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First Prize For Excellence

On March 17, 2009
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Leadership Y4-Titanium by Neculai Fantanaru

Continue to develop your leadership potential by establishing an accelerated rhythm of evolution of approaches of those who support you.

Jerome Eugene Morrow has not been expecting anything from him. No one could discern his true feelings, his true virtues, and his true intentions. His only friend, Vincent Freeman, “borrowed” him the dream, and only this brought him the joy of living. However, he knew that he would never see Vincent.

Jerome, in his wheelchair, which became a burden to him, has approached to Vincent. He walked with him along that slippery road and full of danger, the road that could be and his one. They sat side by side, happy to have managed both. Driven by an inner urge, Jerome told Vincent that he goes on a journey, and that he prepared all the necessary for his return - a welcome service and decisive for the future, as a reward for his merits.

If you watched the movie „Gattaca (1997) ” perhaps you remember the end. Vincent has managed to fly in space, although no one had ever given a chance because of his disability. Even so, Jerome was happier because he fulfilled his dream of knowing Vincent a “winner” He supported Vincent, establishing an accelerated rhythm of evolution of his approaches to enter the Gattaca, to become a navigator, and to fly in space.

Leadership: Can you integrate into the manifestation space of your different selves, so that the obtained effect is joined to the initiative of a personality with two distinct images?

What does it mean to have two different selves? It means feeling with someone else’s heart and thinking with someone else’s thoughts, without moving away from your own principles, your own nature, your own soul, your own instincts. Just like the sun in the sky. I mean, it’s great to be able to enjoy so much sun, the warmth of each day. In fact, you can never get tired of the sun as long as it spreads heat. You become addicted to it if you enjoy beach holidays, for example.

But just as the sun cannot hide like the moon, it cannot stop the ocean tides, just as you cannot be more than you are ready to be (unless you borrow a part of someone else’s personality). In this we are dealing with two distinct images that fit your orientation: an image that is more or less based on reality and an image that is called an “idol”. But no matter what the image, you will never be able to get more than what you see with the eyes of faith !

You cannot pave your way by yourself in order to achieve goals, if others are removing you from their soul. It is like cutting out a flat hand, it is like saying to your heart “Do not fight, and stop ! ” If you want your leadership to revive, you must be possessed by a desire to be grateful to those who helped you, but you also have to get that firm determination inside you to go on the same path with those who seek the same thing as you.

This means in simple terms “to leave a door open for greatness” that is to force yourself to go on the same line with them, to pass in the camp of their beliefs (but not to move away from yours) to show the same affection to them, and to direct their steps only to good things. Leave an open door for greatness !

Leadership: Can you find a similarity between the reality that your attitude shapes and the story that your Alter-Ego imagined, in terms of the effects of a possible finding of a deviation from the truth that you have to accept?

Just like at a digital camera the autofocus system can point by precision and speed, but may lose ground for lack of performance under low light or tracking moving subjects - so the trust that you manifest for those around you, may point in your effort to act on behalf of others, and to communicate as more convincing with them, but may lose ground to the lack of efficiency in the adoption of joint decisions or by the low level to promote your own beliefs.

John Maxwell said at one point in one of his books: “Without having reliable people around you to help you wear the burden, you will get exhausted and will extinguish yourself." He was quite right because people have a common orientation, with a sense of honesty in the relations established between them by accepting the responsibility for ensuring the smooth running of teamwork, and, moreover, accepts the responsibility of always acting with integrity, competence, dignity and in an ethical manner.

Such people are invaluable. They are less vulnerable to risk factors that can lead to conflict and division of the team. Whether, if by your side is one or more of such people, you should know that he/they are forming your whole, all that are you from the depth to the surface.

The truth that you have to accept as a leader is that no matter what image your personality takes on to create a new story, sooner or later you have to reveal your true self so that you can delimit yourself from what is false in your life.

First Prize for Excellence it is given only to those leaders who achieve outstanding performance through promotion of other people around them. Leadership is more efficient and sustainable, the more you manage to connect yourself to the “frequency” of others, to energize them by setting a high rhythm of development of their own approaches.

A leader cannot be efficient if the team does not perform. The team’s performance determines the leader’s performance, and this is the performance of leadership.

The first prize for excellence is achieved only by leaders who were able to co-opt people on the team in order to obtain good results for the interests of both parties, which means a lot of work with people, understanding, mutual support, but also increasing demands and alignment to specific standards, but also a fast rhythm to surpass others.

An open door for greatness it is actually the conferred recognition of “appraisers” for the activity and performance of the leader and his team, but always mean that can always be better or that there is room for further well. During the activity of a leader and his team there may be times when the door seems locked. Even so, as they say that God closes a door, but always leave a window open, just so the leader needs to find optimal solutions to reopen the door or path to performance.

Continue to develop your leadership potential by establishing an accelerated rhythm of evolution of approaches of those who support you.

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