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Art between Creation and God (II)

On September 19, 2017
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Leadership XS-Analytics by Neculai Fantanaru

A good exterior is the best recommendation of inner perfection.

I felt trapped in a steep spiral of destiny that seemed to endanger my highest dreams. A spiral of strange states that climbed and descended in a whirlpool of inevitable and endless influences, seeming to be like an endless wall that closed the horizon, because we were too far-fetched by the right / left order of happiness that translates, in a certain way, by the intensity of the intellectual and physical effort of being: The Best of The Best.

Curiosity, imagination, and the act of creation, a palette of pastels and colors, the conditions of separation from the factor called "Tolerance to Risk", seemed to receive that attribute of intuitively crossing the unseen realities and promises of God. Its purpose is to re-prioritize its principles on other principles, yet unthought of by the human mind, which prefigured a New World Order.

The drawing, which is first and foremost in the mind of the artist, the image that only a bold trend can resize its importance, is inevitably traversed by the thrill of an astonishment in front of a corner of heaven created by nature. The painting work is the tonal unity given to the fact that is visibly described by the various shades of a little known, strange, private, mysterious reality like birth and death, offering for analysis the image of an invisible world.

At stake was a custom work, an instinctive reaction of spiritual defense, a step fundamental to thinking and its fields, openers of cultural and spiritual horizons, springing from the singular values of the stylistic matrix: reflection, inspiration and contemplation of the divine, help bring awareness of good and evil, beauty and destruction.

Only the unshakable belief in the particular field of forces manifested in small framework of the expansion tendencies of the divine message, coming from who knows where, could convey to me the subtle taste of valuable paintings. Only a triple action towards natural imaginations, taking as model the proportions of the very body of creation, the illusion of existence, joining a particular reality totally different from the dream I hoped for, could pull me from under the plastic laws of this world.

Leadership: Can you ensure a representation of the image in which the "shadow" receives the quality grading of the "coloring"?

The warrior of the light, the artist most useful of metaphysical art is constructed of a special fiber, a kind of mixture of spirit and matter, instinct, reason, and consciousness all heated at a constant pressure in the name of the immortal desire of treading in the steps of perfection in the deeper layers of the transpersonal dimension that miraculously lights up, as a lamp in the dark, the flame of the Holy Spirit.

He holds in his hand a formidable weapon, the word . The soul keeps an unspoken love and a pain deaf, humanity . Within the aesthetics of the philosophical origin, esoteric combination, is recognized the magical ability to change the appearance of things and bring them closer to the miracle of a world that while seen, remains unseen. But sublime, authentic and enviable.

An exceptional artist can provide a representation of the image in which the "shadow" receives the quality grading of "coloring", suggesting that mandatory prerequisite to its separation from the rest of the world, thus becoming whole in divine love, remaining close to everything carrying footprints in conjunction with the plans that God has regarding His plan.

The leader is a creator of inspirational content. He is developed under the guidance of art that includes in its structure broader considerations, both aesthetic and metaphysical, on the nature and revelation of Divinity.

You can get close to a boundless power if you can say "yes" to any challenges brought forth by the chiaroscuro, merging separate entities and even antagonistic: soul-body, man and nature, black and white, with all revelation and faith.

Lighting, art governed by clear confirmation of beauty and virtue, is easily explained, as you try to explain chromatic treatment, meaning that only an artist who insists to make a difference between natural color and color pictorial image can understand it.

Here, somewhere, falls the technique for applying pure color in adjacent hues, or how open or removed they are, having as a guiding point the famous saying of Baltasar Gracian: "A good exterior is the best recommendation of inner perfection."

Art between Creation and God corresponds to the spiritual concept applied in art.

He who seeks perfection in the intimacy of the artwork should receive the specific call that God gives only to those who can suggest color, shape and natural beauty of the world, where the "shadow" makes an angle with the unseen spiritual reality.

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