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Award your own art with a modern character
On January 30, 2011, by Neculai Fantanaru

I have known many people up to that point, their lives being made up of the need to disconnect from a reality they fear, a sort of shadow commanding them to what to do at every moment in order to re-evaluated their present. But you know what? No one ever really cared for me. No one ever cared for my small creations, seen as spaces that favor the exodus from chronological time, as stated in the original script of a subjective experience, in a promise to fulfill the essential purpose of talent, judgement of value, the joy of art, and the deep truth of the human soul. Until the master appeared, and then everything was different.

For the first time in my life, someone showed interest in me, with the same interest with which the painter seeks his muse in an imaginary space, turning a simple message of friendship into a symbol of inner illumination, of intellectual knowledge and spiritual experience. Strangely, I felt as if I was the figment of a mind that wants “more” than others. Someone saw in me what no one was ever able to see: the talent to interpret dreams in the context of reality, that lode of uniform and constant chainings of phenomena.

And I mean not necessarily the artistic talent, but that I always saw things differently, from a special perspective. And this happens to be the most precious quality of an exceptional artist. I had a childish crazy mind: I was very imaginative and very active. And from this point of view, the master told me afterwards, no one surpassed me.

Under the guidance of the master who gave me a good and serious artistic training, I learned and I succeeded to give a new interpretation for art, I managed to set the tone of a new trend in terms of expressing my vision. But I would not have succeeded this if I would not have accepted with enthusiasm the trends to modernity of my master.

He told me many times: "Nicu, you will succeed to make a decisive step in completing your art, only if you give your content a new and a higher form, and a particular effect."

Leadership: Are you able to defeat conventionalism, conferring superior quality to the inner content that you manage and distribute in the form of a strong emotional bond surrounded by an unlimited horizon in which objective reality evolves in parallel with the subjective reality?

Just as a painter, to give value to his art, seeks a transposition of reality through color, using the modern impressionist or expressionist ways - and so you, as a leader, to give value to your leadership, you have to transform your reality into a personal vision, in your personal style. Your leadership must reprove a trend towards originality and unique I would say, at any cost; should acquire a new and higher "form" and to suggests a particular meaning.

To imprint new aspirations in the minds and souls of people, to open new horizons for them, you must know how to interpret with a lot of imagination the connection you feel for their works, often assimilated in the form of perfect relationships of the proportions between life perspectives and directions of action.

To defeat conventionalism, giving up on using formulas, notions, and obsolete principles, means to take into account the construction of a new perspective of interpreting reality linked to the meanings of a work of art that impresses through the novel revelations of a life experienced through a series of attitudes, reactions, and adjustments of that personal whole that penetrates the universe of consciousness with the sense of imagination.

To express your intention of novelty means to manifest yourself in a creation that is the entire existence of a being made in your likeness, motivating you to make a change out of what is revealed to you as being a rethinking of the experience of renovating the world under the tutelage of an Exclusive Brand.

Award your art with a modern character namely orient yourself to a private own model that does not maintain in a customary and familiar line and which correspond to the current state of progress. Just as a dull and monotonous color range cannot express plastically the feeling of human subjects - so a leadership with a practically uninteresting approach, dull, too little creative and not original, cannot express a deep sense of trust and power, and cannot give a sense of time.

Leadership: Does your art lead to the idea of a world that transforms into a metaphor as a characteristic of a random variable of the type: “reference that hasn’t been initialized”?

The superior quality of your inner content can only be evident in a figment of the mind that transgresses the boundary between the daily and the oneiric, overflowing into ideas, shapes, and colors that are the only contribution to capitalizing upon the creation from the universe of a world transformed into metaphor. Some examples of metaphors: “that divine chill of eternity”, “seeing from space”, “I am the bread of life” or “the aesthetics of a heart that travels in immortality”.

Leadership must be a process of creation, of renewal, training, in no case a process of aging or of average. It is required to overcome the banality and conventionalism where you can fall, so you and those around you.

To consolidate the prestige of your leadership and bring it to a special "form", change your direction based on circumstances. And keep away from the danger of lacking originality, in fact, of a sound foundation. The means, your strategies and policies must rise to the style required by a current topic, not to get an obsolete and outdated air and to confirm other’s expectations. Otherwise, your leadership will only remain a "trivial work", lacked of subject that borders only by a temporal horizon.

A reference that has hasn’t been initialized can be that means of expression that, by means of language elements, blends harmoniously with those of expressiveness to create a unitary whole, producing a state of “awakening” in a different dimension of receiving art, called “variety”, having different functions: aesthetic, cognitive, communicative, functional, symbolic, critical, social.

Modernity is what you create as being unique that is found in a whole of a different nature, containing a whole array of arguments on dealing with a theme from two perspectives: that of a present context that can bring a modification of prime meanings and a travesty of a real space into an imaginary one.

Conclusion: In leadership, as in any other field you must "be in step with the world" so to be well anchored in contemporary reality, to be able to perceive the current and future trend. The methods, means and proposed ways must be current, so it is necessary that your "art" to have a modern character and accepted by those around you. So, award your art with a new, modern form and a particular effect.


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