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Art Between Color And Life

On October 26, 2016
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Develop your fascination with the picture that reason gives you, about what you would ideally be, without getting bogged down in a self-knowledge that only evokes your shortcomings.

After abandoning the other projects, the colorful Pushkin film begins to come to life. Images of the poet’s life are born along with colorful images. Color is not a picturesque addition, but is an organic part of the dramatic structure of the film. The scene from "Boris Godunov" is integrated into this movie, in the form of a nightmare. Scenes from the poet’s life, appearing in Eisenstein’s imagination in an eruptive sequence of chromatic explosions, focus on a dramatic pivot.

I. Tinianov’s hypothesis about Karamzina, which was Pushkin’s "unknown love", becomes the centerpiece of the film, the soberest and most beautiful biographical theme of all the possible themes of the poet’s biographical material.

The moments in the life of the poet are shaped around this dramatic pivot. This explains the phenomenon of don-juanism, and various episodes get firm outlines, "not just picturesque, according to a strict coloristic, but a pictorial blueprint." *

Leadership: Are the scenes in your life going according to a strict coloristic range, developed around a pivot of exceptionality measured by a specific way of presenting another point of view on intellectual work?

Leadership is a result of intellectual work, social roles, and existential evaluation. And intellectual work is a phenomenon of the experience of creation, of the immediate, of reflection, of conception, it is like a kind of mystical experience endowed with an artistic character. So, along with the scope of goals, tasks, skills and responsibilities involved in the process of becoming, leadership becomes the central axis of self-representation on the scale of perfection that is more defined than any other through coloring.

Coloring creates the premises of a "trial and error" evolution to reach a moment of life in which man can feel fulfilled. Coloring is that fascination that does not pass, that persistent state of mind towards an omnipresent phenomenon in our lives, to the malleability of the roles we perform. It is that fascination with the image that reason gives us, about how we could ideally be without getting bogged-down into a self-knowledge that only evokes our shortcomings.

If you want to explain the effects of a developmental action that more or less affects your ability to make a higher sense of existence, you must generate the motion of a pushing pin that acts on your own motivations and actions. You have to constantly make a fascination for what makes you live, for what makes you the best of version of yourself around an image that demonstrates the lyrical nature of art, exploring themes such as "chromatic explosion."

The theme that applies to any form of image, observed in an eruptive sequence of "chromatic" explosions, is represented by those moments in life when you feel that you are part of a painting showing the evolution of a phenomenon of combining many forms of art over a long period of time.

The pivot is the essential support point for performing an activity or process. Through the pivot, outlined over the long-term consequences of the "themes" of our existence, sometimes approached with self-irony, sometimes with understanding and amusement, we pursue a dual purpose that introduces a new model of the meaningful consumer subject in high-intensity moments:

First of all, the capturing of the states of intensity, accumulated from the imperative need of imagination to resist the raw reality, parallel to the valorization of the elements of truth extracted from the explanations you give about what is happening to you. What you experience more intensely, more alertly, more constructively must reflect the totality of a painting that depicts the strength and significance of your life, while the intuitive leap takes place only by channeling and focusing on elements of art, plastic language, made beyond the borders of strict classicism.

Then deciphering the functions loaded with meanings that are fulfilled in the current confrontation by the innovative ideas that transform and continue to transform the world in which you live. These features indicate the main evolutionary and ideological orientations, as they reveal the specific case of a certain modality of existence based on creation and its themes.

Leadership is the consequence of the exploitation of an artistic image that can be understood due to the advanced intellectual work that acts as an event of great impact in the concrete space of cultural, scientific and spiritual creation.

Art Between Color and Life is only for creators perfected in life who know how to capture new content value in the picture itself kneaded in order to load themselves with unsuspected sources of imagination and motivation.

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein , Youth Publishing House, 1966.

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