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A Thrill Of Ice In The Memory Of A Lost Traveler

On February 10, 2012, in Skills and Abilities, by Neculai Fantanaru

Give evidence of a strong leadership ability, by assessing the evolution of human experiences in the elements that constitute the reality of their life.

Eve de Chazelay was like cursed from her birth to suffer from idiocy, and only one man in the world, the young Doctor Jacques Mérey, managed to heal her completely, by breaking the curse and transforming her into an extremely beautiful creature, so delicate, cultivating in her the finest qualities, due to which, even the most powerful rulers of the time, the most talented musicians and artists have welcomed them with the deepest respect and even with envy.

How happy it could be a woman who became so beautiful, so wise, with so selected manners - along with her healer, her lover, so good, so attractive, and so affectionate. Moreover, how unhappy could she be, when the chaotic events that only God and His plans may comprise them, separates her from her lover, by putting on trial her soul, will, mind, and devotion.

Leadership: Are you following the progressive tendency to accept what is happening to you rather than trying to influence what you feel in a context that gives you the opportunity to reveal yourself to the world altogether?

The revolution separated them. Eve entered the circle of the most influential people in France due to her so big fortune, and her special qualities. However, although she had built an enviable reputation, although she had everything, her soul was still grieving. Only the hope that she would meet again the solely man whom her soul could accept him as a lover, was still keeping her alive. Nevertheless, this it was up to a point, when it was consumed and the last hope.

- Ah, burst out Eve, you know well, my dear friend Thérésia, the only man who could give me happiness, died. What is the good of waiting for a traveler who cannot come back? I lost him. It is better to go to meet him there where he is, in the grave. I want to die !

- Oh, bad thoughts ! Thérésia answers. How can such words come from a young and fresh mouth like yours? Grave - after sixty years we still think of it. Ah ! Live, live, my beautiful Eve, you will see what paradise you will live !

The Eve’s heart, felt then a light touch, as if these words had come from the part of the one whom he loved, as if they were issued and transmitted into space, causing her a new breath of life: "We will meet again, Eve ! Wait and hope ! "

Leadership: Is it necessary to distinguish between the tendency to be too active in relationships and the tendency to experience an inward joy of authentic vitality?

How well are you integrating into the world of people's reality? How do you rate the development of emotions of the people around you? What are the elements that make their world and how they behave towards others? What do you have to do for people to keep the charm of their own moral and emotional beauty?

The most important things you learn in relationships are just as necessary as the tendency to experience an inward joy of authentic vitality.

The difference is that in the first case you depend on a certain period of time, a certain circumstance and the duty to be grateful to others. In the second case you depend on hope, the concession you make the candor to embrace the mystery of life and its essence, using the term "motivated", when all you love is stolen, but you know that it will be returned to you at one point.

Once again, I must insist on the fact that emotions and feelings constitute the substance of leadership. The leader remains, if not in the immediate reality, in any case into the internal matrix of the everyone, that is into an inner world, in which they could not exist without him, and him without them. A leader who can not redirect people's emotions towards him, could never raise his level of influence.

The mystery of life is based on an emotion called "gratitude" which at some point will turn into an uncertainty that will prove as beneficial to your spirit as is faith in a special reunion.

Theresa has played excellently the role of a spiritual mentor and a trainer of people, by transmitting to Eve, with all her conviction, the certainty that her lover is alive - in a simple and original manner, managing to highlight the depth of reality, through the allusion to the "paradise "that Eve will live, radiating exactly those deep, intense and unexpected feelings, those magnificent spiritual sensations - controlled - which, leaving their mark on her mind, to sweeten her existence.

If you have read the wonderful novel, "Le docteur Mysterieux" of the writer Alexandre Dumas, then you know that Eve had lived and hoped - at the Thérésia’s suggestion, and finally she had met again Jacques Mérey, they got married and lived that so beautiful and interesting life that only two warm and loving souls can share it.

Can you diminish or dissipate those negative emotions that dehumanize and distort the essence of the human being? Does the alarm clock of your leadership works perfectly and could it produce on time that beneficial latch in the existence of people?

This incursion into the people's lives that cannot longer feed his existence with any hope it is like an alarm clock that forces the man to awaken all his senses, to recondition his own network of feelings, emotions, values and beliefs.

As a leader you have the duty to ensure yourself that this alarm clock works perfectly and can produce on time that latch into the existence of people, by triggering in them those intense feelings, overwhelmingly beautiful that leave their mark on their psyche, producing their radical transformation towards better.

Leadership is that "wait and hope" that you inspire to those who recognize your power to be present at a moment that may constitute a new beginning to change life.

A Thrill Of Ice In The Memory Of A Lost Traveler designate that searing experience that it is installed in the life of people disconnected from the beneficial reality; of those people who fail before the test of devotion towards their beliefs and expectations - that unique experience that is wasted and go without bringing anything good into their soul.

Just as the eye of a painter often stops on the elegance of a gesture, on the burst of a wing, on the drama of an attitude, on a spot of color, on the purity of a line - even so your leadership, in order to acquire meaning, you must feel what exactly matters to people, you have to act on time under the virtue of your representative role, reporting yourself to their world.

You have to stop your attention over those errors of consciousness, over those purely personal elements, irrational and emotional that had left their mark over the reality of their lives (such as pain, sadness, hate, fear, etc.) and to remove the emotions, which can lead them to emotional "paralysis" that once they flood their existence, are just very difficult to change.

Conclusion: Support people, encourage them, and by positive suggestions to motivate them to be with you. The positive suggestion determined by a positivity of thought will be a proper weapon for the annihilation of pessimism, inactivity and lack of initiative.


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