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Son ustede un manager diestro? | Neculai Fantanaru
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Son ustede un manager diestro?
On March 21, 2009, in Recursos humanos, by Neculai Fantanaru

Maybe nothing is more exhausting than to get up every morning at 5 o'clock to drench the flowers and the trees in the garden. Maybe nothing is more exhausting than to stay late at night to work the land and to weed it. And, maybe nothing is more exhausting than the thought that tomorrow you have to start all over again.

This idea, that work is exhausting, never passes through the gardener's mind, the person who is passionate by gardening, who loves so much this occupation that he is ready to work sometimes for free. The passion that he puts in what he is doing assures him the perfection in work and determines him to continue working even after the programme. He takes so much care of his garden that he knows every flower and no corner in that garden is unknown for him. Yes, that's right; a gardener has to know very well his garden and to take care of it with a lot of attention.

However, being a gardener it's not a easy job because taking care of a garden needs, first of all, a lot of love for plants and, of course, knowledge! You have to know how to plant, how to drench them, how to change the soil. Each plant needs a separate care, some of them need a lot of water, some more light, some of them need to be drench on the leaves every day if the atmosphere is not wet and some need to be drench with an insecticide substance for their protection. More, you have to know when and how to cut them, to graft them, if you want to obtain new sorts, more beautiful and strong.

The best human resource managers are skillful gardeners

The activity of a human resource manager it's like a gardener's. With the same passion which a gardener takes care of the plants, and sometimes with the same effort and patience, a manager has to be concerned with the personnel in his company. He has to select people on well established criteria, to guide and to coach them in order to improve their knowledge and to develop their abilities, the discipline in work.

The domain of human resource implies a lot of work, knowledge and attention from the manager. In order to obtain very good results in a very short time, he has to apply some specific procedures so that it could lead to a significant improvement of the professional performances of the personnel, not only to know the theory. A manager leads with what he is doing, not with what he is saying. If the employees notice the lack of some minimal knowledge or even a lack of professionalism at the manager, then they are not getting involved in the company's development or in the continuous improvement of their activities.(but, in this case, there is the question how did a man without strong acquaintances or a weak professional became a manager)

So that the efficiency of a team to be maximum it's necessary that the manager to fallow the good function of the company's activity. By suggesting the employees what should they do and by offering his support any time it's needed, the manager slowly wins their trust and loyalty. Though that is not enough. The manager has to maintain the interest and the passion for their work, so that they would feel motivated to obtain better performance.

A human resource manager has to know very well his company

A manager has to know his company as well as a gardener knows his garden. In fact it's about common sense. You can't maintain the company at a high level of performance if you don't know well enough your employees and the work they do. This is why I affirm that the development and the improvement of the relationship with all the employees it's the first and the most important step that a manager has to take.

As a good gardener knows every plant in his garden, so is the manager, who has to know very well all the employees; to know how to evaluate their professional level and to develop their competences. The ability of getting closer to all the employees, of assuming their failures, of understanding and satisfying their needs and of guiding them in the right direction makes the manager more than a chief, makes him a leader.

Unfortunately, a lot of managers make the mistake of not offering their employees the direction and the motivation to improve and to progress because they didn't manage to have a close relation with them, he didn't win their trust and sympathy. This thing could happen because the employees don't see the manager as a good professionist, an expert in the domain who gets involved constantly in solving the problems. Yes, this is right. Some managers don't take serious their tasks and they don't have any kind of fuel to maintain people active.

I'm not going to spin out unuseful. I will add only this. I don't know for certain if you are a good gardener, or if you are a talented manager. I don't know if you cherish your employees as much as a gardener loves his plants, and likewise, I don't know if you like the work you do as much as a gardener. Everything I know is, if you want to become an skillful manager you have to respect human resources and to involve with all your heart in the development of the human "base", because depends on it the progress and the evolution of a company.


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