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Consolidate your art reputation, finding its own orientation to performance
On February 12, 2011, by Neculai Fantanaru

- I have dedicated my whole life to a single purpose, the master told me smiling, to create a new art that will amaze senses, to cancel routine, to which no one resists. You can’t imagine, Nicu, how beautiful can become art, how sublime and beautiful can be a painting if it’s painted by a hand of a skilled artist. The mere sight of such a picture can reduce every noble soul to silence – that complete silence that specific to the people imbued with boundless admiration to the original. To add value to my art and to confer a beauty as no one is able to create here is what I looked for a lifetime.

I always warmly welcomed the passion my master had for the art, for beauty and quality; I admired his thirst to build his means of expression more personal, but also much better and more appropriate. I was tormented by desire. I wanted from all my heart to learn the craft of his art because I felt that it could provide that magical essence, that inner light, that force of mind that can take me to the heights of knowledge and success. If I had managed to distill from him the essence of his great art, then I could consider myself a lucky man. This essence would be the ambrosia with which I would feed my whole existence. And I would become in my turn, a true artist.

But the master, sensing my desire so intense and powerful to make art, and penetrated by the consciousness to respond to my expectation, said with the sincerity that characterized him:

- Nicu, if you want to become a valuable artist, first of all strive to surprise in a broad and perspective view what your art involves. Then, find to your art its own guidance to be approved by the viewers and to harness your abilities.

Leadership: How do you see yourself from the Creator’s perspective if you allow yourself to be charmed by Him, so that you can clarify certain aspects that you didn’t know about your personality?

Your leadership is judged by its victories, by the quality of its orientation, after establishing a healthy starting point for performance. The orientation that you have to leadership and that you approach is in fact the essence of what you think and feel, of what you really are, is the way you grow up in people's eyes and help you to maintain a high level of professionalism. The beliefs that you have about what you are, of what you want to do and what you want to be, as well as the future trends that you create, confer that powerful emotion that brings people together and put you in their head.

There are a number of principles that should guide people in the process of creation and training them as future artists. The master gladly shared with me those principles without which I would never be able to make art. I did not become a painter, as I wanted at that time, but I formed that vision proper to real artists because my master gave me an orientation that matched to my concern.

I had found out about the aspects of my personality that I didn’t know about by putting myself in the master’s shoes, insisting on the expressive virtues of the image unfolded in the vast space between expressionism and symbolic abstraction, looking at everything from a perspective of critical and curious thinking in the relationship with the attitude towards the dogmatic limits imposed by an original and poetic style. I saw myself in a relationship with the most significant forms of art, in a position of superiority compared to others, and that made me unite the creator’s wishes with the secret movement of the artistic universe, my vital moment with metaphysical sublimation.

I realized that I can be an interesting man by being able to mirror myself in the light of creation, engaging in the reflection on the relationship between the visionary and the visible, between potentiality and manifestation, to dissolve their ambiguity and to show that they only fully gain their meaning in the interior of a visual and psychological interpretation.

Leadership: Can you make yourself known as a unique example of virtuosity, from so many ways of expressing yourself through art, giving the impression of depth to a direction that cannot be questioned?

Orientation is the result of an educational process that emphasizes the continuous formation of people, transforming them into something much more than the need for self-realization and self-expression of their personality demands. Your duty, as a leader, is to increase usefulness to the people and to absolve them of "wandering", which can only be achieved through fruitful collaboration. If people are not concerned about your art, they will not work with you or will not become of high performance. They need to see those qualities in your art that would lead them to find in you a valuable reserve of inspiration, to perceive you as a mentor who deserves to be followed.

You will lose what constitutes the value of your leadership content if you do not strive to surprise in a broad and perspective view that implies a comparison with a creator who can perfectly control the place he starts off at and where he wants to get from an ideological point of view.

For people not to seek a sense of dissatisfaction, of absence and frustration, for they do not question the validity of your orientation, it is necessary to strengthen your position against them always preoccupying with the quality of your work and their work, but also by approaching problems in a different way. In the way the artist has learned to treat a wide range of topics he has developed over time and has transformed them into his own forms of expression. By the very way the Creator experiences himself through His Creation, on the path from the fragment to the whole.

Just as the master gave me that inner light by which to understand his art, helping me to redeem my capabilities - so you have to transmit to other people, by your professionalism and ethical approach, the vibrations that they will perceive with all their being.

You will achieve this by ensuring an orientation that will share attitudes and skills, a guidance that will harness and will potentiate their abilities as to match their ideals. The orientation is the direction that they receive in life and career through your leadership and which must be seen as a means of development, retention and recovery. But at the same time, the focus is on the depth with which the artist digs into his own uniqueness to address a much wider theme than the subject of an image that tells the story of your experiences, such as: “The Double of Your Own World.”

A unique example of virtuosity is not the artist who turns the creation into a social trampoline that conforms to the concept of purpose, but rather the artist whose creation is made around him so that he can feel the impact on himself.

Conclusion: The leadership must have a healthy direction, motivating that will connect them and will motivate people in order to achieve new performances and to obtain the intended purpose. In this way it increases the prestige of the leader and his art.


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