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How Did Cal Rhodes Proceed

On March 21, 2009
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Leadership Y4-Titanium by Neculai Fantanaru

Enhance your power of influence by connecting people in the spirit of those principles that match your solid concepts about leadership.

I will come back again to the movie „Uncommon Valor (1983) ” as it is very important for you to know this.

Colonel in reserve, Cal Rhodes manages to raise and train a team of commandos for the dangerous mission to recover the prisoners in a camp in Vietnam. Who would have thought that this man, past of the second youth, could have been prosperous in his will?

A skilled leader and a systematic training always yield results. Without doubt, the success of the mission was due to firm's commitment of Cal Rhodes towards his teamwork concept. He knew how to keep cohesive his team, knew how to keep a tight hand on his people, how to unite and approach them in the spirit of the principles that corresponded to its solid concepts about leadership. Some principles that have defined each stage of the development cycle of all their actions throughout the training period, and throughout the mission.

And the number one principle whom Cal had in his mind meant that honesty, loyalty and courage are essential, and they are the basis of effective collaboration among group members.

Leadership: Can the temperament you manifest in the area of ​​action of the “narrow path” indicator mark a compromise between what it means to maximize self-worth and the attitude of underestimating one’s own decisions?

Just like the appropriate equipment selection is extremely important for a photographer – just so the choice and implementation of principles based on a certain order, a certain balance to guide and to imprint a certain sense to the process of alignment on the proposed objectives, on the imposed rules, and on their own values, it is of particular importance to you and your leadership.

To lead people, but not consciously and systematically induce in their minds a certain direction to help them fully understand their role within the team and to better integrate into it, is like planting seeds at random: they usually arise where you less expect it, where they should not arise. Remember that the “narrow path” indicator refers to how your strategy for establishing equality between what is happening under your influence and what is happening inside people does not work in practice.

Similarly, it is with conflicts and differences: they usually pop up when you less expect it, right where it is not appropriate, if to people are not shared a vision to reflect your principles, to capture them and to support their interests. A leader has a clear awareness of the value of using his influence. And a leader who underestimates his own decisions is a leader who underestimates his leadership skills, especially his ability to react to the thoughts and feelings of others in spontaneous situations.

Your ability to win people's trust and respect is related to planting more efficient in their minds and souls of those "seeds" of fairness and respect that would arouse their interest, to give them energy, courage and zeal, and to stimulate their desire to involve themselves with more responsibility and effectiveness in supporting the team, depending on your plans and needs.

Maximizing self-worth involves an increase in your level of training, knowledge, know-how, as well as an increase in your degree of involvement in team-building activities that can fulfill the ideal of an equivalence between the greatness of feeling in control and controlling the greatness of being sensitive.

Just As Cal Rhodes Proceeded, so and you should do, if you want your team to function at maximum capacity. Planting in people the fullest understanding of their work and value within the team by the medium of some principles that would pave their paths for a better collaboration, you condition them to become better, more efficient and to get more involved, to help the team to grow and to yield results.

However, if your team members do not sprout the understanding of those crucial issues that define the team, related to certain guiding principles that are based on respect, trust, honor, loyalty - means that your power of influence is small, and the principles on that you have built your leadership have no real power, have no functional value, and have nothing in common with professionalism.

Conclusion: In leadership, it is needed order and discipline, mutual respect and establishing principles of common interest to be respected by all, by the leader and by the members of his team. Of course, the leader always remains the model after that directs all the team. Team success depends on this model.

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