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On March 25, 2009
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Leadership Y4-Titanium by Neculai Fantanaru

Align yourself to your true values ​​for people to fully accept your vision and to not have to suffer.

Each of the 12 members of the Board of Directors expected that Bill Parrish, founder and president of Parrish Communications Corporation, to say YES, a sign that he accepts the generous offer of John Bontecou, who wanted to purchase the majority of shares in the company. Instead, Bill, with that firmness of a man who is aware of his power and influence, said NO !

- Impressive. I suppose. But it did get me to thinking... But John Bontecou is all profit. Now, if we give him license to absorb Parrish Communications, and he has his eye on a few others after us, in order to reach the world you will have to go through John Bontecou. And not only will you have to pay him to do this, far more important, you'll have to agree with him. As President, I urge you to come to the conclusion that this company is not for sale. . .

Leadership: How could you use everything you feel about a certain situation to your advantage so that the way you define your intentions can clarify the approach based on changing the way you produce your own promising prototype?

How "friendly" is your interior design? Bill Parrish, who a few days ago have agreed with the merger between the two companies, has changed his mind at the last moment. What a change of approach, is not it? From where is this sudden change of attitude, thinking, and why it happened at the last moment?

All it may become a temptation when a huge opportunity appears. Before you decide what is best for you, and especially for others, it is better to align your values with what it is truly important to you and for them. In vain, you follow the good of the company, if you do not follow and the good of the people that serve the company. Basically, Bill Parrish used in his advantage everything he felt about the situation of the company, that is, he knew how to appeal to morality, to the cause of a moral constraint, not by threat, but by categorical statements, seeking the usefulness of defending the entity he leads.

Bill Parrish revealed the promising prototype of himself through a unique decision: not to pay attention to himself, but to prioritize the value and prestige of the company that is represented by his outstanding character, by the peaceful way in which he knew how to moderate increasing tensions.

All values and principles that you have gathered, and that you've learned over time, in which you believe and treasure, are a part of a splendid design, your interior design that reveals your true personality. However, does not matter how important is your design if it is not liked by others, if it does not take into accounts their needs, and if it does not send a suitable message, to reach their hearts.

Leadership: Are you able to achieve an acceptable level of assurance of your integrity as a basis for a positive form of image perception above the line of personal value growth?

In leadership you should not be shy to say out loud (firmly, that is) what you feel about a particular situation; it’s better to try to clearly define your intentions so that other people are more willing to listen to you and understand your motivations. Indeed, a leader expresses his emotions, he is not afraid to express or describe how he feels about a situation. He gets involved, asking customers or employees (in turn) to express their feelings freely.

In the end of the movie "Meet Joe Black (1998)" the members of the Board of Directors, who initially were reluctant to change of mentality of Bill Parish, thanked him for the clever decision that he took. What would have happened if Bill had accepted the proposal of Bontecou? All his company's staff would suffer sooner or later, and no one would forgive Bill’s mistake.

In the moment when you have to take an important decision that concerns and others around you, are sieved those strong and honorable moral values, which are deeply embedded in you - of those non-ethical values that do not fit in your patterns, and that are not consistent with the other ones. For the size of your leadership to grow, do not abdicate from your true moral values and of the other ones. Always try to emphasize your inner capacities that are making from you a person of value.

The vision that you have is reflecting the values that guide you in life. For people to accept your vision, they must first accept your values. And integrity means focusing on what’s important, even when you’re no longer as important to managing your company’s reputation.

A positive form of perception of an image above the line of increasing personal value is the result of a previous decision that no one has challenged as abusive or inappropriate to the rank claimed by your value.

From Deep In The Depths Of Your Being means that self-awareness and personal development process that helps you better understand yourself, and relate better with others around you. In order to take the best decisions you must penetrate deeper into your being and to reveal your true values, to discover what it is really good to you.

Just as weeds must be pulled out of the ground, to give place for flowers to grow - all so you, as a leader, must remove those „weeds” that disrupts your thinking to leave room for ethical and honorable values to evolve. To earn the respect of others, in order to determine them to accept your vision without having to suffer later, align yourself to your deepest and honorable values.

Also, From Deep In The Depths Of Your Being means to discern with your wisdom, but also with your soul, between the ethics and non-ethics towards the community that you lead, and that in a great measure has chosen and supported you. It means to be close to these people, and do not to disturb their confidence, hopes, but rather to give them an impetus to continue their ascent for the best of their interest, despite those who oppose the development and pursue only their personal interests.

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