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by Neculai Fantanaru


book the masters touch - Neculai Fantanaru

Магистер (мягкая обложка)
: Neculai I. Fantanaru

Год: 2009
ISBN: 978-973-0-07008-8

Leaders are endowed with exceptional virtues that exceed by far general virtues of common people and that only time and life bring forward. Clever, sometimes excessively ambitious, they specially get ready, as early as from childhood, for their mission. The ascent of most of them is achieved, contrariwise, slowly and persistently, through sacrifices and huge work. But, eventually, they succeed to achieve their goals due to perseverance, confidence and devotion they always invest for their goals. They sometimes succeed in imposing themselves through means known only to them, through perfidy and precocious diplomacy, sometimes through violence, but often through a model behavior, imagination and ingenuity.

For some leaders, "leading" resembles more to a chess game, a game of cleverness and perspicacity; for others it means a game of chance, a game they think they can win every time risking and betting everything on a single card. But the balance always sways for the tough ones, who play and will always play hard, and who will tackle all the possible strategies in order to win, for the despair and disappointment of many. Fortunately or not, fate always favors only the strong ones, who take the studs to win by all means, and the weak ones, with fading confidence and will, it most surely knocks them down. The ascent to power of those unworthy is due to some special circumstances and not to their work. They won't last for long, as they'll suddenly be removed by those really worthy.

"The master's touch" is a collection of examples whereby I wish to better emphasize the virtues that define leaders, their good parts, as well as their bad parts, what they are capable of, what are the values they believe in, what are the strategies of achieving the power and the plans they master-mind, and also the lessons we must draw from their actions.

I consider "The master's touch" to be a useful book for everybody, especially for young people who, being in their spring-time, are always upbraid the lack of experience, as if the schools they attended could yield it for them.


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