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How Can Leadership Become Cheaper?

On March 19, 2013, in Leadership S4-Quartz, by Neculai Fantanaru

Learn how to manage and how to manifest your identity, fighting as much as possible to keep it unaltered.

The present and future belong to those who accept the absolute beauty of creation. The time of nerds has passed ! And let me tell you why. At the time of our parents, grandparents and great grandparents, there was the form of intellectuals (ex-nerds) who, in the desire to impress a girl or to climb to a higher hierarchical level, used every opportunity to enumerate their wonderful and vast knowledge of everything.

“What a smart boy ! He knows so much !” Applause, awards. You do not want to be a boss here in the company, wouldn’t you rather be a professor? I mean, it’s clear you know a lot, you’re set. An educated man, a super hero ! It’s people like you we need. The rest of the people can dig ditches…

Even today, you can see such a genius launching (as in the Bachelor’s degree exam) questions such as: “Do you know who made this painting? Do you know when the first railway in Romania was built? Do you know what that writer was saying in this book? Do you know when Napoleon was born? I mean, do you know… how many libraries I’ve visited?”

Leadership: Can you accept the fact that you are confronted with the limits of your own importance as to how you relate to the experiences of your life that are being reformulated by a “Vulnerable-Ego” impulse?

But can you figure out what’s going on in the soul of this all-knower? Can you figure out how hard his heart beats with joy when he knows something that someone else doesn’t? That pride one has because he read, that he can show the world that he is super intelligent, that he has become a teacher, later a dean, a brilliant mind. Takes all the attention, the world around him looks at him as a symbol of excellence. Behold, a true universe of knowledge !

But when it comes to Creation and Discovery, this type of personality is a great ZERO. NIHIL. True science has never heard of him, just as he has never learned the meaning of life behind the theory (memorized with the purpose of dazzling people). This is the parrot syndrome. It means you’re great by repeating everything you’ve heard, all you’ve learned, but without making any change on a scientific and professional level.

The importance you give yourself is like a painting reproduced by the pleasure of holding a brush in your hand, but not to make a masterpiece. It’s a big difference between knowing fully well what it is about and refining yourself into a complex field. In vain you want to look more than you are if you lack the talent to create and if you are not endowed with a special artistic sense. You will never be able to free yourself from the suffering of not having credibility, the suffering of not belonging to an elite of initiates in the field, predestined to be different from the rest of the people.

Something urges you to act, but without having the proper weapons to win the fight with yourself. And when you will come face to face with real artists, you will feel trapped, tested or vulnerable, knowing well that you will not be able to trick anyone by taking a brush in your hand and merely validating existing theories.

Practical results reflect your character, not words. The “Vulnerable-Ego” impulse will never motivate you to create, even if you want to feel special, but it will definitely awaken you to reality: the talent to paint is not the same as memorizing pure theory.

Leadership: Is it really possible to follow a complete shift in direction as to how others perceive you, considering that what you try to impose as normality is actually a behavioral disorder?

Can you recognize the fact that what makes you exceptional is different from what makes someone else exceptional and that you spend your time dealing with things that are not for you? If so, then your behavior deserves more attention. Sometimes, behavior is the sum of experiences capable of putting you fully at the service of an ideal that surpasses you as a possibility of accomplishment.

The great change, the beginning of the 2000s, meaning the end of the old world and the beginning of the new (spiritual) world, coincides with the emergence and continued propagation of the Internet. And the internet accumulates daily more than ten times more information than all the libraries in the world. In Romania alone appear nearly 1.1 million new internet pages every day stemming from blogs, scans, press, etc.

Every second there are five or more discoveries in every field, every second everybody in the world opens the door to a new creation. You can simply no longer endure the bombardment; you do not have time to accumulate too much theoretical knowledge. And practice kills you definitively and surely.

You used to spend hours in a library to find information, and now you can find what information you want on the internet. What do you think the future will look like? You can no longer impress anyone with your vast knowledge, because almost all the information you have is on the Internet. Anyone who needs information knows where to find it without your help. The Internet is the brain, the center of the universe to which anyone in any part of the globe can connect.

The only thing you can be admired for is your creative power to generate new trends in a field, to discover new horizons of development, to be the protagonist of the change of vision on which the foundations of the world are built.

Old and new books are scanned at a fast pace and appear on the Internet. There are countless digital reading platforms like Scribd, Wattpad, Issuu, Slideshare, Yumpu, google books,, or It’s about QUICKNESS, you just do not have time for a long reading !

The time of the nerds is over. You can no longer impress anyone with your vast knowledge. If anyone wants information, they can find it immediately without your help. Everything from the internet. In vain you read a thousand books. Now and in the future, the only thing that will measure the value of a man will be through his creation and discoveries.

Do you want to go back in the past or adapt to the present and the future?

Leadership: Are you able to assume a practical role in the dynamics of progress by confirming some truths that others do not think about and by configuring those that realities no one suspects?

The empiricists of the twentieth century claimed that a knowledge through pure reason of existence is illusory. As a field matures, people stop being interested in it and migrate to new fields.

You can only bring about a radical change in the way you think, in the way you perceive the world, by assuming a practical role in the dynamics of progress, if you succeed in confirming truths that others do not think of and configure those realities that no one suspects. That means winning ground, imposing your authority on the level of a director and screenwriter.

For example, a reality that no one suspects can be expressed through a painting depicting in living colors the human suffering on the edge of mistrust in itself to the impact of a desire that reason and will refuse. And to confirm a truth that no one thinks means to refer to you as an eternal creation through what your soul feels about the matter that interests other people.

Everything you imagine must be created. And through everything you create, you have to highlight new qualities of reality. This process is a more complex extension of the way to do science, a phase of developing a new leadership interface accessible only to minds inclined to infinity.

Follow the trend of repositioning your way of seeing things – try to catch that line of unanswered questions that can give credibility to a particular world.

The future is a fiction of the Ego that always negotiates its consistency.

Leadership Can Become Cheap through the false identity you are trying to sell to the world in calling for the desire to impress as much as possible, so through the false conception that other people make about your reality.


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