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Predict the limits of your own talent
On January 16, 2011, by Neculai Fantanaru

The master was an intelligent person, creative and determined to attain the eminent point that he has imposed. He was a gifted and trained painter. Besides painting, which he dedicated much of his leisure time, also was dealing with plant and garden care – especially with cactus plant. But nothing, nothing - as he often said, can be compared with the lively and vibrant art based on sincerity, that he devoted his best hours per week. Painting was his great passion, and I must honestly admit that he had exceptional artistic qualities.

The truth is I do not know where he took off his talent. He was a good painter - but that is undeniable. Like Vincent Van Gogh, the master could render by drawing almost anything, even the inner moods of the model. And he was always eager to conquer other territories of art. I think that eventually, these things remain in the heart of every artist.

We were very close to each other. I was talking for hours with him. I stay close and listen to all his advice. I was always receptive to what he said. He is the only person of one I know who said exactly what he thought when it came to art. He never claimed otherwise. I knew one day he would become famous, and that influenced me more than normal.

Leadership: Do you explore your inner universe before you make art so that the singular guarantee of your development towards excellence can maintain its availability in the conditions of a total transparency?

I've disappointed my master, by my progress, by the radical change of my interests. My artistic aspirations were scattered have been replaced by another great passion of mine - football, which seemed to mean everything. I had eyes only for sports. And so, slowly, slowly, the art world has faded for me.

After a fight with me, often devoured by doubt, I reached to a conclusion. I could not continue with art, with drawing and painting, not enough to improve my talent ever, although my teacher inspired faith and hope. And that because sport brought new dreams in my heart, made me build other plans, other ideals, higher and more daring.

I'm sure my master wanted me to continue his art and to make a painter career. Like that wonderful magic pen from a famous novel of the Spanish writer Carlos Ruiz Zafon who had fallen into the hands of an apprentice and was trying to create on paper his last work that the master could not finish in his life - so and I should have played the "magic pen "and to create new paintings to continue the work of my master that he could not carry to a good end. At least I think it was his ambition.

I explored my "inner universe" and, quite lucid, I sensed the limits of my own talent. I was not devoid of artistic qualities, but art had become too suffocating for me. In art we need something more than talent and impeccable professionalism. You must have patience, understanding and consistency, and sometimes nerves of steel. And I was not able to devote my life to something, without being sure that will have result. Besides this, I was always and still I am a dynamic guy, I love action, sports. I prefer to live my life to the maximum, beyond the accepted rules, not to sit and languish from the morning till evening in front of the easel, with the brush in the hand.

Leadership: Have you learned to overcome your limits in order to get into the skin of the character you bring to life so that you become the premise of creating an essentialized form of content in what art foresees in the images of appearance?

The best promoter of leadership is exactly you. You're the main character whom you should give life in the "performance" called leadership, the character that has learned to know oneself and is able to overcome the limits of his personal ego to reach distant targets to achieve an innovative and viable vision.

Your skills show the inclination that you have regarding the development and use of a quality leadership. But above all your attitude counts: to excel only in one spot, or go ahead with the desire and willingness to exceed your limits?

As a leader you must be able to prepare a healing potion and initiate a process of change in a way that nobody has done it, but cautiously, so that things do not get out of your control. That means to know how to capture by attitude, by the nonconformism characteristic, means to take responsibility for your actions. It means you go beyond your own self, making place for higher ideals. If you're not overly excited, if your attitude is not offensive, then people would not be moved to your "spell" - what will be one more reason to abandon the race to a successful leadership.

Leadership, like any art, hides skill. You will succeed to transpose in images your thoughts only through a titanic tension of efforts. Always weigh everything to make sure that you want to acquire a certain level of perfection. Think carefully if you are able to relate easily to an area in which every step, "setting" can change, where things can take a turbulent turn at a time. If you are not able to overcome your own limits and self-create yourself with the character that you give life, then all your attempts will prove disastrous.

The image of your appearance negatively reflects the consciousness of others when you accept to see yourself from perspectives other than the one you are used to constantly interact with. The character to whom you must give importance is not a creation that draws energy from itself, but rather a creation that conforms to the concept of “identity” assumed as an authentic experience throughout life.

Conclusion: As in any field, in leadership “the main character” must first of all to study its own “ego”, so to evaluate itself correctly, to know its limits and to be able to appraise and prospects and future. As in any new field, and in leadership sometimes you’re stepping on quicksand, you hit by the reluctance and mistrust of those around you, you have to overcome unexpected obstacles, which means to equip yourself with a lot of patience, perseverance, stubbornness – which are essential along your talents and abilities.

Therefore, predicts the limits of your own talent and analyze your skills. Ask often yourself: what do I want to do? Where do I want to go? How far can I go and what do I want to get !


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