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Improve your relationships with others, by expressing the content of your perceptions
On February 27, 2011, by Neculai Fantanaru

Always the same simple man, the master was spending his time painting and drawing, maintaining the same intense work schedule allowing him to carry around one or two paintings a week. For him, life was when a game of desire, when a game of imagination, but always seemed to be part of a law of destiny that write the story of a masterpiece, as an attempt to break through any barrier of time. And through his works, giving a new form to reality by combining colors in an aesthetically way, pleasing, elegant, continuing with arranging them in a very inspiring setting, original and inventive, he managed to stir up to the utmost the imagination.

Master looked at me with a paternal tenderness and with a voice where the infinite goodness was intertwined with inexpressible sadness, he told me:

- Nicu, a painting must not only speak to the eye, but to the totality of a human – to his intelligence and feelings. To be successful, an artist needs to create an art accessible to all who have a certain sentimental and artistic value.

His words full of enthusiasm gave me to understand that, to outshine his art, he had to translate his visions into a more quality work. For him art was an expression of his own personality, was a form of release of thoughts and feelings, of some profound ideas, healthy, which individualized him. His art was also an expression of his spiritual contentment, as if it were a creation of a universe where a lot of wonderful stories can be said. His way of distinguishing and perceiving art was reflected in the expressiveness of his paintings.

Leadership: Starting from different horizons, can you develop a common masterpiece from which a new philosophy of expressive affective and reactive value descends?

The emphasis should be placed on which consistently seeks to express your art around a masterpiece. If you were able to determine the people to work with you to achieve common objectives by their emotional involvement in the professional activities, it means you have been able to prove, with the most solid arguments and with the most effective methods, and in a very clear that your leadership expresses that unique combination of sentiment and reason by which a masterpiece it is remarked.

Change people's perception about you by helping them understand your nature, thoughts, emotions, perspective, goals through the masterpiece you represent, contaminating them with the joy of being a positive experience of the creation from which you embodied your future. Just as an artist who has the cult of beautiful forms, always corrects his work by bringing improvements to it - so and you, leaving you wore to the fulfillment of high ideals, you improve your leadership by inoculating certain states of mind that have a positive effect on people.

A new philosophy of expressive affective and reactive value, which characterizes a masterpiece, sounds like this: “act locally, think globally.” Art is a calling, and only those magnetized have something in common with it, often appearing as a black and white rehearsal of the same obsessive themes that will never be fully satisfied.

Leadership: Can you become the interpreter of an art suspended between form and background, making it easy to get closer to the subject of a “news report” both strictly and metaphorically?

The leader is the interpreter of his art, one whose basis can be achieved only if expressed through an intuitive and guiding wisdom: “You must try to grow alone, no matter how high the sky is above you.” He expresses his own personality depending on the perception they have opposite the leadership, according to his tastes and temperament, his culture, the mentality. If for him, the leadership it is a form of release of thoughts and feelings, of profound ideas, healthy, by them trying to maintain people's hope for the future, so a positive mood, then it will certainly have a decisive role in their life.

The form of a prestigious art is given by the promise of alterity: what you highlight in a painting is another aspect of your personality, constituting the continuation of a work of great engagement. People must see in your creation the universe of a new beginning, a sign of a reality that is hard to penetrate, but if you catch a good moment of reflection, you learn amazing things. How is your attitude, style and refinement mirrored in a picture that wants to be the most beautiful in the world?

People have to perceive your leadership as an art that illuminates the future path. They will appreciate the renewing features of your leadership if you will express your high ideals, if you generate ideas and opinions that would crystallize concrete solutions to solve problems, and only if you'll be able to impose with the nobility of your soul. If they will manage to decipher the character of your leadership, if they will manage to perceive correctly its essence, that is what it contains and what results can bring, and whether they will identify your true feelings and intentions, then they will accept you into their leadership.

The profound essence of art can only be revealed through a picture reflected by a rare sensitivity of those who are let themselves be discovered with great difficulty, representing a muse of life itself, which in turn highlights the side of the uniqueness of a reality that has not been fully deciphered in all its consequences. But which gives the opportunity for a broad interpretation.

Conclusion: Improving relations with others and expressing the content of your perceptions on themes of common interest, will attract more supporters and will result in an improvement of cooperation relations between you and them, as their change of perceptions for the better about you.


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