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Additions (V)

On January 28, 2017, in Leadership GT-Accent, by Neculai Fantanaru

Thoughts thrown down, without any selection, without beginning and endlessness.

Does science trigger a full rebellion in your mind? Did you end up regretting every moment that keeps you away from yourself? Can your mind support the weight of the expectations you always generate? Does the arduous desire to escape routine, the desire to achieve absolute change, become priceless?

Some of the precise, exact "incomes" you achieve from leadership can be substantially surpassed by "expenditures" as a follow up of that fact that your position towards yourself and the idea of change is built on an uncertain premises.

The incomes, which can be limited in certain circumstances, mostly depend on the efforts invested in the study of those ideas and revelations that can materialize into exquisite results. While the expenditures and the whole body of a grounded knowledge and a proper orientation in the field of the dares you come across over a long period of self-evaluation. The higher the incomes, the more the "rest" you are left with after paying these basic expenditures.

The beauty of leadership is always given by the closeness to live. That is why the best leaders are constantly "resurrected" by authentic creation in a time that offers them the profound and unique opportunity to receive, to incorporate or to integrate a new sovereign relation with everything that means life. They are always interested in consolidating internal stability by always approving the interruption "request" of their functionality when inspirational fluxes change or gather up.

Thus, victory over physical, mental and cognitive vices is approved, bringing without the fear of crossing the boundaries allowed by their own authority, a new and welcome color in life. The burning desire to escape routine, the desire to achieve absolute change isn't an extreme, but a priceless tool. Nobody can advance at a personal level, if he revolves in the circle of a continuous development.

We should look deep inside the bowels of this living mountain called man, studied under the giant lens of a flawless lucidity, thus from the standpoint of a rigor of thought. And extracting a well founded disclosure that doesn't emotionally or physically hurt. Then we might consider him a loser or a winner.

The road towards absolute knowledge is closed when man enters the atmosphere of a compulsory or self-imposed psychological reality. In order to keep in mind a few of leadership's future characteristics, that we can have a glimpse at from the open perspective of human nature, which feels the need to express doubt, dictating the evolution of a game of discrepancies, consisting of the construction of new experiences and feelings, we have to ensure the necessary material for coming up with the alternatives man must explore.

This material, a characteristic of the man's way of "being" may have hidden vices, minimum resistance points, giving in under the pressure of some external forces. Based on the level of emotional and mental strength it possesses, when a modification of the intensely enjoyed reality is sought, he can participate with all his being in a positive or negative transformation process. Mostly when the addition of hard and inaccurate stimuli, hard to polish in "high pressure" conditions, doesn't ensure optimal functionality.

Beyond the present leadership barrier, beyond the barrier constructed by human mind under the influence of emotions, there is an absolutely unknown field, which resembles so much with a path that's never been walked. The alternative to a momentary stop is a hesitation out of which a man incapable to control his own frontiers can hardly pull himself out.

Who dares to venture beyond their own frontiers, given the fact that all those sudden indisposition oscillations and focusing difficulties with a destructive effect reflect upon himself? Given the fact that all those personality manifestations, the natural and artificial are enclosed in reality's disturbing truth?

Leadership is an extensible model of thinking that will focus more and more on the idea of being complete even outside the space of rationality admitted by your own conscience and your own objectivity. The complete is a self-entity, a sort of unique features that characterizes you, something to be put on the first place, and that so many will not be able to detect and master it.

This assumes to support the possibility of a temporal fusion between the past now and once, even if this may mean do not fall agree with what requests another version of you, an Alter Ego.

Now, when you are caught in the grip of a new torrent of knowledge, found outside of the consciousness of others, you are no longer just a brain that rationally coordinates searches towards a grand beginning, but rather a robot, programmed to perform the mission they are designed to do daily: to obey superior orders, coming from a higher court of judgement.

How do you reach your constructive limits? With the risk of a "hypertension" emergence in your way of approaching the process of evolution, which, untreated, can irreversibly erode your growing potential?

Culmile gloriei se ating greu după mulţi ani de muncă bine dozată, făcând sacrificii conştient acceptate. Este o investiţie pe termen lung pe care ar trebui s-o ia in considerare fiecare dintre noi pentru a putea face lucrurile normale extraordinar de bine, canalizându-ne energiile în direcţia potrivită spre atingerea excelenţei.

A quote that I found by chance on the internet, and probably many gurus of our times take out of the bag full of secrets, when they want to capture the public attention at meetings and training sessions, it sounds like this "Overcome your expectations. You are not motivated to do extraordinary things, but to do ordinary things extraordinarily well."

All sorts of experts from different fields are happy to explain why determining the level of expectations it is inevitable, and as important as the process developed later, when you start to establish your goals.

However, they forget not to take into account the improperly dosed efforts, because there were not struck by that limit of affordability that no one could pass it than with a single price: a decrease of the capacity of understanding things and of appropriate response.

Sooner or later, this self-overcoming, promptly, and determinative, will come out of the womb, and will flood the capacity of understanding things, of assimilating the new knowledge, helpful for performance.

It is a private matter of trend, of interest, or somehow of survival that grieves me. A kind of altering the factors stimulating the renewal, disconnection from the internal device control, an incurable disease that sometimes from ignorance or haste, we tend to fall prey. The continuous struggle continues between two regiments, one, who wants to gain a position of superiority, but cannot keep the conquests, and the other one, whose outpost is near to the measure's track, of balance and normality.

In such a context, I propose to test an alternative way. A finding. Namely, the finding that according to it, the conflict between the two regiments plays a vital role, keeping us in a continuous rapid rhythm; putting us face to face with ourselves, with our capacity of development, by educating the mobility and willingness to follow the ways of progress.

Now she is again free to manifest herself according to her wishes, again on top of the situation, again available to bring her contribution to strengthening the relations between interior and exterior.

So in order to better understand your own limits and the development of that feeling of overcoming the being, follow the implications entailed by triggering a unique configuration of your personality. More precisely, the part that refers to perception, affection and thought. This entails coherence in the preventive and control actions of a prospective "slide" towards the extreme.

A "paralysis" which is profiled in a decisive moment of life can have as effect delaying or even canceling the upgrade of the interior configuration meant to improve the level of self-knowledge.

Leadership is a continuation of the live experience you are engaged in and in which you reflect yourself just like in a mirror. Often, in order to leave the "turbulence zone" that impedes your development by a consistent tracking of consequences, leading to an end for the battle with yourself, you have to explore in a deeper sense the common aspects of life experience and its implications at the borderline between "to be" and "not to be".


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