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Increase the value of your art, by giving it a special shine
On February 27, 2011, by Neculai Fantanaru

The master became for me, when I sought to deepen the fundamental concepts of painting and to practice my artistic talent, a veritable source of suggestions and moral support, a mentor who assumes the role of pushing me to become better, causing me to strive to succeed by accumulating knowledge and work techniques as many as possible.

Studying the master paintings, leaning myself over them with admiration, trying to figure out how they are made, I was able to form a clearer and a more realistic image about art, about how should be perceived and established. I found inspiration in those unencountered and so interesting interpretations of his feelings that he managed to render diligently, accurately and with more strength of conviction in his paintings full of meanings, but also in bright colors and special contrasts which he expressed with an incomparable craftsmanship. So I realized that art springs from a communion between the artist being and his work.

At one point, noting that I tried to imitate his technique of work and even topics, told me half happy and half worried:

- Nicu, a professional artist always creates original images, giving them shine and a special form arising from his particular "Ego".

Leadership: Can you give a particular nuance to the meaning you give to your interiority through the transparent message of a more comprehensive reality?

The success of an initiative of personal and professional development is in knowing you to put in value your qualities: intelligence, rich imagination, inventiveness and originality. To make art is to give your own vision to your compositions, give them a deep and a genuine sense, without altering the contrast of the final image of the reality behind the appearances.

Italian surrealist painter, Giorgio de Chirico, thinks that there is no closed reality sufficient in itself without the filter and the meditation of the individual who can discover in each thing the spectral essence, that yet will only be revealed to him through a picture reflected by a deep sensation. Deep meaning strange, which in turn means insoluble, entirely unknown. The artist’s task is therefore to discover the spectral side of things, their status as a secret entity, a sign of a difficult to penetrate reality, which has a deep, metaphorical, symbolic reason that sends us beyond the image of the visible world. (Cornel Ailincăi – Window Opera)

Leadership is that force of expression that flows as a result of a consensus between the visible image that you project in society and the deep feeling that you are trying to realize when you are aware of the essence that is in the formation of that image. It is a sensation of the type: “I feel like I am part of something that has been animated by my love in some way”, from which a picture appears to express the superiority of the soul in relation to the matter it is a prisoner of.

If you want to get closer to “brilliance”, you must capture the aspects that are best suited to suggest the essence of a new consciousness within a new spirituality that survives time, through a sense of feeling, spontaneity, and boldness which, through their content and even their source, rises above the individual’s narrow interest, finding the superfluous of the concept that gives it the universal value: “Man shapes the story of his world, seeking himself in eternal alterity.”

Leadership: Can you impose yourself as a superior artistic achievement, using the power to interfere, decisively, in the process of transforming the consciousness of others?

You will not be able to become a pathfinder if you do not give your leadership the special form that a model of a consciousness is making, which is its own object of research, discovering in yourself a special reflexivity transposed into a superior artistic achievement.

Just as the i-Contrast technology (used by digital cameras) channels the image to provide optimal exposure, adding light and detail to dark areas without exposing those right lighted - so and you have to channel all your energy in order to learn your job well, to develop your leadership skills, adding an extra personality to a supersensible world, without exposing drastically your views and goals that must be achieved.

To give brilliance to your leadership is to put your reasons in the service of a strategy based on creating benefits that attract people to them, mutual benefits through collaboration. Adjusting your vibrations on the same wavelength with them, you will come out from the obscurity of mediocrity.

To impose yourself as a superior artistic achievement means to gain advantages from the approach of consciousness from the perspective of duality between a knowledgeable subject that appropriates the meaning of an emotion and a known object that can be used in the creation of a masterpiece.

Conclusion: A brilliant leadership will "light up" the way to performance and to achieve the proposed goals for the benefit of all. Conversely, one located at the opposite pole will grope in half-light and even in pitch black by the feeble light at the end of the tunnel.


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