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Art between Creation and God (I)

On September 12, 2017
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The Great Work of Art serves those lines that are called divergences, going from a point of view, spreading forward to an infinity of time embedded in the power of a mystical force.

My work is entirely in the direction of feeling, thought, and fantasy, often incomprehensible even for the cultivated spirits, to whom God has not promised the positive response to a special prayer, that outpouring of light and grace upon which only the able artists to raise his art to a high level of faith.

Just a firm action toward reconciling what is mysterious, giving up the old dogmas to the reference value of the inseparable elements "form" and "background", a value called "pure gold" by aestheticians, taking as a model the proportions of blending the very composition of light and idea that conveys the artistic emotion, could attain that noble trait of cosmic power: "God is one with man."

There is in any artist one terra magical, a hermetic knowledge, a divine blood flow, a trace of cosmic material, a desire elusive to the man motivated by pleasure that passes beyond the religious aspect that goes persuasively into avoiding any circumstance of the image of the science that was born by the convergent contributions of some representative physicos.

The divine miracle happens if you look at your work as a form of artistic expression of imagined creation, in which the least accessible things are only seen if you are aware of their presence.

Somehow, the eyes of my mind always descend down to the two torrential valleys, unshakable in the proximity of God, formed as if in honor of an aesthetic and spiritual alchemy: the depth interpretation, as far as I seek to express something behind the image, and an orientation to the research of the world and to the causes of fundamental and profound things, configured in the form of extremely powerful metaphors.

An indefinite trait, something contagious, powerful and irresistible, like a spark in the sky in the infinite darkness, urges me to dream: Make a Wish ! It goes beyond the patterns of the divine archetypes that eternity reflects as shadows of creatively approached reality, from multiple perspectives, in a context quite different from the concrete content of the notion of inspiration.

Who would seek to approach me through one of the most fertile cardinal preoccupations, such as human knowledge or thought centered on detail, without which art is inconceivable, be it a written word or a plastic work, an aesthetic emotion or a form of protest, would inevitably encounter the obsession of the artist looking for particular forms of composition in unknown images.

Leadership: Are you able to decide the fate and direction in which your creation is confused with the presence of God?

My work is served by those lines which are called divergences, and which, going from one point, spread further to an infinity of time embedded in the power of a mystical force. Lines fed by faith in the particularity of a field of forces manifested in a centrifugal game of the tendencies of understanding and communication of the divine message, so that preaching manifests itself as a proclamation and appropriation of the authentic spiritual teaching beyond the petty framework of the daily.

And since in any consumption of increased creativity the work is perceived from an original perspective, from the concept of a term with positive connotation and beneficial finality, as such I tend to think that my art is a way to experience and reproduce a spark in building the relationship with the universe.

For Italian painter Cennino Cennini the act of creation is connected with eternity, receiving an influx from God indirectly through the spiritual world. Wanting to show how you can learn painting, she confided: "To be an artist it is required to have a rich imagination (fantasia) and skill in hand, to find things unseen (hidden under the shadow of nature) so that you may reveal them afterwards, with the help of your hands, wanting to prove that what does not exist – is."

The concept of art as a means of manipulating unpredictable things is accomplished with the help of an imagination stimulation reaction, starting from the idea that what is lacking in a picture can be a regulating organ, one direction.

In leadership you have to make progress in this direction.

Art between Creation and God brings as a first challenge that of finding a new possibility of merging with the Universal Spirit, defining your path to be a form of creation in which visions, feelings, experiences and thoughts are expressed through things that although are not seen – exist.

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