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Configure your art such as to be present in others minds due to the quality level that it achieves
On February 12, 2011, by Neculai Fantanaru

For my master painting was that guiding light to perfection that is found in every great artist, stemming from an instinctive factor of the sublime sense of superiority, was that horizon drawn from the boundlessness of a dream that unfolds on the screen of a singular imagination. And his main interest in achieving his paintings was to surprise some moments more or less common in the lives of people, generating some great images and leaving unforgettable impressions. He often thought of impossible things, everything depending upon the imagination. His style and subjects differed significantly from those of the current painters from Romania. I’m telling this because I went with him very often at art galleries where only professional artists could exhibit their works.

I was always ready to talk with him for hours. For he was always telling me only interesting things, full of imagination, full of novelty and interest.

One day I watched him for hours as he paints. None of us has brought a word better for three hours. Then, suddenly, the master sat down the brush. He turned to me. He gazed on me as if he wanted to ask something. He seemed to expect to learn something from me, while me, on the contrary, I thought he should give me an explanation. Eventually the master broke the silence:

- You know, Nicu, I always wanted to create something special, as a beautiful writing in absolute permanence. I always wanted to create an entirely new art that resembles with the images received from the eyes of my mind. But my biggest wish was always to establish and to promote an ideal of beauty, to create a masterpiece that does not have an aggressive nature. But to do this, at first the quality of my works must to be made to measure.

Leadership: Can you promote a quality ideal that unites you with others, calling for the permanence with which they can connect each and every time to a creation that combines the best of two worlds?

A personal creation can combine the best of two worlds – classical elegance and provocative performance – when it is subjected to an emotion lived to the end ! It deserves to be experienced until the last second of the day and always thinking positively. No matter how difficult it is to understand its message, it still has a special beauty that you can’t get enough of seeing, as if it were a reality of eternity. It is precious because through it we receive the promises of a new world. It’s a rare opportunity to experience it intensely, to enjoy its effects. It makes you make the most of your poetic tones and always give it an intrinsic value.

You can change people's perception of yourself, helping them understand your art and imposing them a certain ideal for good and beautiful, for moral integrity. Just as the role of an artist is to portray in his works a certain ideal of beauty - so your goal, as a leader, is to seek to portray an ideal of "continuous source of novelty" or "a vision of eternity" in order to give a superior meaning to your life and to your art. And if you're gifted with a soul of a leader you will seek to shape your conscience, your personal desire and your own art, and to set your ideals to a higher level so as to change people's mood and attitude.

The women in China still maintain a certain ideal of beauty, which presumes a porcelain complexion, like Geishas. Hence, they’re investing huge sums of money in cosmetics. As a leader, at your turn, you must invest time and put your full energy and passion in service of ideas and values that would facilitate progress and that will bring to your leadership a fresh, renewing air. The quality of your leadership is due mainly to the ideals that you establish and that you improve.

Leadership: Do you fine-tune your art so that it is present in the memory of others due to the level of promotion of the quality that creativity reaches in a novel way that allows for a certain interpretation of it?

The quality of a creation is given by the poetic and aesthetic dimension that it acquires through the individualization of a prominent theme that makes the viewer think. And the interpretation of creation should not be understood as an aggression on objectivity, as a constraint that preaches a certain truth, or as a fatality of uniqueness. Rather, as an inner transformation of man, as a journey of self-reflection, as a desire for knowledge and self-expression, and art as a possibility to deepen this need.

"Enframe your art in a simple background, but sublime" – the master often told me with great pride. Increasing the quality of your leadership is possible and is register exactly where it is best understood, where it is recognized for its effects of spreading an "artistic" message and stimulating appetite for culture?

For leaders this criterion is permanent. Just as the mediocre (or poor) works of an artist are forgotten, but the very best are keep alive in the memory of viewers - so your leadership will remain in the minds and souls of others depending on the level of quality that it achieves. And, just as a sculptor shapes his clay to overcome that conventionalism in representing the human figure - so you have to shape your leadership so that people will understand your message, to connect to the feeling of freedom, of enlightenment and opening that you transmit, and to recognize your merits.

The purpose of the leadership is to create connections with people not by an amazing art, but by one that inspires authentic emotions. This can be easily done if you configure your art so as to be present in other’s minds, due to the level of quality that it achieves.

The permanence with which people connect to you is given by the intensity with which the essential effects of creation are manifested, representing the relationship between the manner in which its forms of expression are experienced and the value of the poetic, aesthetic and ethical testimony it presents.


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