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Impose yourself in front of everyone as a true revelation
On January 16, 2011, by Neculai Fantanaru

The master helped me because he understood better than me how things stand. He taught me what means art, taught me how to penetrate in its essence, how it "works" and how to fructify it. He had ambitious plans to me because he was convinced that I am full of flight and creativity. I often wondered what he thought about me since he suggested many times to paint from memory inspiring myself from my own life. It was a way to test my skills, I think, to which I was subject only to reinforce the belief of my master that I have that particular talent required in painting.

In an afternoon, during an exhibition in which I could admire the work done by a student of a painting class, the teacher looked at me with that parental affection that comes from a sincere heart and a deep concern to me, and told me:

- You like to admire the paintings, is not it? Listen, Nicu, probably I never told you this thing. As you can impose on the public you must prove that you have a unique way of expressing a well-chosen theme, designed to produce a profound effect and which do not exceed the bounds of good taste and understanding. Your painting should be a genuine revelation to induce a sense of specific changes that you promote.

Leadership: Can you open your soul to people through the image whose exploitation begins with defining the relationship between what is passing and what is eternal?

The feeling of revelation that you inspire to others is the magic that emphasizes your talent. A talented painter, full of tenacity and vigor, is not content to paint what comes easier to him or what is more usual, but gives life to an art of great sincerity and distinction by a way of revelation which cannot be denied, indicating a profound spirituality and creative thinking.

The relationship between what is passing and what is eternal, being tuned to a vision that at first seems to have a utopian character, but ultimately, a perfectly plausible vision is announced, must be clearly highlighted in a unitary image so that the foreground best gains an emotion.

Revelation is what you capture while it passes, with the thought of a possible future in which the privilege of change is the expression of a particular reality from which emanates the dynamic of mirroring into an elevated consciousness of special sensitivity.

Just as a painter, you have to lean forward on the idea of special revelation. Find a new way to express your leadership. Print a thought in people's minds and a unique vision by your positive attitude, through the beauty and depth of your thinking, through the state of mind that comes from deep within your soul. Be effective, practical and clear. Find a way embodiment of a reality, and show it as something pleasant - something that would emotional people, that brings new meaning to leadership - a refined and deeply meaning. Create, so, a "composition" full of optimism and innovative ideas.

To really count, your leadership must denote inventiveness and daring; must reinvigorate people to respond their expectations, be energetic and full of dynamism, and at the same time, to reflect your exceptional qualities.

Leadership: Can you capture the very triggering moment of a stage of spiritual progress, by scrolling through a finalized image from the distance of a comparison with the borders of a changing territory?

When revelation disappears, people's interest begins to weaken. Race yourself. Search and find the most appropriate means of expression for your leadership, so your openness to new to stand out. Adopt a new theme appropriate to your requirements and current needs - to convince people of its utility and keep them in a continuous outlet - a theme that exposes your ambitious nature and to impress by the seriousness you give evidence.

The revelation you produce through your leadership is the spark that puts things in motion, is that special challenge that makes people follow you till the end. If it disappears, their interest to your leadership will begin to weaken. The revelation coordinates the course of the work of art from a vertical dimension, of depth, towards the horizontal dimension, of the masses. It is a trajectory that leads towards the future, man perceiving himself as a true artist only to the extent to which he projects himself towards this future.

For people to admire you, do everything possible to have a brilliant performance in what you can plant in the hearts of those who look at your image. Work on people's minds so they will have a real revelation on their present and their future. Spiritual advancement influences the good course of art by assessing the “charm” effect at the level of a state of spirit, by the intensity of the feeling felt by the viewer around a work that wants itself to be, at last in intention, perfect.

The boundaries of a changing territory actually mark the transition from one plane of thinking to another, in the sense that the viewer can discover within the picture a consonance with his own soul, concluding with a proper opinion. Or, on the contrary, he may be disturbed by the explosion of colors and meanings, unable to find the right words and without touching a bit of each appropriate states that are clearly in harmony with the painting.

The completed image must capture some information that can be experienced, thus involving the short-term memory or the long-term memory of the viewer.

Revelation derives precisely from the ability of the image to better communicate this information, data, these situations, notions, principles, models of action and thinking that are selected and organized in relation to certain norms of confirming a presence with a spectacular existential resonance.

Conclusion: An outstanding leader “manipulates” people's minds and "open their eyes" make them to understand both their present and future. He shows both the current trends as well as the ways to follow and means so their future to be even as good as the present. He finds ways of expression to be well understood, and thus to impose on the people as an authentic revelation of his own nature.


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