot be changed.

Conclusion: Leadership can be raised to the rank of art. This art must be well understood and accepted by people around the leader and should induce a sense of security regarding their present and their future. I mean, it must have a fund of humanity and stimulative effects, creative, now and into the future, and especially not to be detrimental to people and their feelings.


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