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Leadership In A Myriad Of Perceptions

On March 19, 2009
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Leadership Y4-Titanium by Neculai Fantanaru

Give a high score to your influence, turning your leadership into a meeting ground for yours and others’ perceptions.

The psychiatrist asks the patient:

- Tell me, do you happen to hear voices, but not to know who is speaking and from where?

- Of course.

- And when does it happen?

- When answering the phone.

Leadership: Do you always follow the essence of the perception of an inherent reality from which your vision and influence on it has been omitted, taking into account the fact that no reality is more essential for your own confirmation than what you are trying to strongly support?

Most leaders, no matter how you organize them in segments with a certain mentality, vision, culture and professional training, expect that the model of their perception be ensured, meaning accepted by the rest of the world. The difference between a leader and other people is often what separates the thinking of a psychiatrist of that of the patient: one sees everything in terms of mental illness or handicaps, and the others sees everything as it really is.

But only by making a distinction that matters, which positively influences the lives and thinking of others, the leader will be able to add substantial value to his leadership. Take into consideration this aspect because it is basic and, generally, better appreciated than any other particular element related to leadership.

Just as magic is an extension of physics, so your ability to influence people is an extension of your thinking that you transmit to others and which, if it isn’t profound and does not capture the essential aspect of things, of the people’s system of beliefs and the way of seeing things, it will never be able to provide coherence to the entire changing process that you want. Your complex, performance-based thinking, focused on analysis and assessment, may not be consistent with the simple thinking of others, and in this case, the connection between you and them will be generated very hard, if at all.

Leadership: Can what you communicate from another angle of reality be accepted as what cannot be determined directly, without striving for a logical explanation in this direction?

Do you take very seriously the orientation to people’s perceptions? Do you fix as your aim to understand the issues that matter most to them? Do you leave aside the typical thinking of a psychiatrist, who thinks strictly in terms of his profession, and always seek the essential in terms of results that you want from people? What issues should you consider when you relate to people?

There is a saying in marketing: « Customers want, above all, the appropriate type of cement, at the right time and in the desired place. « Your success in leadership will be attributed to a variety of factors. But one thing is certain. The only way to become valuable is to satisfy some conditions, like those in marketing. That is to give people, above all, the appropriate way of thinking to suit their own perceptions, visions and beliefs. In other words, firstly, you must see what they see, and it is then that they will see things as you perceive them.

Leadership is the voice on the phone that tells you that you dialed the wrong number because you got used to everyone else calling you.

Leadership In A Myriad Of Perceptions brings into focus the importance that leaders must pay to other people’s mentalities. In order to be highly rated by other people, concentrate on a single aspect: how people approach things, the way they feel and how they use their minds. Your success can be attributed to many factors, but most important is to make sure that you perceive their point of view.

Give a high score to your influence, turning your leadership into a meeting ground for yours and others’ perceptions.

Conclusion: Communication is essential in leadership. The way you communicate and expose your ideas and visions must be understandable and appropriately perceived by all people. The level of perception, understanding and compliance are different from what you must create – A solid and understandable communication bridge, in an appropriate language and understandable by all, because what you think and perceive can be far from other people’s thinking and perceptions.

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