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Establish an optimal rhythm of your art

On January 16, 2011
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Leadership ART 2.0 by Neculai Fantanaru

The master stand with the arms folded, leaning against the tiled stove. He admired his last work. It was a picture of a young girl, with her head in a godly attitude, which seemed to combine in a whisper a prayer. The girl, depicted with an exquisite art, was by a remarkable beauty and a flawless elegance. She was caught in a meant moment of her life. The master expressed her appearance by giving a warm color, cheerful, well suited to her sense - that of gratitude and spiritual fulfillment.

- Nicu, my dear - the master told me at a moment, with a voice that felt infinite goodness and a rare modesty. To be a good painter, you must have a proper “poetry”, a well defined style that you always keep it. And to enjoy a great reputation, you have to keep a steady rhythm to a level acceptable to others.

Leadership: Can you convince people of the virtues of your unique art by conferring a high degree of structural unity to the creation that wishes to spread a story that you cannot detach yourself from?

Through the combinations of colors and game of shades, my master's paintings were very successful. He knew enough to use his resources as a painter, managed to restore true images full of charm and sensitivity. Through his work so successful, he had the power to convince me of the virtues of his art, made me accept his point of view.

But he always retained a certain style and a certain dynamic both in paintings and in his thinking. His compositions have been framed in a certain rhythm, harmonious, consistent and effective. He always kept a certain line style, a certain line theme, a certain line of colors, a certain aesthetic line and even a specific message. He knew how to adjust his rhythm according to his own personality, according to his own inner capacity, according to his own conception of life, according to his own vision, imagination and experience.

The story that I cannot detach from is the trace I see everywhere in the paintings of my master, slowly traversing that distance that stimulates the tendency of two ways to relate to reality: through the virtue of subordinating myself to a whole that is found in detail and through a strong symbolic construction that does not simply rely on curiosity or complex psychological strain, but above all on a broadening of horizons of expression through Creation.

The story is a mechanism by which I get to know the transcendent dimension of his work that unfolds before God, to the glory of a spiritual good.

Leadership: Can you outline the conception of supreme values, forming your own world following the pattern of authentic creation that suggests the relationship between the reality of a context of reflection and the measure of a certain visual perception?

What you see is what you were trained to see through the window of experience called “reflection”. Learn to visualize any painting with a careful look in the mirror !

Each component of the painting is full of rhythm, it is a loaded and fascinating form in the hands of the creator who must sacrifice part of himself for the masterpiece’s conception. The Rhythm suggests a reality, and the measure you see yourself with builds it.

The master gave me to understand that everyone has a certain artistic sensibility, not only painters. That everyone is gifted with an incredible power to influence others around them, with one condition: to establish a rhythm and an optimal dynamic of their "art".

As a leader, you have to impose a certain rhythm of leadership through which to communicate your emotions, a certain attitude in relation to the way you perceive yourself in a reality called “plenitude” reflected in a mirror. You cannot always pass from a state of “operation” to another. Your way to interact and communicate with them is what gives you value. If you change the rhythm of “operation” if not always go to a specific healthy line, valid in any situation, then people will lose interest in you and your leadership.

People need to feel the rhythm of your soul, so keep your level of vibration constant. Do everything in your own rhythm, with patience and care, so you do not get stuck.

The supreme values ​​that you can draw in such a way as to make your own world a model of authentic creation that cannot be separated from one another are: the power of reflection, the power of revelation, the autonomy of expression, a deep thinking of the terms with which you operate, a good objectivity and the power of intensity of contemplating the creative act.

Conclusion: For a leader, what matters greatly is the leadership style that he practices, which must be his own and unparalleled. Only so can stand out (even at basis of his election as leader, one of the criterion is his leadership style). But maintaining of steady rhythm and an appropriate dynamics, in accordance with the local "situation" will ensure his success in leadership.


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