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Help people to perceive the vibration of an altruistic feeling
On February 12, 2011, by Neculai Fantanaru

I was situated at the beginning of a new creative experience, the place of symbolic concentration where the wishes of man join together with the secret movement of attention directed at the world of fantasy. The master taught me many new things that I appreciated and whose value could not be bought, things that I applied in my own art. Only a few have had the good fortune to begin their career under the guidance of a valuable man that have the patience and skill to teach them what is needed about art.

I often hesitated onward any picture of the master, trying to decipher in it the mysteries of his science. The truth is that each of his paintings contained a small part of his soul, conveyed calmness, tranquility, knowledge, wisdom - but admirably, each painting conveyed a different message, conveyed that "something" that many so-called artists are missing, and had a different value. The master always saw things from a broader and more unusual view. To decipher the message of each his painting was requiring a special skill that me, as his disciple, won it by often standing beside him.

The master once told me:

- Nicu, the art is the language through which you communicate, directly and indirectly, through which you relate to other people. To give value to your art, they must understand the message that your pictures transmit. And you must be able to wake up in their soul those strong emotions that are meant to get them closer to you and your art.

Leadership: How do you manage the relationship between what is seen and what is not seen in a unitary framework of thought and feeling that offers a vision of art as an indirect means of experiencing alterity?

Someone once made the following statement: "By means of art arise those things whose form is in soul." As a leader, your job is to awaken in people that powerful emotion called attraction to fill their soul. This acute course of their appreciation to you, to your art is what brings trust, respect, sincerity and their friendship.

Alterity is what you capture new in you, with so much depth, in another frame that helps you reinvent yourself, and at the same time discover the importance of the world, of other people, beyond the boundaries of reality. And to capture something new in you, you have to see yourself in the future, to decide how to make this possible from the “pure happening” of the movement of a line passing through a cloud of points, representing the reality not as a structure but as a passage or mutual recovery of active and passive forces that act upon the final creation.

What is visible to you or what is not seen in a unitary frame of thought and feeling is due to the expressive virtues of the line, taking into account the extent of the symbolic relationships that it can express as a means of configuring and expressing the art of experiencing the meanings of an image that changes when the context changes. Because we are symbols that lie in symbols, as an artist has said. So, take care of the elements you are imagining so that they vibrate a certain style, a certain environment, a certain rhythm of your preferences for originality that reflects your creative nature !

Leadership: Is the existence of your art dependent on your emotional potential and the ability to be aware of its presence in a construction of the type “that continuous drawing of the spirit in search of widened meaning”?

It's time to shine. Just as the body language reflects your personality - so the art you create reflects your value, qualities, the finesse with which you interpret your role and with which you outline your own reality. Give shine to your art by transmitting through it the feelings and positive emotions that will bring in others that unforgettable interior vibration. Your art, which should inspire an attitude, a mentality, a common vision with theirs, should wake up in them those deep emotions, particular, as well as a number of positive reactions from their part. Strive to earn their trust to such an extent that they feel that their duty is to connect to your art.

Your art should be characterized by a high optimism that encourages communication, giving people that impulse of openness and integration. Just as the flower blooms to the sunlight - so they will open their hearts to you because they will benefit from your guiding "light" produced by your art.

Help people to perceive the vibration of an altruistic feeling. Your job as leader is to transmit to people, through a personal note, those strong emotions able to determine them to repay you through loyalty and altruism. The spirit of collaboration is best developed when they feel it’s their duty to get involved through volunteering, through dedication and support, through ideas and special initiatives in support of your cause. The collaboration is becoming more closely in this way, what it is essential to your leadership. People need to integrate "in your space" so that to feel they exist, and that their life is valuable.

A vision of art, in an unexpected altruistic light, can be reproduced in an image that captures certain feelings or thoughts that are constantly born in the minds of viewers.

This image, which can be correlated with a continuous drawing of the spirit in search of wider meaning, must fulfill the role of an attribute of wisdom inspired by sensitivity, an attribute of continuity in transmitting a certain attitude or concept, rather than rendering the details corresponding to a vision that leaves nothing behind.


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