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Art Between Vision And Effect

On July 30, 2016
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Be responsible for the quality and content of your creation, so that originality can be born out of that established concordance between essence and appearance.

Eisenstein and Prokofiev, the two artists establish the places in which noises must be added, so that the music at the beginning of the episodes does not end abruptly, but rather dissolve into the noise of battle, from which, later, virtuous music will be born. They always barter on who will start: "We write the music based on fragments of unedited images, so that the editing is based around the music? Or, after the final editing of the scene is done, we write the music to it?"

Each one wants to remain second, both agreeing that the difficult task is that of composing the rhythmic development of the scene. It is easier for the second one, because all that remains for him is to adapt, with his own means, to this readily made construction.

Sometimes Eisenstein starts. He edits the sequence and in the evening in the screening room, presents it to Prokofiev. The composer asks that the material be projected for him several times in a row, until he deems it was enough. *

Leadership: Do you concentrate your efforts on establishing a clear line of demarcation between the images you project in a facile vision and the exposing effect of the final image?

The artist that gives something from the overflow of his knowledge is responsible for the quality and content of his work, so that originality can be born out of that established concordance between essence and appearance. He thus tends towards establishing a clear line of demarcation between the images he projects in a facile vision and the exposing effect of the final image. An image that synthesizes the efforts to create a thinking unit, often composed of two opposing poles of influence.

This responsibility can reach assertion, only if the sent message doesn’t transform into a "noise", i.e. without producing itself on an irrelevant or harsh basis of the exposed information. In this case the artist has to measure himself, on account of fragments incompletely edited, to the landmarks of a readily made creation (or shaped by foreign successive interventions) to be taken as reference for comparability.

First he must develop suitable fragments for each idea, then group these fragments into a unified category, but in an improvised manner in close cooperation with other visionaries. And the final edit is achieved through the ensemble of those images perceived and constructed differently from what they were originally established as.

This in leadership is called separating entry material from exit material, the irrelevant content of presentation and promotion material.

Leadership: How is the image of a thematic consultation with other artists reflected in a ready-made construction designed to ensure you an exceptional appearance in the event called “Taste of the World”?

He who does not distinguish between an unfinished image and the final image of his work and doesn’t know how to modify the content based on the relevance of the theme in order to correspond to the highest of requirements, is likened to an art enthusiast that tries to see himself in a painting in which human beings and landscape merge with distorted images.

The final image of an artistic creation, same as the relevance of the exposed theme, highlights those peculiarities of intellectual development that define and characterize the interaction between vision, mission, execution and delivery of basic ideas – as a form of causality between certainty and randomness, confusion and probability. Or, perhaps the image is a kind of bilateral symmetry between the component elements of an already existing creation, in which the artists make a final effort to revise the ideas and criteria in accordance with the precepts of the new cultural revolution.

The individual that concentrates his efforts towards establishing a clear line of demarcation between the images he projects into a facile vision and the exposition effect of the final image, is not only an artist that can improvise a creation from different combinations.

But is a materializer of the relationship between that which is prime for himself and that which is prime for others. A materializer of the relationship between what he perceives as being necessary, lack of excess, in the development stages of his creation.

The event called “Taste of the World” refers to the context and the way in which a creation manifests itself as a result of the change initiated by the vision of a common consciousness, from the point of view of an image that can go around the world without altering itself in some way because of its failure to meet the requirements of a wide range of demanding specifications (of a certain audience).

Art Between Vision And Effect accompanies the evolving steps of the artist that tries to improvise a creation from different combinations, until the subject acquires a stronger meaning, a clearer message and a value of captivation of attention, by intersecting his own experience with that form of causality between the random, confusion and probability.

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein, Youth Publishing House, 1966.

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