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On March 23, 2009
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Leadership Y4-Titanium by Neculai Fantanaru

Your ability to adapt to each situation challenges your ability to lead people through the instinct to discern the defining features of a situation such as: “you can’t be in control without becoming one with them.”

Training from morning till night. Not a whole army, but only a few comrades in arms, which on their own initiative decided to join Colonel Cal Rhodes in the dangerous mission to rescue prisoners from a camp in Vietnam.

However, at a given point, Cal was about to cut loose, he felt tired and reluctantly. He noticed that all those comrades in arms seemed to not be with him body and soul, ready to serve him full of enthusiasm. It was not easy for a man at his age to take so hard and heavy daily training. He seemed tired not only physically, but also mentally.

In what way had to increase Cal people's enthusiasm? His soul was filled with sadness; he felt that he was not able to cope with the load that he imposed it by himself. Therefore, he delegated Kevin Scott, a former officer in the Navy, to deal with training instead of him.

Leadership: Are you able to set the destination you want to reach, but do not have control over what happens around you and what will happen after reaching the proposed goal?

The key in leadership is to have control over what presents itself as a situation gone out of control. That is, you must have control over what happens when you are away from people and your intended purpose. Because, at a certain point in your life, you can lose control of what is happening to you, and thus your life will reach the will of fate.

Remember that if you do not have control over what you think, you cannot control your actions, and trying to control what you cannot influence can be the tragic nuance of a feeling of frustration at the consequences that unexpected events can have on your position.

To lead people, to control and guide them in the direction desired by you is a test that, like most leaders, and you can fail it at one point. Of course, the way you are testing your ability to lead people, greatly changes your mindset.

Leadership: How do you feel and behave about what does not favor you at the level of the destination you have reached, in terms of the control you exercise if you face your own resistance?

To lead people it is like getting into an elevator. You get into the elevator knowing the perfect destination, but you do not hold any control over what could happen when traveling, being dominated by uncertainties. Just like you do not know the outside of the elevator, and you do not have a clear certainty of movement – just the same could happen and in your relationship with people: not to know all the feelings that animate them, not to have a clear certainty of their motivation, of their potential of personally and professionally development, and therefore, no to know the direction in which your leadership will go.

Basically, Colonel Cal Rhodes, from the movie „Uncommon Valor (1983)” remained suspended physically and emotionally in time and space. Just, he does not know what and how to rectify the situation in which he was in. It was as he might have been in an elevator that ascends, without being able to establish visual or tactile contact with someone from the outside, and without knowing where he was going.

A man who faces his own resistance, that is, who understands his role as a stage in life that can simply turn him into someone else, beyond his duties, and who tries his best to fight to regain his lost position, is a man who knows how to comfort himself, a man who knows how to motivate himself beyond pain and who looks beyond the appearance of a known world.

Give your leadership a chance if you want to keep long your position. For it, you must penetrate the inner world of other people, to get close to them physically and emotionally revealing to them the significance of the mission, its importance and the arguments for that they must remain engaged on, with a growing enthusiasm. Your attitude and ability to adapt to each situation apart is the key to the whole process of finishing your leadership.

In leadership you have to take control of what you can control, but at the same time be willing to forgive yourself, because you have no control over what you did not expect to happen.

Leadership Up, Down suggests the stage of your development in relation to factors and difficult situations, stressful, which can affect your qualities and aptitudes. As a leader, you can get up to the highest level of confidence in front of the people, or you can descend to the lowest level depending on how you act, depending on how you are perceived and depending on your ability to adapt to each situation apart.

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